Why is the rum gone?

April 25, 2007 in Bon Cheesepetit

Pun of the day:
Movie with popcorn is soooooo corny.


Because the movie theater was so dark i couldn’t see it? Cheez, why can’t they ask “Why is the cheese moved?” then i will have a helluva to cheese about!


Anyway, speaking of dark cinema, i always have this question:

Is it just me or do other people too, while eating popcorn in the pitch-dark cinema, subconsciously pick the better-tasting corn?

There’re two kinds of popcorns hor (i wish they had more, like, cheddar-pop and passion-fruit-pop, like this, dong, why our popcorn makers are so unimaginative), the lightly salted one and caramelized one. ALL, and i mean all my friends go for the extra yellowish caramel popcorn. Who in the cheese eats bland, salted popcorn? Some anorexic freak maybe.

But still, not all caramel popcorns are, well, well-caramalized. By “better-tasting”, i mean those deliciously caramalized to a crispy perfection kinda popcorns.

Not the marshmallowy white, fluffy yet soggy and get-stuck-in-between-your-teeth kind of popcorns.


Don’t you feel tulan when half of the corns in the bag is the soggy type?!?

I’m a CHEESNIUS! I know how to pick the right corn by instinct!!!! IN THE DARK!!

Not exactly my cheese sense but there’re tips. By eliminating the uncaramelicious ones, i guarantee you a very happy movie-watching time.

See hor, you can only do this when you’re sharing the poppies with your beloved ones, because the in the selection progress, you might gross the person sitting next to you out by fumbling around in the popcorn box, and maybe exchanging some germs during the selection. Wash your hands!

Several clues:
1. The tasty poppies feels a little sticky, because of the caramel coating.
2. It feels slightly heavier, and harder on the outside.
3. When you come across a chunky one, lucky you, for sure it’s the tasty one because the caramel sticks small poppies together.

Liddis! 😀

Sure-caramel way! Trust me, practise it the next time you see a movie, and pick the tasty ones and feed them to your dearies, they will be surprised you suddenly turned so cheesingly clever. WAHAHA.

Ok. Rubbish entry. By the way who can tell me which cinema sells the most delicious popcorn?

46 responses to “Why is the rum gone?”

  1. kormmandos says:

    For Singapore or Malaysia?

  2. shlimmm says:

    The Curve Cineleisure! and 1U GSC!

  3. Cozzie says:

    how about making popcorn yourself? Add as much caramel as you want. =D

  4. Rose says:

    i prefer not to eat during movie.. afraid i might have eaten some insects.. eewl..

  5. s0hp0h says:

    lol i do the same too.. i go by stickiness and size too..

  6. tom says:

    the one and only Berkeley Cinema. But it has close down anyways.. 🙁

  7. asstha says:

    i for one don really enjoy the caramel ones (too sweet for my tooth) as they gimme a toothache and cringe (i’m not a sweet lover)…

    i prefer those lightly salted with loads of butter… *yum*…

    unfortunately they don’t sell them anymore so i don eat popcorn in the cinema…

    here’s a tot… next time why don u eat all the caramel-ly onces n leave the somewat plainer ones for me? liddat u no need to waste it and no one will complain

    jz a tot 😉

  8. Kelly says:

    Well in melbourne the cinemas only sells buttered popcorn and most of them just taste bland and soggy.

    How I miss caramellised popcorns!

  9. kcin says:

    sometimes you will eat some round shaped “popcorn” that is unbreakable… O.O

  10. Boss Lepton says:

    I would have to say caramel popcorn is very…….. yummy but i can’t eat too much, I find the 1 in 1 u nice last time

    Thanks to my boss, i’ve changed my preference to salty 1s. Trust me, in uk where you dun have a choice, salty ones taste so much better, and you won’t get bored of it haha

  11. :: Nicole :: says:

    and i thought i’m the only weird person who picks on the popcorns! lol.. caramel popcorns *yummy* but cheesie, i usually picked all the caramel popcorn and leave the rest to my hubby! muahahaha *evil laugh* :p

  12. Dave63 says:

    Hi Cheesie, I dont eat much popcorn, I sneak in chocloate pieces or chocolate covered peanuts to the movie. That way I get to snack on what I like. BTW, here in NY we have cheese flavored popcorn, in fact we have lots of flavored popcorn. Love ya bye!

  13. cheesie says:

    kormmandos: You can come to PJ a not?
    Cozzie: Siao ah?!? If i pop the corn myself, you think i will put caramel MEH?
    asstha: Ok ok you buy the tickets! 😀
    kcin: Teeth exercise.
    Dave: Oh. I normally sneak in Fillet-O-Fish. Sometimes ice-cream.

  14. mun says:

    Hahaha…..I still remember the time when me and my friend, were in high school, we bought in KFC and once even spaggetti and cheesy wedges into the cinema….those who were sitting next to us actually change their place to somewhere else….

    Anyway, I used to like to go to Jusco in Ipoh for movies and the pop-corn there were damn nice. I think the people there were too lazy to measure so they simply pour a lot of caramel in it….haha…I dunno about the pop now, because I haven’t been to the movie for more then a year.

  15. Ying Bin Sousa says:

    I think the First World Cineplex located at First World Plaza(Genting Highlands) sells the most yummy popcorn! 🙂
    I normally sneak in McNuggets!But there was once Hishiko & I sneaked in mixed rice! :p

  16. windy says:

    eww… erk! *shiver!! eeee..

  17. cheesie says:

    Ying Bin: OMC! Then ma very smelly lo!

  18. mun says:

    I kena busted once…and was force to finish my ice-cream outside, however, we went out, keep the ice-cream in another side of our pockets and then go in with the ice-cream again…haha…I’ve never tried mixed rice though…
    I think most of the people also sneak in food because there is not much choices to choose at the cinema’s food and beverage counter.

  19. Ying Bin Sousa says:

    Haha,still ok lar! 🙂
    We sat at the 3rd row(empty seats) & ate fast fast,lol!Then juz went back 2 our seats.

  20. X says:

    hi, it’s always nice to drop by your blog. I am having a ball reading your entries.


  21. pmc says:

    I usually have a hotdog with mustard on the the dog and ketchup on my shirt 🙂
    I don’t like popcorn because when i’m chewing all i can hear is “crunch..crunch” and sometime…”SHAAADUP!!!” i must close my mouth while chewing next time 🙂

  22. clement says:

    EEEEeee…. I am also a cheeseNius. I pick the caramelizes popcorn just like u….Muahaha…I always cannot finish cause i eat the caramelize one only….>_

  23. Merc says:

    cheesie buy chocolate bars the next time you watch movie, eat those HOT caramalised popcorns with chocolate. YUMMY!

  24. fuizaibing says:

    Popcorns that haven’t exactly “pop” yet.. is called what?

  25. doreen says:

    caramel popcorn is not my cup of popcorn, toooo sweet like cannot swallow like that. I still prefer salty buttered ones, or honey buttered. I’m not anorexic freak ok (^_^)

  26. selwyn says:

    if you want consistency, GSC pops are the ones.. It taste the same no matter which outlet you are in.. but you should try cathay’s pops in cineleisure cause personally i think they are the best in town..

  27. xy says:

    Popcorns that haven’t exactly “pop” yet.. is called what?
    err…maybe u can call it ‘unpopular’ corn.?

  28. Marrilyn says:

    I usually get sore throat the next day wheneva i eat sweet stuff… Usually i sneak in nuts or other salty stuff to eat with a bottle of water 🙂

  29. CL says:

    I think Ceneleisure at the Curve has the best poppies too! Very caramel-y 😉

  30. Kim says:

    My friends and i were busted too for bringing in outside food. So, the next time we went, we were smart enough to wait for the cinema lights to be turned off XD

  31. MissTopui says:

    u know.. there is new baked beans with cheese. my dad just bought it. go n have a try 🙂

  32. curious says:

    Popcorns that haven’t exactly “pop” yet.. is called sweetcorn or jagung…no? hehe,cute question must hv Q answer ma.

  33. aki says:

    popcorn kernels or corn kernels, thats what you call unpopped popcorn. not unpopular popcorn.

  34. yuugata says:

    In china, popcorns are available in all sorts of flavours.There are chocolate,chocolate with sesame,blueberry,strawberry,pineapple…bla… flavours (but i think they don’t have cheese flavour..sorry).What’s more, popcorns are filled into a plastic bag as big as the ones that we normally got from the hypermarkets like giant…and it only costs around Rm 2-Rm 2.5.^^

  35. xy says:

    aki : unPoPular~pun intended! or how abt ~POPcon (no spelling mistake wor) hehe…

  36. kcin says:

    wow! you guys could really talk about popcorns! @.@ next time maybe we should talk about pop (music genre) + corns (jagung)

  37. CheesieFanBoy says:

    Best popcorn??
    I would say GSC 1U……..cuz they say it in their banner “M’sia best popcorn” -__-lll hahaha
    Cheesie so clever hor………can choose all the nicely carameled coated popcorn………next tiem must go mivie with cheesie lar, then she can pick the popcorn and feed me =P

  38. reader says:

    Forget about cinema! The Candy Empire at Vivo City/Millenia Walk popcorns are the best!! All of therm are perfectly caramel-ed ALL OF THEM! Buy them before you go for movies

  39. hey cheesie… well for one.. i nvr enjoyed popcorn.. not in the cinema, not anywer.. when i go for movies, i usually go the the nearest supermarket/kiosk.. to get a pack of chessels.. stuff it in my bag.. n much while watching the movie.. much nicer thn any popcorn or hotdog.. 😉

  40. lomaikai says:

    To reader: Where’s Vivo City?

  41. melc says:

    I prefer cheese popcorn but they don’t sell it at all in M’sia.

  42. reader says:

    Vivo City is at HarbourFront in Singapore. its very big=) Candy empire is at the Basement.

  43. ave says:

    i think GSC’s popcorns are usually good…the best time to get popcorn is around 1-2pm because it’s all fresh and crunchy!!! (10am-1pm~u might get some leftover popcorns from yesterday…; after 2pm~wouldnt be as crunchy as they left the fresh popcorns in the container for a few hours liao…)

  44. Ws says:

    cineleisure damansara’s popcorn is DiViNe!

  45. pj says:

    i always sneak in mcds or burger king to the cinema 😛 tried bringing in roti boy once too! mannn it sure did pollute the air in the cinema wahahhahaa.

  46. ann says:

    THE BEST POPCORNS ARE FROM FAMOUS AMOS kiosks,THE CARAMEL FLAVOUR.THE BEST!!!!!!! the popcorns in the cinemas esp tgvs make me hate popcorns,seriously.

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