The toughest thing I’ve to deal with now is an ambivalent emotional struggle, with a mixture of excitement and post-travel-complex.

That was the first ever time I went overseas.

I’m still very much intoxicated with the trip. Finally I got back to KL, yesterday 10:30pm from Incheon international airport. How sweet it is to jump onto my bed of cheeses and munch on lotsa lotsa cheddar snacks. But there’s a teeny-weeny bit of post-travel-blue, I guess it’s like postnatal-blue or some sort. Hmmm…. I wonder why.

Summer in Korea isn’t that hot, maybe it isn’t midsummer yet. We were lucky as everywhere we went was cloudy and cool, cuz Korea is going to be in rain season right now.

One thing I love bout Korea is that they have water dispensers every where (save money to buy drinks) and erm, toilet paper in the wash rooms ALL THE TIME (no more post-business-fright).

But talking bout the food, sighs. Steamboat for breakfast (accompanied with kimchi), steamboat for lunch (accompanied with kimchi), and steamboat for dinner (accompanied with kimchi). How’s that for a trip? If we’re lucky we get to eat some BBQ or ginseng chicken soup. Once a while we did it the Chinese way. And I have to say Chinese food in Korea sucksssssss. Big time.

But there are several things I absolutely love to eat in Korea. First, the Lotte Shrimp Burger. The best thing ever. Second, breads from the bakery. I don’t know why, breads are breads right. But Korean breads are entirely different. It’s a little starchy and chewy but super nice! And then, the BBQ pork (it’s some kind of black piggie). Also there’s this translucent grass-noodle like thingie. Taste like Japanese Konyaku. They tossed it in mayo and it was served as a salad. Damn nice.

But the best thing is!

We had this cute photographer who tagged along the entire journey. He’s our photographer-cum-handyman-cum-waiter-cum-tour-guide-assistant-cum-eyecandy. (okay, for girls and obaasans). He’s a Korean who speaks little mandarin. Even though things get cheesed-up sometimes due to communication difficulty, he’s still so helpful (have to really emphasize that) that at last we had no grunts paying 50,000 (that’s like RM180) won for the pictures he had taken for us.

Everything was just nice there, except for the inevitable cheeselessness, which I’ve already anticipated. The aftermath of this trip is I hopelessly search for water dispensers everywhere I go, forgetting I’m already 4000km away from Seoul. Still there’s a regret, that is I haven’t tried any Korean Mc D! The Lotte burgers are finger lickin’ good though and cheesus are they healthy! They use rye bread, light mayo, rice cake, crissssssspy fresh salad, yogurt and fruits and of course, less cheese =(

Lets come back to the cheese hunt story. The result isn’t very satisfying. I had this tasteless fruit cheese slices in shopping complex, fried mozzarella stick in Lotte fast food chain. Bought a pack of corn cheese and Low-calories cheese shortbread. Haven’t tried them yet. By the way, have you guys seen red pepper, cactus and sake chocolate?

And the classic kimchi chocolate


Stay cheesed for more photos!

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