Stupid earthquake

December 29, 2006 in Cheese-offs

Was not allowed to set my foot in Cheeserland for days.


Updates soon.

P/S: Have to postpone some of the closing dates for my Wardrobe’s items. Please stay very cheesed!

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3 responses to “Stupid earthquake”

  1. Ying Bin Sousa says:

    Yalar,stupid earthquake!Makes me can’t access 2 Cheeserland n Cheesie’s Wardrobe.

    I HEART U CHEESSIE!N of course ur cheeserland!Take care. 🙂

  2. mef says:

    YA LOR! 🙁

    Yay now can already!!

  3. kcin says:

    perhaps now is a great time to get out of virtual world…

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