I’m back to Seremban. While mom occupies herself with Desperate Housewives disc 6 in the morning, I spend my afternoon watching disc 4. I think this is the so called generation gap. =)

It’s started getting a bit less fun watching Desperate Housewives. I just can’t focus on the story and I missed out lotsa jokes, because, I can’t take my eyes off Eva Longoria.
Yea she is absolutely gorgeous I heard you but that’s not the reason.

I’m obsessed with her height.

As you all notice, she is not tall. Now that’s just being extra politically correct. In fact, the more I watch the series, the more I think she is short, like, extremely.

Eva Longoria has a perfectly proportionate body. On print she looks like 5’7” but it’s impossible because that would make every other housewife a 6 footer.

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My guess was she is 5’4”, (so was mom’s) because that’s the ultimate minimum height for a character like her. Standing besides three other housewives, she is always the shortest. With or without heels. For aesthetical purpose on the screen, I even suspect they put her on a little stool whenever there’s a standing scene with her and someone a lot taller, because if you observe well enough her height is so inconsistent throughout the series. There’s a scene where she was just slightly shorter than John the gardener. Of course it could be shot from a very flattering angle. But during the charity fashion show (episode 9 or 10) where all other housewives were in gowns and heels, there’s a huge gap between their heights. They made her look like a Hobbit in blue dress.

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Bree, Susan and Lynette might be quite tall, but Gabrielle is shorter than EVERYONE ELSE. Well except four of Lynette’s hyperactive kids. For cheese’s cake, she is even shorter than Yao Lin her Chinese maid!

So I did a little research online. So guess what?

I consider myself a shortie but Eva Longoria is shorter than me? LOL. Her official biography says 157cm, which makes her about 5’1.5”. But if you think that is unbelievable, read this . Some even say she can’t be more than 4’10”.

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Singer/actress Natalie Imbruglia, actress Eva Longoria and Russian model Natalia Vodianova

Now that makes me wonder why she got to play Gabrielle Solis in the first place. Of course she is very pretty and has a very hot body.

But, she is the shortest among all the housewives, and giving her a role as a model who earns $10,000 a day in Desperate Housewives is very unconvincing. Ok I can understand a gorgeous, famous short model earning that much doing prints, commercials and other photoshoots, but heck in the story Gabrielle Solis is a runway model! Now how on earth could you put someone 5’2” (which is the tallest version, she could be anytime shorter) on the runway?

That wouldn’t make her a Hobbit. That will make her look like one of the Oompa Loompas in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

But then again. Which straight guy wouldn’t wanna get lucky with this gorgeous shortie? *whistles* =)
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