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Hong Kong Streets

July 20, 2007 in Hong Kong / Just Punny 35 Cheesed

Pun of the day: In Hong Kong, batteries are over-charged! (Just kidding). Hong Kong street names are fun. While you’re actually in Hong Kong, you may feel like you’re somewhere else. For example, you may feel the buzz of the fast paced walk of the millions of pedestrians in the canggih city of Shanghai. Or […]

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HK Day 2

July 18, 2007 in Hong Kong 37 Cheesed

Pun of the day: A block of cheese flew by and hit the fortune teller in the face. Cheez, she should’ve seen it coming 😛 I went to Disney-cloud-cuckoo-Land on Day 2!!! But i’m not gonna post it! It’s the best memory i had in HK so i save the best for last! Muahaha. Wheehehe. […]

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HK Day 1

July 16, 2007 in Hong Kong 64 Cheesed

Pun of the day: i visited so many Victorias in HK that my interest was at its peak It’s the boring travel log but yea i will have to post it. I bunnyhopped some blogs and i found out almost everyone just went to Hong Kong recently (by recent i mean as recent as 2 […]

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Don’t meme me

July 14, 2007 in The Stinky Cheese 128 Cheesed

Pun of the day: i ran out of pun lately because my brain was pun-ctured, Sorry. 😐 Whoa can you believe it? A seven year old cupcake gave this 21-year-old vintage cheese homework to do! Misha Pie tagged me and i’m supposed to write 8 random facts about myself. That’s my homework. -_-   Whoa […]

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Best Mango Pudding Indeed

July 12, 2007 in Bon Cheesepetit 41 Cheesed

If, much to my shame, had i not tried the annoyingly famous mango pudding in Hong Kong, i had this evil plan of stealing some of Keju’s mango pudding review pictures, PS away the watermark, and pretend that i took them and ate the damn pudding. Keju was right. It’s the best. It was the […]

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Cheddie Update

July 11, 2007 in Cheddie&Pets 49 Cheesed

Cheddie’s been sneezing for a few days. She sneezes every now and then and every time she drinks. At first i thought maybe she just drank water a bit too quickly, but the symptom persists and now she coughs quite badly. Apart from the sneezing and coughing, she’s her usual playful self. Oh ya oh […]

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