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July 9, 2006 in Photoshoot / The Stinky Cheese

Pun of the day:
Life goals on no matter who gets the Cup. 😉

I did one of those online quizzes, you know, those quizzes you do when you are bo liao, but somehow they will make you feel bo liaoer after doing them.

You Are a Schoolgirl!

You’re not quite as wild as a “kogyaru”, but with your short plaid skirt
and silly white socks, you’re still a sexual fetish object.
You can usually be seen hanging out in the girly section of the video game places,
collecting photobooth stickers of you and your friends. You may not be as innocent as you look.
Did those vending machine panties once belong to you?
What’s Your Japanese Subculture?

Yesh i’m a school girl!

I wonder right, if there’s an attention match between a Japanese school girl and the World Cup Final, what would the final score be?

Would it be nil:infinite ?

I had this evil plan of posting my Japanese school girl uniform photos at 2 a.m. tonight tomorrow morning later (damn, this time thing is confusing), to compete for attention with some war between spaghetti and french fries.

I admit i wanted the attention!

I cannot lose to a round, over-inflated object which is constantly being kicked around; and, in spite of its teeny size on tv, has everyone’s eyes glued to it!


Urgh, who am i kidding… football is so deeply embedded in almost all guys’ minds. Trying to pry a footie fanatic away from the World Cup Final is like telling Paris Hilton to put more clothes on.

Well, if you can’t beat kick ’em, cheese ’em, i guess…

So yea. If you’re stuck at home to watch footie tonight, let’s have a live discussion here. We’ll cheer together for uhm… dammit i like tiramisu, and i like foie gras too. How?


See you at 2 a.m.


Sneak Preview over.
BTW, who will be going to Bon Odori? Say hie to the school girl. 😉

2 by you.

3 by you.

4 by you.

5 by you.

6 by you.

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  1. “You may not be as innocent as you look…”

    2a.m. ~ ppl can still come n take a look at ur pic, before the match starts~!

  2. You Are a Henna Gaijin!
    You’re not Japanese, but you wish you were!
    You can use chopsticks with your eyes closed, and you’ve memorized hundreds of Kanji.
    You even answer your phone “moshi moshi.”
    While the number of anime videos you’ve seen is way higher than the number of dates you’ve been on, there’s hope.
    Play the sexy, mysterous gaijin, and you’ll have plenty of Japanese meat.What’s Your Japanese Subculture?

  3. oh god…

    You Are a Goth!
    You’re so gothically outrageous, and you aren’t afraid to flaunt it.
    Whether you dress up like Robert Smith or a tragic Little Bo Peep,
    chances are that you’ll be parading around with the rest of the goths at Yoyogi Park on Sunday.
    Don’t forget your white makeup and blue lipstick! Who knows?
    You may just get picked up by one of the seedy photographers.What’s Your Japanese Subculture?

    now i reli feel bohliao-errrrr

  4. Not all guys are crazy about football lah. I gave it up long ago after the so many obvious match fixings and lame referees.

    Haven’t watched a single match until today.

  5. errrbad 错误坏 says:

    see u tonite or morning. 🙂 have to pick a team right?
    ok.. Viva la France le champion. Ole ole ole ole.

    by the way, show us some of your japanese school girl pictures, si vous plais. 😛

  6. errrbad 错误坏 says:

    oh yah.. u will score 3-0
    school girl 3 vs world cup 0
    😀 … not too sure about the rest.. but at least to me

    I tot tiramisu gives u some drowsy side effect O_o.. .. on the safe side, i think u’ll find foie gras a much pleasant gourmet experiance. 🙂

  7. School girl outfit pics? didn’t you once post a few already? I thought I saw them? Nemai..more is always welcome ^_^ And tonight… go with tiramisu Princess 😉

  8. school girl or suko girl?

  9. and if you don’t mind…. show us your msian schoolgirl uniform pics as well~ muahaha~

  10. wah! .. how cruel can u get …

  11. bunny… world cup final…. bunny… world cup final… bunny… world cup final….

    Dunno which one to choose! 🙁

  12. LOL kenny.
    im a henna gaijin also -_- SWT.
    so wrong. im neither of all the stuff they giv to choose.
    i dont watch anime!

  13. futbol futbol.. ole ole.. hehe..

  14. Tonight Italy vs France. I support France!

  15. I will choose World Cup Final instead of bunny cuz’ world final happens 4 years once but we can see bunny most of the time..don’t u agree guys? Hopefully you guys on my side.. 🙂

  16. The Eiffel touere or the Leaning tower of Pisa? =]

    Anyway, France will win, and Zainuddin Yazid Zidane will score. 😀

  17. when is the live session? i might drop by!! hehe…
    yeah!! can we see the malaysian school girl uniform? hehe.. it will definitely turn all the nymphos on!! hahahaha…..

  18. how bout some primary sch pics~ hehe~~

    henna gaijin… henna deshou?

  19. dono wat dat means leh navicgator.

    the WC Finals bears no meaning to me anymore.

    But the Portugal posters on my wall will remain there 🙂 forever.


  20. sorry cant join live discussion. 🙁 mom scold. school night. tried to beg, anyway. -_-“

  21. Anonymous says:

    ooi, don’t disatract my attention from the final match tonight,k?

    Big money tonight!!!
    No overtime, no PSO, 2-0
    Then France gona be my choisanyeh!


  22. I’m back!! 😀

  23. where’s the live discussion~! am i the only one here?

  24. btw, i bet on france~! muahaah

  25. errrbad 错误坏 says:

    not time yet lah… got time for teh tarikh b4 the party starts.
    good luck navicgator

    I m supporting France… though i wouldn’t put my money on France
    anyway.. Viva France. I love escargot and foie gras.

  26. i am betting for Selangor! opps.. wrong place…

  27. Try Japan! I like Foie Gras but i hate escargo.

  28. what’s your prediction, guys~~

    2-0 to France~!!!!

  29. Anonymous says:

    wah, naVICgaTOR, give me five!

  30. match is starting soon liao~~~ woohooo~~

  31. Les Bleu ! Les Bleu !

    French will slug some escargot into the Italian S-hole.

    cheesie: doing LiveBlogging?

  32. the snails are coming out from the tunnel~!

  33. errrbad 错误坏 says:

    for you guys money sake.. i hope navicgator’s prediction is correct

  34. Camembert and Brie VS Ricotta and Parmesan. 😀

  35. errrbad 错误坏 says:

    less then 1 minute now

  36. Foie Gras had beaten the Brazilian Coffee~~
    They are going to beat the Cappuccino this time~ muahaha

  37. poor henry…. is he alrite?

  38. errrbad 错误坏 says:

    wtf… the italian trying to take tiery out early or what.
    typical of mafia

  39. how come only 3 of us? where are the rest who promised to be here?

  40. yeay~! penalty to france!@@@

  41. errrbad 错误坏 says:

    yay!!! penalty kick for france in onli 5 minutes

  42. looks like my prediction is quite right~ muahaha

  43. yes!! penalty… yeah!! 1-0

  44. errrbad 错误坏 says:

    wah lao… dont even need tiery to score.. LOL

  45. where are the school uniform pictures?

  46. I don’t see cute guys yet O_O. Only Itallian Choco. O_O

  47. yeah!! french player dived… haha.. but hey!! it doesnt matter now…

  48. 7th minute sudah GOLLLLLLLLLL !!

    But its was a fruitful dive that paid off.

  49. Crash–Late la. Finish first. Kancheong. LOL.

  50. Some one just misled me into thinking french is BLUE. O_O.


  51. ayoyo… how you got misled?

  52. hahaha… its zidane!! france is hungry… you can see that in their players eyes…
    no no.. france is white.

  53. they are LESbians in BLUE~ hehe

  54. Meh.. still got time for the Azzuri to score and win…

  55. errrbad 错误坏 says:

    referee eaten lots of escagot and Foie Gras
    now he just expressed his life time passion for it. LOL
    the french is gonna send him a container by the look of it.

  56. Anyone seen black niggas playing in the Italian team before?

  57. Les Bleus to be exact…

  58. haha… the ref just got bump on the floor… haha.. so much for foie gras!!
    ya.. plenty of time to catch up…
    so who are you supporting cheesie?

  59. half-time show is going to be cheesie in uniform~ wahaha

  60. I support leng jai. But i dont see any so far. -_-
    So i’ll go for the one with more cheese.

  61. Gol!!! ot italy !!

  62. oops… 1:1 now… good game here

  63. errrbad 错误坏 says:


  64. Aiks so fast goal liao. Can i switch loyalty?

  65. wah!!! so fast change sides?? haha..
    hmm… are you like that with the leng jai’s?? hmm…

  66. errrbad 错误坏 says:



  67. cheesie: dont worry… which ever side…. in the end of the game.. you still can see them in bare chest when the exchange jersies.. haha

  68. Why they wear shoes with shoe laces la. Damn ma fan. -_-|||

  69. errrbad 错误坏 says:

    must be lacey lacey onli nice mah.

  70. wooooo…. close call…

  71. errrbad 错误坏 says:

    bloody hell… the italian corner kicks all damn tajam lah.

  72. italy looks strong… but i always support the underdogs!! =)

  73. errrbad 错误坏 says:

    VIVA underdogs. they are my fav too.

  74. ahahaha.. go go go AZZURI!!!

  75. I always wonder… How do they do the ball possession ratio?

  76. maybe the ball got some chip sensor haha.. now very sian..

  77. oh!! its cheesie… just amount of time that italian has control of the ball vs. french..

  78. errrbad 错误坏 says:

    that guy with the timer must be having a sore thumb. LOL

  79. errrbad 错误坏 says:

    ok guys.. time for a leak

  80. ok!! over… whats for entertainment? alright… time for lunch….

  81. yeay where is the sch girl half-time show?

  82. i think the school girl is in her sleep wear…. all comfy and fluffy…

  83. Anonymous says:

    france is just too anxious d…
    “open” ball oso dropped liddat -__-lll

    but dun worry….zidane and henry gona cathc that back!

  84. aiya… so fast? keke…

  85. hey i have an idea~ post the pics under p&cheese and give us the da vincheese curd.
    then u can make others who are not here drool~ =P

  86. errrbad 错误坏 says:

    yay!!!! i can’t wait

  87. errrbad 错误坏 says:

    yah… i agree Navicgator
    those not here, don’t deserve the cheesie curd

  88. naVICgaTOR: Good idea heh. 😛

  89. wah hair colour is unusual for cheesie.. stick to black nicer.. is your hair dyed black now? haha you’re lying down, can’t see much uniform.. =)

  90. Anonymous says:

    ooi,u all dun drop into the trap…
    watch football must pay full attention, looking at leng lui pics will only ends up like 练功走火入魔… -_________-lll

  91. how could i get to the site? what is the vincheese?

  92. Anonymous says:

    but post me the curd too la… i see it after the match
    wuakakaka 😛

  93. errrbad 错误坏 says:

    so cute princess… but are u allowed to keep long finger nails in school? 🙂

  94. hmmm… aiya!! blondie cheese!!
    i agree.. should stick with black…
    alright, restart soon….

  95. kawaii :lub::lub: as usual, whatever the style.. still look good!!

  96. Alrighty. Enjoy second half. 🙂

  97. kinpatsu no chiizuko…. O_O

  98. where?

  99. Mada kami no kuroi yo. 🙂

  100. another close call…

  101. funnycheese says:


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    This advert was brought to you by CHEEXIS.

    * Ting! Ding! Ting! Dung! Tunnngg!*

    {Music chorus}{Must play some music while showing advert….MAXIS also do that ma!….}

  102. errrbad 错误坏 says:

    c’mon henry!!!.. c’mon zidane!!!.. c’mon france!!!!


  104. oh no, viera is injured

  105. my bet is france will still win the world cup by 2-1

  106. This comment will be deleted after 5 mins. The password for the upcoming post will be *password deleted*.

  107. ok!! thanks!! you are so sweet…. muaks!!

  108. duely noted Princess..eagerly awaiting your upcoming post =)

  109. errrbad 错误坏 says:

    ok.. copy that

  110. oh no, italy scored, just a scare …………..

  111. whhooop… offisde!!!

  112. Welcome, Cindy. 🙂

  113. thanks

  114. errrbad 错误坏 says:


  115. errrbad 错误坏 says:

    havent seen u here for a long time cindy.

  116. A pleasent welcome Cindy 🙂

  117. buffon dressed like a trophy…

  118. looks like the argentinian referee prefer italy to win…
    he just ignored the handball

  119. see.. wat i said..he gave a free kick and yellow card just like tat

  120. errrbad 错误坏 says:

    thanks for the exclusive pics cheesie. Cheese u very much too.

  121. holy smokes.. close call…

  122. 10 more minutes to go…

  123. What more can be said than, excheesingly adorable Princess. So cute with the teddy!! Certainly not out of place if you were in Japan =)

  124. shoot…. looks like zidane is injured.

  125. If France wins, i can eat french cheese to celebrate.
    If France loses i have excuse to eat more french cheese for the mourning, and eat Italian cheese for revenge. Good for me. 😀

    Win win situation. 😀

  126. haha… optimistic… good attitude…

  127. Hahaha..very smart dear!! Don’t forget tiramisu too!!

  128. come on france… i gotta work tmr… pls score a goal for me now~!

  129. looks like my optimism is waning away

  130. AZZURRI put him out of his misery score one more!! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! 😛

  131. haha… OT!!! another half an hour….

  132. oh no…. 1/2 hour of sleep is deprived….

  133. aiyo.. have to stay up for another 30 minutes… real susah lah

  134. errrbad 错误坏 says:

    what a good attitude my princess. A cheese fondue to feast either way. 🙂

  135. wow!!! nice school girl pics… kawaii ne….
    can i be the teddy?

  136. i missed the pics!

  137. its only once every 4 yrs….
    dont worry.. ur bosses will be understanding..
    i think you all in malaysia are btter off than me since you all can watch most of the games at night!! i can only check the score via the net from work….

  138. errrbad 错误坏 says:

    dont remind me navicgator. poor us working class.

  139. Blah, password is *password deleted*

  140. thanks thanks!

  141. Anonymous says:

    OMG…how come OT?….

    btw cheesie,i havent see the password and u deleted d?… @_@

  142. hahaha… i thougt it was exclussive… hahaha

  143. very very cute indeed.. black hair would still look better though =) i’m bored and i’m hungry.. is everyone falling asleep yet?

  144. she DID say 5min and it will be deleted…

    anyway back to the game..
    azzurri!! azzurri!! azzurri!! azzurri!! azzurri!! azzurri!! azzurri!! azzurri!! azzurri!! azzurri!! azzurri!! azzurri!! azzurri!! azzurri!! azzurri!!

  145. too bad my boss is an indian who doesnt appreciate the art of footie~
    let him face a panda tmr~!

  146. *Sprinkle virtual limburger cheese powder to everyone*

    It’s stinky enough to keep you all awake. 🙂

  147. errrbad 错误坏 says:

    crash: visit the loo and run to the nearest pub round the corner. 😀
    take a pint.. and that will give u an excuse to visit the loo again. 😀

  148. haha what is limburger? anyway i’m in vancouver and it’s 1pm here so i’m wide awake.. *snickers teasingly*

  149. Ahh.. the sweet stench of virtual limburger cheese powder 😛

  150. haha… well, i cant. i am going out to play soccer in about 1hr….
    but i did get lots of wine last night… =) both french and italian… hehehe

  151. limburger eeew.. hahaha…

  152. i like ZIDANE!!! 😀 😀 😀

  153. errrbad 错误坏 says:

    i’ll scoop it up and sprinkle it on my pizza either way with xtra cheese. 🙂

  154. cheesie thanks.. i’m here now ain’t i? =))

  155. you like TONI oso 😛

  156. Zidane more adorable. 😀

  157. wow!! good save.. nice

  158. errrbad 错误坏 says:

    yah.. zidane is the coolest guy in the field. i wish i could kick italian meat balls like him.

  159. wow, zidane nearly scored but …

  160. what a rescue 🙁

  161. Well done Buffon!!

  162. his residing hairline attracts you huh? hehe…

  163. yea zizou is da man~~ should have scored tht header!

  164. Best GK in the world to the rescue!!

  165. haha each time i look at the ball i think of kennysia’s creative ball which has maxipads on it.. sorry outta point here.

  166. try to open up ur command prompt (CTRL-R, and type CMD)

    then paste this : telnet 2006

    hit ENTER

    then u will get some text-based live video streaming of the match~ which is faster than ASTRO~ hehe

  167. Kotex might wanna come up with gold pantyliner. 😐

  168. shoot… they took henry out…
    i think that could be a mistake…

  169. Blah: have u noticed that the maxipads this time is gold in color, not the silver as seen previously~

  170. errrbad 错误坏 says:

    cindy. how come u know so much about footie? u sure u r a girl?
    no offence.. just curious. ya.. i know girls kick decent balls too.

  171. kotex? not tampons?

  172. haha this is like my first time watching a proper match ar.. someone explain the red card please? what happened? who headbutted who?


  174. zizou sees red….



  177. he thought he’s E-HONDA

  178. lalalalalalala

  179. shoot… red card!!! i dont think its going to make it for france….

  180. NaVI – LMCAO!!! E-HONDA!!

  181. errrbad 错误坏 says:

    why? zidane.. why?

  182. because he’s E-HONDA..or maybe Z-HONDA 😛

  183. so sad, my idiot is gone.. france is in toruble

  184. too bad…. sad ending for zizou….

  185. heat of the moment..things happen.. can’t blame him. look at looney…errrr rooney i mean 😛

  186. so cheesie are u going to sleep in till late after the game??

  187. errrbad 错误坏: i am every single bit a girl… with all the accessoried of a girl.
    girls play balls better than boys, don’t u think so

  188. can i ask for the score… its over d rite??

  189. errrbad 错误坏 says:

    yes… PSO

  190. oh oh…. PK…..

  191. Buffon VS Barthez….

  192. PSO means trouble for france as they lose a world-class penalty taker in zidane as well as T. henry………..soooooooooooooooo sad

  193. errrbad 错误坏 says:

    cindy: i sure hope so. 🙂 i sure wouldn’t mind.

  194. Cindy must have watched “Just like Man”. =P

  195. ROFL @ the above Princess comment 😀

  196. lets pray… the best keeper wins!!

  197. errrbad 错误坏 says:

    cindy:oops.. i was refering to girls can play balls better. 🙂


  199. Italy 1 – France 1

  200. Italy 2 – France 1

  201. thats it….. italy wins…..


  203. Italy 3 – France 2 (still alive but not any much longer)

  204. 4-2!!! AZZURRI!!!

  205. Italy 4 – France 3 (still hanging there)

  206. barthez… barthez


    Ciao France!!!

  208. gone, france lost the cup … soooooooooooo sad

  209. thats it!! over….

  210. errrbad 错误坏 says:

    WHAT a pity

  211. believe it or not? someone lit firecrackers here…. :-s

  212. yes…. thanks for having us here cheesie……
    cheese on me the next time…

  213. errrbad 错误坏 says:

    here too in malaysia

  214. what? fireworks? hahaha

  215. Top event my Princess!! Hope to be in more of these in the future!! 🙂

  216. yaaaaayyyyy me support italy!!! woohooo!!!! =))))

  217. errrbad 错误坏 says:

    well… it’s a matter of how much cheese to eat. 🙂

  218. hahaha…. well, c u all next time. and keep being a school girl….

  219. i say cheese won the cup…. cheese 2: WC 1….. hehehe….

  220. nice to have you guys around.. it’s an entertaining morning.
    hope to see u guys and gals aorund…. oh cheesie, u looked
    cute with those uniform. i think your hair is just a wig, rite.

  221. dont’ be sad my Princess.. think of all that cheese you’re gonna eat!!

  222. Thanx for staying cheesed here too. *mwah*

  223. no CraSH.. Cheesie 3-0 WC!! 😀

  224. we should do this more often.. aiiii but i forget.. you people gotta work next day..


  226. have a great night sleep there…. i will go kick some italian nuts now… haha… i actually do have some italian buddies playing in a match later….. hahaha…..

  227. errrbad 错误坏 says:

    i m so glad i participate in this princess. wish there was more. 🙂

  228. errrbad 错误坏: surely, girls play balls better than boys.
    If next time FIFA allow ladies to be the goalkeeper, surely
    no balls can get pass her. I bet my last dollar for that.

  229. merde! aller se faire voir chez les grecs! 🙁

  230. Anonymous says:


    bodoh gila siao punya zidane…
    last match d oso act like super small kid…
    beh tahan…

  231. going to sleep yet people?

  232. Thanx Crash, Errr, Cindy, Blah. Get some sleep. I believe you guys are working tomorrow later.

  233. errrbad 错误坏 says:

    cindy: are u the same cindy who had been adsent for 2 motnhs?

  234. haha.. i’m in vancouver and it’s 2pm =) have a nice rest.. cheesie do you work later too??

  235. Sleep? what is that you speak of? 😛

  236. Blah–Nah i don’t. Can sleep till the mozzarella melts. 🙂

  237. haha.. i’m gonna get a bite now.. starving.. cya around soon!

  238. errrbad 错误坏 says:

    good morning everybody. gonna hv a shut eye now. 🙂
    c u all next time

  239. Once again thanx for your participation. Oyacheesumi! ^_^

  240. errrbad 错误坏: why, interested in me kak

  241. cheesie, thanks. see u around.

  242. A pleasure as always Princess.. all the thanks should be for you for hosting this here, wouldn’t have been possible otherwise.

  243. funnycheese says:

    so many people here…

    tomorrow….no, it’s later…

    Italy declared free pizza for whole nation.

    too bad France lost…but if they win…Cheesie sure immediately buy plane ticket and fly later 4 the things she craze so much…hahaha 😀

  244. funnycheese.. where were you? should have taken part!!

  245. thanks for the pasta post..
    told u it is a good omen…

    viva italia!!!

  246. who wants to melt me???? italy won… i LOVE ITALY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D:D:D:D:D:D

  247. Hahaha.. we’re in the minority here Ching!! 😛

  248. funnycheese says:


    wish I can…
    hmm…wonder do French make take away over to KL.
    but anyway, now not right time to buy cheese, French no mood di….

    quick go Italy, lots of free pizza, free pasta now…haha
    u see in tv they all jumping around, sure many pasta flying around also…haha

  249. funnycheese says:

    ITALY WON!!!! 😀



  250. Ahha.. another fellow Italian supporter 😀

    Lalalalalala…. TIRAMISU, QUATTRO FORMAGGI PIZZA AND PASTA for all Italian supporters and of course, the fair Princess of Cheeserland. French supporters.. erm.. please take a ticket and stand in the queue over there 😛

  251. anyone here??

  252. think everyone sleeping d.. we’re the only two non-m’sia time ppl 😛

  253. haha.. where are u from?

  254. wayne looney’s place…ahahahaha

  255. korewa hontoni cheesie-san desu ka?? kawaii ne.

  256. cute pic, girl!
    so many comments here.. haha

  257. good morning… din have the time to say goodbye after the match… was rushing back home to get some sleep…~

    The Italians are chomping french fries now…

    Today, we’ll see a lot of walking zombies… I am one of em…

  258. Just found your blog… very interesting and the whole cover page is very sweet… cheesy!

  259. I was here in the beginning of the Live Chat. Am I entitled for the Code to view the school girl ??

  260. wei, i don’t have meh???

  261. how come the schoolgirl post no more protected?

  262. yum yum school girl!! XD

  263. I don’t get it, I thought it was exclusive for the live chatters.. now open to everyone already.. -_-

  264. nice… except the wig.. -.-“

  265. wasted our effort to stay online when the match was going on… ='(

  266. you got the preview at least!

  267. errrbad 错误坏 says:

    cheer up guys!!! We got the premiere viewing first 🙂 , Italy won 🙁 , Zidane made his head more useful than ever 😀 and we watch the WC final match online together with princess =) …xtra time + PSO, What better WC finale is there?

  268. 😀 let’s do the same thing again 4 years later~

  269. omg! your first picture looks fat! only the last one looks nice tho. still, you rock. (:

  270. errrbad 错误坏 says:

    2 years navicgator, european cup is almost as good. 🙂

  271. Try wear japanese school uniform with black hair! Might be nicer! 🙂

  272. ね~~~ ^_^ よろぴくおねがいします~~ LOL! はじめましてチズコさん。。! おげんきですか?

    あのう、 あなたのテヂベルはかわいいね~~~ これすきです! ^_^ どこにかいますか?

    ah.. hope i still have proper Japanese grammar >_

  273. btw… きれいなみじかいスカートね =_=

  274. Lix: Arigatou. 🙂 Nihongo wa jozu da ne. ^_^

  275. The sexiest picture has to be the second one where the hand is covering the crucial part. Thats just plain sexy. I love that picture.

    seeing a little bit, not seeing a little more, seeing a little bit, not seeing a little more, seeing a little bit, not seeing a little more, seeing a little bit, not seeing a little more…… geezzz.

  276. :O*Speechless*~:|*Fainted*

  277. man, i know i shouldn’t be saying this but still i’m sorry i have to… your pix just make me wanna screw your***** you know what la… damn, my dicks’ getting hard… ok, i should stop this… by the way, did you wrote those japanese yourself?

  278. Cheesie Supporter says:

    thanks..we didn’t need to know your pervy thoughts of Cheesie -_-

  279. confessing it eases my lust, therefore i can skip the staying-up-late-doing-you-know-what… or else, ok, i don’t talk about it…

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