Pun of the day:
We’ll make BBQ rarebit and melted angel cheesecake

This is Damion’s initial design for my dot com’s header.

7 by you.

The first thing that came across my mind after seeing it was:

Why so FireAngel one? Dash underscore dash.

I really love it a lot. However, I’m more bunniful than i am angelic, so i asked him to add a pair of bunny ears to it.

8 by you.

9 by you.

10 by you.

11 by you.

So he came up with this design:

12 by you.

I showed the FireAngel the design.

FireAngel says: WAH I LOVE IT!
FireAngel says: SO DAMN NICE!
FireAngel says: who made it?!@?!?!
Cheesie says: damion!!
FireAngel says: why he give you wings and halo!!!
Cheesie: It’s so you right!
FireAngel says: bwhahaha. damn kiut.
FireAngel says: if we ever had kids. they are prolly gonna turn out liddat. lololrof


Ya hor. Imagine if FireAngel and i hook up together…

13 by you.

And we’ll eventually have babies, (oh no, stop eating our babies, firepie!) this is a fine example of how they will look like.

14 by you.

And this would be our married blog logo in the future.

15 by you.

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