I went on a blind date with this guy Boboie (i kept mispelling his name as Boobie 0_o)


My mom said that he’s quite a humble gentleman, soft spoken and smart. Ahh just my type. I rike. πŸ™‚


We agreed to go for a casual meet-up in Ikano.

I felt kinda suffocated, maybe because of kancheong-ness.




Or maybe it’s just the carrier.





Mommy bought it because she thought that it’s really pretty for a puppy carrier. But she never thought about my feelings, how i feel bored inside. *sulks*

Anyway, i saw my… date, Boobie Boboie.




He belongs to aunt Nicole.


She and Mommy always talked about how they can become in-laws. Like, puhleeeeeeease la, i don’t even know a single bit of this… this Boboie. Like, duh, how would they know i’ll even like him?


Okay nevertheless. I notice he’s got bright, jade-like eyes. Which is quite rare for a Shih Tzu.


I dunno! I think they are kinda… captivating.




I’m not being materialistic la but… seems like he is quite well-groomed, and came from a noble family too. But why would Mom even approve of this inter-race relationship? *engrosses self in deep thoughts*


Suddenly! Mommy called my name.


Okay i hate this! She always believes in ladies first and always asks me to make the first move! Hate. Why. I love to be passive and showered by a whole limelight of attention. I’m a Maltese Princess!

Okay lo, fine lo. Later go home she will scold me being not obedient enough and make me do all those sit ah stand ah stay ah sorta crazy shit. Sien. -_-

And she won’t give me cookies if i don’t do what she tells me to!!! πŸ™


Ok here i go.

I gave Boboie a polite kiss. Argh my first kiss! Gone!


Mana tau i kena marah by Mommy!!!


Haiyo paiseh.


Which reminds me of Jojo. Man, i miss him. Mommy said aunt April is busy, so i don’t get to meet him again. But maybe it’s just sad excuse that he doesn’t even fancy me! *sob*


I’m the most gorgeous, beautiful Maltese princess in the world (that’s what Mommy tells me EVERYDAY. I kinda got hypnotized into believing that lo, you know?), how can Jojo even dislike me? *sob*



Uh. Forget bout that. That’s the reason why i’m here with Boboie.

I’m the ultimate romanticist. I remember Jojo has this enchanting smell on his body… Just sooo… intoxicating. EH! *slaps self with tail* Why am i talking about him again!

I wonder if Boboie smells the same.

Hmmm… So manly.


But… he doesn’t seem like the very layan type. All this while he was just keeping quiet. He didn’t even look my way, Cheez, why are men being so unpredictable nowadays? Is he really being polite, or is he actually hinting his disinterest in me!!!666


Why oh why. Am i not adowable enough? *acts cute, curses and indulges in self-pity*





THAT. Was really random.