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Porkie’s House

November 20, 2007 in UK 36 Cheesed

in Shenley is small but he has interesting stuff! He has several eccentric fishes. I’m just gonna quote directly from Chocoland. This is Fat, Porkie’s baobei fishie. Do you think there’s anything wrong with this picture? Yes. Answer is, the picture is supposed to be upside down. Fat has been swimming upside down for 4 […]

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A’ Famosa

November 18, 2007 in Malaysia 30 Cheesed

Super backdated post. Supposed to blog this a month ago. And as you can see i was prolly 3kgs heavier. Went for this Lantern Fest thing at cowboy town. Damn a lot of people lo. Water World. Animal World Ellifen. Ellifens. Ellifen swing. My hump, my hump my hump my hump. Hmmm. I saw damn […]

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November 16, 2007 in Cheddie&Pets 13 Cheesed

In A Famosa.   And an Orang Utan who can play golf.   And this. Look closer. A mommy monkey carrying a baby monkey! Soooooooo cute!   I also took some videos. Click to see a cute monkey.   Click to see Orang Utan play golf. More on A Famosa coming up next. 🙂

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The Eye in London

November 14, 2007 in Really useless vain pix / UK 39 Cheesed

Cheesus. The horror. I woke up and Cheeserland was disfigured. Someone decided to give Cheeserland a surprise face lift when i was sleeping. I think it’s quite nice. You think? This is one of my favorite pictures taken at London Eye. It’s a visual pun!

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Baby The Stars Shine Bright in Paris

November 13, 2007 in Useless fashion 41 Cheesed

@72.Avenue Ledru Rollin 75012 Paris. The first BTSSB shop outside Japan. It’s my happiest time in Paris. The shop owner is the best shop owner i’ve ever met. So i’m gonna pimp BTSSB Paris kao kao. Things here are super expensive. It’s 50% more expensive than the ones in Japan. The cheapest item in the […]

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A Letter to Streamyx

November 10, 2007 in Cheese-offs 29 Cheesed

Dear Sir,   Attached are the receipts of drinks i’ve been spending on for the past 8 days in Starbucks, Just Dessert Cafe, Black Canyon Cafe, Coffee Bean, Hometown Kopitiam, (i was getting broke), Old Town Kopitiam, Newtown Kopitam, Uptown Kopitiam, and Downtown Kopitiam since my internet connection at home is down.   I’d like […]

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