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The Absolute Sin

February 13, 2007 in Really useless vain pix 32 Cheesed

Pun of the day: Drinking too much makes you absinthe-minded. The kinky green fairy. Haven’t tried it yet though. Just thought that the pictures are nice.

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Watched Death Note 2

February 12, 2007 in Eccentric Cheesiesm 41 Cheesed

Don’t you think L in Death Note looks terribly like Toshio the morbid kid in Ju On? 0_o     Cheese this out!     They both have super kao gothic eyeliner. They both like to sit in a certain position. If Toshio is alive, when he grows up he will become exactly like that. […]

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I love eggs

February 10, 2007 in Bon Cheesepetit 47 Cheesed

As much as i love cheese. I ordered oh jien (fried oyster egg) yesterday. This is how it looked like. Oh jien. It didn’t look yummy. You know what is worse? It tasted exactly like how it looked. I also don’t know why i ordered it. I don’t really like baby oysters because i think […]

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I never knew sooooo many people eat

February 8, 2007 in Bon Cheesepetit 26 Cheesed

1901 New York Chicken!!!1901 Thank you for your participation, all 204 of you! (Can’t believe Cheeserland is so haunted by sliding ghosts!) The prettiest, sexiest dog i’ve ever seen. Absocheesinglutely yummy. Easily the best hot god dog under the budget of RM5. Should be la! Recipe more than 100 years already. Must sue them if […]

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Guess and win!

As an appreciation to all Cheeserlanders (sliding ghosts included), i’m giving out something to the person who can tell me… What this is? Just testing out my new baby camera. Love it! 😀 The first person to post the answer correctly wins a box of KENKO DIET PLUM worth RM126! (if there’re several similar answers, […]

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Quitting Smoking

February 4, 2007 in Cheesellaneous 47 Cheesed

A friend is quitting smoking. I’m very, very curious to know how it feels to remove something you’re so addicted to from your life, cold turkey. So i decided to have an interview with him. Cheesie: Why did you decide to do something so impossible? Friend: I’m afraid that i’ll cough up black phlegm one […]

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