Kenko Diet Plum (Season Two)

September 25, 2006 in Commercial Break

Pun of the day:
Don’t Sweat the small stuff, just lap it all up!


Ever since i blogged about Kenko Diet Plum two weeks ago, i started to set aside at least an hour replying emails every day. o_0

The response is so overwhelming!

Everybody asks me this, asks me that. Warao, reply till my fingernails also break (touch cheese, kidding ^_^).

So i decided to scan the whole Kenko Diet Plum booklet and upload it for you to read! :D

*click to blow’em up!*

The best thing is, Kenko Diet Plum has just gotten the approval by the US FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration).

So plum away without any fears and worries! :D



By the way, I have also been getting very positive feedback from some of Cheeserland’s readers who have tried the plum. They love it! It didn’t only cure their poo poo probs, but some of them actually managed to lose some weight!

Damion, one of the first few who tried Kenko is very happy with the results.

Read how it worked for him! :D

However, some of those who have tried Kenko found themselves going to the toilet much more often than usual. That only happens when you eat 3 plums or more la. You can either reduce the intake to one plum a day for a start, or do it at a weekend or when you don’t need to run around. Once it cleanses your system, your bowel movement will become more regular, and you won’t need to eat that many anymore. As for me, i’m just taking one plum a day for maintanence now. Love it!
After poo poo’ing, you definitely need to replenish the water in your body to prevent dehydration. I drink Pocari Sweat after consuming Kenko Diet Plum.

It tastes similar to 100Plus, without the gas and less sweetened. I never take carbonated drinks by the way.

Anyway, Pocari Sweat is not just your normal mamak drink. It is Japan’s No. 1 brand in health drink. Basically, the composition of Pocari Sweat is similar to that of our own body fluids. It contains just the right amount of those electrolytes that our bodies lose when they lose water. It’s also gentler on our bodies and more easily absorbed than ordinary water.

Believe it or not, when SARS hit the world in 2003, Pocari was out of stock in Japan because people actually drank it to prevent SARS. The reason for this was that in order to lessen the likelyhood of contracting SARS, they were vitamins, minerals and other health orientated goodies highlighted and a lot of these were to be found in Pocari Sweat. I couldn’t manage to find the story online. If i do find it, i’ll share it next time.

I don’t wanna bore you with all the details. Read this up if you wanna know more about the Pocari goodness.

I’m so happy to know that what i recommended actually helped others. It is so good that i’ve decided to become an official dealer for Kenko, and get some discounts, of course! :D

People who stay outside Klang Valley, GOOD NEWS! If you don’t mind paying for the postage, Kenko Diet Plum can be mailed to you guys. Drop me an email for more details! Delivery to Singapore will be sorted out very soon. So be patient! Of course, it would still be best if you have friends in KL who can bring it over to you. People from Australia, UK and the States, don’t be discouraged yet. Once the Kenko credit card system is up, you guys will be able to purchase it too!

Better news for all Cheeserland visitors!

The first 20 readers who order Kenko Diet Plum from today will receive two cans of Pocari Sweat for free (only available for Klang Valley orders)!


So, those who want to be poo-poo-prob-free and slimmer,

Remember, plummers are like plumbers, we make sure the system’s clear!

Happy Plumming! :D

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  1. Woot… there’s something to ease my shitting syndrome :P do they do australian mail xD i never thought that pocari drink is so popular there cause it is sold quite commonly around in melb. I never thought it was that healthy. Let’s me try and see what brings ;P

  2. 恶人饿了扁 says:

    the plums sure work fine. clears my stomach 100% everytime i take them.:D
    def keep my weight inder control and actually lost some… :)

    do they sell that Pocari drink in Tesco or Jusco? seen it b4.. can’t remember where.

  3. i remember a certain pokari from mungo jerry tho…. mmmm……

  4. any1 in SA wanna do some business on this? xD

  5. Cheesie,how much is it again?

  6. Terry: RM126 for a box.

  7. Sounds very tempting. Anyway, I’m curious about the ratio of muscle mass to fats that we lose from taking these plums. From my exp(might be wrong though), those plums makes us go to toilets so much that it reduces our ability to absorb nutriens such as protein n carb(both needed for muscle growth which u cant get from Pocari/Aquarius/Dakara). Losing weight might be good, but I dont wanna end up all week n ‘lembik’ after a few weeks. If it doesn’t affect any muscle-mass loss, then my next question is “Can I get it in Japan?”

  8. J.C: You are from Japan?! Actually, Kenko is a Japanese product. You should be able to get it there.

  9. seems like business is good~ hehe
    ganbatte ne

  10. Ditto ChingChing!! come we visit Cheesie to get some ;)

  11. Hey Cheesie, could you please keep us posted once the credit card system is up for overseas buyer? Pleasey please!

  12. Chop!!!

    Me, want to order a box of plum!!! (if got free gift la)

  13. Hijackqueen: How bout two cans of Pocari plus some virtual cheese. :P When do you want it delivered to you :)

  14. Dear Cheesie, sound interesting, how to order? The free gift is it still available?
    Hope to get your reply ASAP.

  15. Great…suspected it from the start though. ‘Kenko’ is a Jap word what. Anyway, I’ll find out what I wanna know from them. Hope their customer support can understand broken Japanese :p Thanx for introducing this product, looks great!

  16. -_- Can’t seem to find the Japanese site. Too many site with the same 健康工房 name. Help?

  17. hello… erm cheesie do you think eating prunes will help too? Like the typical Sunsweet Prunes? Kenko is too expensive for me T.T

  18. I admire your selling skills.

  19. morning cheesie…

    how much is the courier charges to Kuching?

    how do i make payment if i were to buy?

  20. i want it too! it sounds much more effective than the sunsweet prunes for sure (was eating lots to shed some weight for the prom couple of weeks back and it worked too but have to take lotsa them!)

    when r u going to starting posting to australia? hehehe

  21. Pommes Frites says:

    hello!im currently eating this product called “Plum Delite” by BWL.its something similar to kenko diet.Except the direction is to take only 1 plum per day after lunch or dinner and to drink at least 1 litre of water for best effect… but usually ill take 2 .haha

  22. can mail it to overseas for us or not? =) pretty please!

  23. Pommes Frites: does it work? :)
    Chrissie: Will try my best. Just afraif the postage’s gonna be super expensive. :(

  24. Pommes Frites says:

    Cheesie : works just fine. i just checked the ingredients : Pickled Plums, Sugar, Liquorice Powder, Lactobacillus powder,Puer tea powder, Green tea powder.

    Sugar? oh no..haha

  25. Hmmm….it seems like a “cure” or relief for half of the sufferers of IBS. Unfortunately, i’m on the other half..that is i need to poo too much….
    any other products under the kenko stable that could help me? thanks…cheez……(never thought i would be discussing poo-poo with you…haha)

  26. [...] Try it for yourself! If it doesn’t work for you, you might want to try some plums. [...]

  27. Pommes Frites says:

    cheesie : opps…ic…

  28. i drink pocari sweat too… not for the poo… but for my cow piss (calpis) fetish! teehee~

  29. where can i purchase it in singapore? or do u make delivery? or i can get it in usa only?

  30. putterfish: Where do you stay?

  31. i stay in singapore…

  32. How much does it cost to send to singapore?

  33. Hi cheesie,

    how much does it costs to deliver it to PJ?

  34. Pufferfish & Janice: Check THIS out!

    Cherwwy: Delivery to PJ is FOC. :)

  35. Hey Cheesie.. Sorry took so long to reply.. Busy lar..
    Anyway, I’ve actually stopped taking the plums. Make me feel very drained lar.. err I mean, tired.

    Could be just me though. :)

  36. Hi, can i find it in kuching? or can u deliver to kch? how much does it costs to deliver to kch?

  37. Su: Yeap Kenko can be delivered to Kuching. Will email you the details. :)

  38. Hi. Is it available in JB? If not, can I just buy it straight away from you? Thanks. ^.^

  39. Yes it is. Please contact Shirley at, or sms her at +6592735563 :)

  40. Hi ya cheesie … Im very interested in the diet plums. I would like to order 1 box from you to try out and does it still come with the free drink ? Free delivery right …


  41. Wendy: Will email you the details. :)

  42. hi cheesie,
    im very interested in the plums…can u email me the details?
    im in Penang…how much is the delivery..i hope not much…:S

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  44. Hey, i manage to buy 2 boxes of the plums from singapore, and i’ve completed half a box( one packet) . after taking it , i do not feel the bowel effect!! i take 4 each time.. maybe i am clean enough? hehe… anyways.. thanks ! but i got a cheaper way ! which is the traditional chinese tea leaves. they are cheap and effective.. i bought them from Taman Megah’s Chinese Herb Shop ( i cant’ remember the name of that shop but i think you can easily get the tea from any chinese hearb shop) the name of the tea leave is PAN XIE YE ( in mandarin). they are very very cheap indeed… around 1 big spoonful of tealeaves and add in boiling water,.. then drink it , i think it is more effective than the plums! and of course the price is very very big in difference. but i will still continue taking the plums :) and drink the tea at the same time!

  45. hi Cheesie
    issit possible to obtain Kenko from pharmacy in Kuching ?
    or perhaps mail me the delivery details.. :)

  46. i mm studying in UK now, how can i get this product?thanks…u look great!

  47. hey. im pretty interested :) is it available in KL? if it is,where can i find em? pharmacies? are you still a dealer for kenko? how much for deliveries…

  48. Su:Kenko provides free delivery within KL/PJ. :) Will email you the details.

  49. The plum was selling at Watsons until yesterday. They are all gone!! Watsons no more supply it. What a shame….when I wanted to try it out. Sigh….

    Hey Cheesie, do you know how I can buy it at Penang?

  50. Hi Cheesie,

    can you please email me the details on how to purchase the Kenko Plums? Is there any outlets selling it in the Klang Valley instead of mail-ordering it?

  51. wow! i didnt know that just a lil drink can do so much but i think that it is kinda expensive…>.>! >>>>>>>>>>$2.00us

  52. Hi Cheesie,
    I suffer badly from constipation… once a week. Bad right!
    Can you ask the Kenko Diet Plum supplier to email me cos I am in Singapore. Thanks so much.

  53. haha…i tink i posted in d old blog
    anyway im interested in d kenko plums
    do u tink i still can buy it?

  54. Hi My Name Is ivaity.

  55. doez kenko hav it in kch??? hehez…..kinda interested tho….sounds very effective…
    oya…n sum say eatin the sumsweet prum help losin weight too? real ont? if is…i mite juz buy dat….kenko is way lil exp for me….im juz a student..hahaz…..plz reply….cheesie…thx!


  57. where can i get the kenko diet plum in the klang valley?
    do they sell it in pharmacies like guardian or watsons?

  58. Marie: sent you an email. :)

  59. hi ther! can i order it frm u, but im in sg. how much will the mailing be? if i go to jb, m i able to buy at any stores ther??

  60. Hi, I’m writing from the USA. A company here, Nanowell/Living Forest, is selling their version of “Diet Plum” but with different ingredients than the one you list. (e.g., This company adds “Senna,” an herbal laxative, to their product.) Here is the product listing at their website:

    Why all the secrecy about buying the Kencho Diet Plum product? None of the listings/blogs mention an easy way to buy. Yet, after reading the ingredients list for both Diet Plums I think the Kencho version is healthier for long term use. Please, can’t Kencho just list an online website for ordering? Or could you please list it? I’d be grateful. Many thanks.

  61. Is this product still available? Im interested to purchase.. how much is it now? can it be delivered to Taman Tun KL area? Hope to hear from you soon~ THanks~!!

  62. I’m interested!!!!! But i’m in Adelaide, Australia! DO keep me updated!

  63. Hi, I am interested in the product, can I know where to purchase it pls? I stay in Mont Kiara. Thanks!

  64. Hi Dear,

    I’m interested in the product. May I know if it will be mailed to Singapore? Thanks.

  65. I’m interested too!! Whr can I get it?

  66. Am from Singapore …
    any delivery to across the causeway?

  67. I eat also. Works for me ^^ loss some weight.

  68. Please provide me the full details please.

  69. hi cheesie, may i know how many plums are there in a box?

  70. hi cheesie, im interested too. from Miri. can you please give me the details.
    and which place in KL can i buy them directly?

  71. hi there cheesie, stumbled across this page and would like to try the plums. do you mind to email me the details please? i currently live in Kuching, Sarawak. much thanks :)

  72. is there any side effect for kenko diet plum? =) if not why it could slim ppl down so instantly. like u said u saw the effect straight on the next day.

  73. hi cheesie, i try to sms ken but no reply…can u give me details again to how to purchase this?

  74. Hi Cheesie, I’m so interest with this product. But I can not find this stuff in USA here at North California in San Jose City near San Francisco 45′ drive. So please let me know where I can get this product? I got constipation very bad I try to drink diet teas, slim teas it help me at that time, but after I’m stop drink those stuff my problem it coming back so quick. And now my tummy is so big it’s look like I’m pregnant at 3 months. So please help me As Soon As you can….And Can you give me details again how to purchased this product. Thanks

  75. how much can you lose from using the diet plum? I’m using the korean version of the diet plum (nanowell diet plum) and I just want to know if it was a good choice. (it cost me $40..) I’m 13 and i’m like 40 pounds over my recomended weight (I’m 5’6” tall and weigh 160lbs) So, was it a good choice for me to buy it? Please please e-mail me (sorry if i cause you trouble)

  76. where do u get to buy th plums if u r in singapore?? thanks aye! ;-)

  77. hey i am very interested in the kenko plums but i live in singapore do they mail?

  78. Faith Toh says:

    Hi Cheesie,

    I am keen to purchase 2 box of kenko plums. I stay in Singapore so wondering do u do delivery? my email is

    Looking forward 2 yr favourable reply!


  79. I live in the US and I haven’t seen this product anywhere. :(

    If you know where you can get some please do tell!

  80. complications of furosemide…

    [...] » Blog Archive » Kenko Diet Plum (Season Two)[...]…

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