Wahaha fooled ya didn’t i? I was just joking about my birthday!!!



Ok no i wasn’t.

My birthday is actually today and i did celebrate it yesterday in Italiannies One Utama then Laundry The Curve! Thank you everyone for coming!

Before i post up the real party pictures, here’re some other surprises to share for making it/ not making it to my birthday party!


Probably the oldest photo of mine. Dated 28th May, 1984. I forgot to ask mom if i smelled of cheese.

Cheez i think we still have the stripy bed sheet in our house!


Thank you my aunt for doing this, when mom couldn’t get back from KL to celebrate with me. Even though i can’t remember a thing, but OMFC that’s the first birthday cake in my life!


And i had a very ugly hair cut.


Mom said i was the cutest at 3. I think then i grew very ugly suddenly.


In grandma’s house. You see la i was very tanned since young ok? I didn’t know even half of the people who celebrated with me. Just some friendly kids around the neighborhood.


14 years later.


I never had many friends to begin with. Ichigo was my longest friend and i spent most of my birthdays with her. So does she. Thanks for coming yesterday and hope you had fuuuun!


22 was my favorite age. And just when i thought i was gonna have a real birthday party with someone important, it turned out to be the worst. And the rest is best left unsaid.


And i’m 23 today.

And Happy Give Birth To Me Day to Mommy!