I want a Sony Ericsson W660i!!!

There’s rationale behind my designed one ok. Her name is Chee Seen.


Chee Seen has always been a bit cheeses in the head. Everyone poked fun at her since she was young, and called her a cheese tart (because she was somewhat cheesetarted and lacked focus on everything. Ultimately jingjang, because she came from a poor family, so poor she can’t even afford to pay attention.). All her friends had got the most up-to-date fancy gadgets but she didn’t even own a handphone. She got very cheesed-off and vowed to be different from her peers.

She started to develop a weird sense of fashion. However, something was bothering her. She adored pink but it clashes with her cheesy altercheesego. She wanted to dress in pink but her altercheesego wanted to dress in bright, cheesy yellow. She became cheezophrenic.

One day, she was so irritated by the voice within telling her to dress up as a Cheddar slice, she just banged her head kao kao against a hard block of Parmesan. Since then, she has gone completely chee seen. Knowing that her altercheesgo has taken the cheesier of her, she cheesappeared from the world.

No one knew of her cheeseabouts. Rumor has it, that someone’s seen her roaming about in Ginza, Tokyo, dressing up as a kogyaru doing enjou kousai for a living.

Until one day, when details of the Harajuku Doll Contest emerged, Chee Seen, after many years of absence returned to the scene. Still handphoneless, yet sporting a new cheesttitude and an equally new wardrobe (expensive since all her money goes on her clothes) she vows to win the contest with a cheestensity that no one has seen before. She is quoted as saying she would do anycheese at any cheese to cheesing win the contest.

Please, Chee Seen really needs a handphone. If not she will drown herself in a hot pot of Gorgonzola fondue. Vote for her, cheesy please.

On a serious note. Their dolls lai lai qu qu are all about the same, how to judge which one is prettier? Siao. It’s easier to come up with “The freakingest ugliest Harajuku Dolls” contest. Anyway i figured out my story is just crap. So i’ve decided to bribe my Cheeselanders with *my* Harajuku pictures.

Not exactly Harajuku but then again girls in Harajuku wear everything, so yea, in a way it’s Harajukuish.


Faster send an sms to support Chee Seen. Type GS11887 and send to 28700!!!

Good news: If i win the phone i promise i’ll post more juicy juicy Harajuku pictures. πŸ˜€
Bad news: Each sms costs RM0.50. πŸ™