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February 22, 2008 in Indonesia / MDG Drama / The Stinky Cheese

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Getting ready for the closed audition.

About 30 of us went in for the ordeal audition. And the result came out.

I was the last one who…



It was down to the last two, Valerie and I.

Quirky Valerie. Love her hair!

And the moment the three judges started saying all nice things about me, I suddenly had this funny feeling.

“Shit. This isn’t good.”

Man they really know how to toy with your emotions (it’s sort of like a reverse pep-talk for dramatic effect, if you watch enough of American Next Top Model. The girls who get the harshest criticisms are always the ones who get through eventually). Elaine was saying how I looked confident and that I definitely can go far; Jimmy’s remark being I’m the petite, happy girl while Kenny commented that I’m one of his favorites.

And the next thing I heard was, “Ringo, I’m sorry but you’re going home.”

Since I’m no longer in the contest, I can start bitching already! You see, I really am not very happy about the result. I’m not at all disappointed that I didn’t get in, after all I didn’t think I deserve a place in the top 12 since I actually think that the judges were blind when they let me through the first audition. But.


Now I can confirm that they are really blind!! (Or at least their contact lenses expired and grew fungus.) There are a couple of girls whom I think were so totally undeserving actually made it. Like hello, what were the judges thinking?! I don’t wanna let out names, and I’m not trying to be mean, or jealous, if that’s what you think (Ringo, you bitter bitch, stop dreaming and get plastic surgery or something!) (Thanks, but i’ll rather have or something). But, there’s this one girl right, I was so surprised she even got through the audition in the first place. She’s just sooooo not the model material. I think it’s such a wasted place and it should have given to other candidates, who are obviously so much better than her.

I’ll tell you who should have been in her place instead.

Our very own “Suet Li” got kicked out.

Super sweet Mun Yee. Somehow she reminds me of Ching. :)

Wanna know how she looked like when she was younger?

HAHAHA like a little Japanese Manga Boy! Wtf. How can a boy become so pretty!!! But she didn’t get in.

On the right is Giselle the bombshell. She was everyone’s favorite. She didn’t make it. (I KNOW RIGHT?!? WHATS GOING ON?!?)

Exotic Amanda with a sexy Canadian accent. Didn’t make it.

This is Priscilla. I really love her. Loud, funny and very humorous. The show would have been so much more interesting if she was in it. Didn’t make it.

Any of the above. Any of the above would have made such a better choice for potentially being first Malaysian Dream Girl.

It’s not like they are dumb or shy or speak broken English or anything. I chatted with them, had great fun, and i think they are really articulate, expressive and intelligent beauties. It is unfortunate I cannot catch them on the show anymore and I’m sure you feel the same way too.

But reality shows that the ones you think are the best might not necessarily get the best.

Oh well.

Having said that! This was my first time seeing Kenny being such a professional public figure, and I think he really did a good job in the show. Also, Elaine and Jimmy are extraordinarily nice this time around (although I don’t quite agree with some of their choices), and I do believe that they are really really nice persons in real life (but not in reality… shows?).

Okay la. Here are some other pictures for your viewing pleasure.



Try to guess how many girls from this picture got through?

Mira and Jay.

Alison and Dani.

This is Jean.



Unfortunately i can’t tell you exactly who got in (the organizers wanted to keep it suspenseful, though i’d very much like to tell you all), but here are some shots of the contestants. Some of them got through, some did not.


Top: Zalona, Cindy, Jay.
Bottom: Yvonne, Jean, Nadia.


Top: Sara, Nalin, Manmeet.
Bottom: Fiqah, Ringo, Adeline.

You tell me what you think. :)
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  1. Ying Bin Sousa says:

    Did u make it,Ringo? :)

  2. now is tomorrow d, faster update!

  3. waiting!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. mana mana update? siapa menang itu kereta? :P

  5. mary poppins says:

    mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm hope you make it cause u are AlReAdYyy Myy MaaaLaaySsIaaNn DDdddRreeEEaMMmm GggIrrrL;)

  6. cheering for cheddie’s mummy XD

  7. 23rd liao!!! update updates!!!

  8. argh argh waiting waiting! bt i think d title means you are in rite? RIGHT?

  9. congratulations! and good luck for the next round =D

  10. *gritting teeth* fasta update!!

  11. oo forgotten to put my webbie inside :P woopz~

  12. Jay, Alison, Mira and Sara look like MAN!!!!!!!!! Gosh………i hope they are not in the Top 12….if not i shall boycott this show! surprised that those hot girls didn’t make it……..don’t siahsueykan Malaysia Girls can?! :p

  13. pro dun make me do this please…

  14. eh….. i thought cindy got in!?

    wtf?!?! how can she not pass?!

  15. Pinkpau: Eh i think she did. Wtf sorry for the mistake hahhaa. Edited.

  16. omg why i got kicked out? so sad huhu wtf. hey at least your pic was the nicest! damn damn cute ok your legs so nice too

  17. omg ringo.. you look so hot wtf..

  18. Tim, Wenqi and Suet: WTF HAHAHA U ALL LA. LOUSY FRIENDS WTF. :P

  19. looking at the bottom pics…it is sooo freaking obvious that only a handful know how to strike a decent pose. ringo and cindy. hahaha…….so look soooo…errr…………. dunno-how-to-strike-pose like, or ….simply trying-too-hard-to-look-modelly….

    sigh…ringo….we love you still…….and since pau is here…pau…we love you too…..

    now….i will just rest all my support on Cindy!!! GO CINDY!!

    oh my goodness!!!………..mun yee tranformed from a complete ..err……nerdy ‘boy’ to such a beautiful girl!!! ……….what did she NOT eat???!!! tell me!!!

  20. Typical BS lah, somehow knew this would happen. I’ll reserve my true comments anyway but its highly disappointing yourself and the other girls didn’t make it. I no longer have interest in MDG d.

  21. oi!!!!!!!

    how can you not get in? i thought ur pose was the nicest of them all..

  22. how can u not get in?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! =-=” i like ur pose in your photoshoot. :) sexay

  23. Ying Bin Sousa says:

    If I were the judge,I would definitely pick u,Giselle & ‘Suet Li’!U gals r super hot,ok?The judges,they r really BLIND!!!Argh,hate the result!

  24. OMFG. THEM FREAKING BLIND! loved your pose, sexy yet innocent.

  25. aiyah, it wud actually be nice to see you as one of the dream girl leh.

  26. mary poppins says:

    i dun geddit who got through ler?

  27. all of u eliminated ones look hot!..
    u all should have made it!
    the judges are blind .
    no point watching the show no more lol. i bet they would put a gorgeous girl and a whole lot of other unattractive ones and hence it would be so obvious who the winner would be already. boring yawn*

  28. In other words, it is fixed. I think they need to go back to the drawing board and think about DREAM GIRL actually means.

  29. WHAT?! WHAT?! ahem…this is sooooo…..*no eyes see*

  30. OMG… I can’t believe you n Giselle didn’t make it T_T u 2 are like super super hot ok?


    Are they looking for someone who doesn’t know anything bout modeling ? Hmm…

  32. well, i guess pretty and super hot are not what they’re looking for..i think they are looking for a fresh new look..well, for me of course im gonna vote for valerie but i think zalona can go far if she has the attitude..

  33. ohmygod how could you not get in, cheesie! the judges are blind i tell you, BLIND.

  34. judge = blind?
    judge = kenny?
    kenny = blind?

  35. errr… don’t tell me it’s quota system again…

  36. vic: lol!!! no la just think the cham-cham looking ones have got their advantages. :)

  37. Sheon: Haha no la these are all my random shots i think they look much better on professional cameras.
    Porkie: Aiyo.
    Boss Stewie: because i think the judges are lactose intolerant la hahahaha!
    jaecywong: yay thanks! :)
    Ying Bin: Got a few pretty girls got in also so that’s not so bad!
    Selfairy: sexy YET INNOCENT?!?!? lolol
    Tera: lolol okay remember to dream of me tonight!
    mary poppins: i can’t reveal the results yet.
    starr: no la i don’t think that way. if it’s so obvious then won’t be fun already right :)
    Big Nay: I shall start Sadakoing around and haunt people in their dreams! :D
    miss nobody: must have eyes see! The show is getting interesting!
    viviensiu: wtf thank you!
    ahlost: almost all the shortlisted contestants are new faces, haven’t seen them around the industry also.But i guess the judges have their own reasons la (just i dunno what they are)
    Auddra: Valerie is a nice girl. :)
    Okay: Aiyo….
    vic: lol i didn’t say that’s true or not true.

  38. o.O
    Giselle and You didn’t make it.
    I’m in shock!!!
    I bet the number of viewers will decrease [From what it could have been] dramatically because of this!

  39. Cheeeesie!
    Seriously you win them all hands down.
    no one brights up the pictures like you
    is Kenny, the blogger Kenny sia?

  40. some really fat and skin not nice….=..=

  41. Agree with big nay, the conception of dream girl is a girl who has it all.. LOOKS and personality. How can one be a dream girl with only one without the other esp if the competition is for tv.

    You see.. all your Cheeserlanders agree you should be there. In fact should win it.

  42. u looked great cheesie… :D

  43. Cheesie, wow I noticed you have such a nice permed hair with bouncy and healthy curls. I’ve recently permed my hair in ‘Fusion’ and regretted every minute of it. It doesn’t turn out great, the curl is very dry and not bouncy and some more, I have to use special hair dryer to get my hair dry or otherwise the curls will turn out frizzy and very undefined. Kerastase products do not do wonders either. Any advice on how to fix my little prob? Thanks btw :D

  44. ittai nani ga!! muri desu!! muriiiiiii desuuuuu

  45. machaohai sei sohai KENNY SIA!!!. what an idiot for not picking munyee and gisele.

  46. mary poppins says:

    aiya kenny got bad taste in women one lar …. i knew his last gf and if u saw her you would know why mun yee and giselee especially giseleee wah lau giseleee3 didn’t get picked. Gisele is like this taiwanese model princess …….. and if they were to pick a combo of personality and looks and overall charm .. of course cheesiiee lar

  47. nice legs you have. some got ugly knees and legs.

  48. so sad to heard that. I think you look great. nice post in the photo.

  49. what??? you didn’t make it? i guess they MUST be blind… or they’re all cross-eyed. never mind, cheer up girl!

  50. ringoooooooo!!!!!!!! eyyyyy you still so pretttty bah. dont forget kay. honored to have had you be the last two with me. hoho u so smart..keep them at the edge of their seats!

    and if u cum to sabah i will bring you to the island!!

    huhu yvonne didnt get in. kesian bah she. tepelanting me. was so shocked!

    u take care! muax!!

  51. zomg you didn’t make it?! D: D:
    the ones who didnt get in are so beautiful and cute!!!

  52. waaaa. why so unfair onee. weird mann. wonder wad was goin thru their mindss. =S

  53. you’re right! those girls that you listed that didn’t get through looks very model material…hmm..maybe the judges wanted a some not-so-good ones so that they would not excel and would fumble for some tv action?

  54. Well, Im not really sure how does a model material looks like. For if they’re looking for beautiful or pretty, i think they should call this Malaysian Pageant. Even if you watch ANTM, all the winners from season 1 to 9 were not the most pretty among other contestant.

  55. The ones that I think got chosen… Looks worse than me… =.= Malaysian DREAM GIRL? If I was a guy, I’d never pick them to be my gf EVER.

  56. i love ur pose! u look amazing! especially your legs!

  57. wah CHEEBYE! how come you are not chosen? you are one of the best looking girls and probably with the most downtoearth attitude! damn damn damn I’M NOT WATCHING. ok it’s not airring in singapore but if i were to be in msia now I WON’T WATCH IT

  58. one thing’s for sure, you’ve got the best legs amongst the other girls.
    :( so unfair you didn’t get picked.

  59. perhaps they’r looking for those real tall and ‘look beautiful from far’ girls…but far from beautiful…

  60. Hi Cheesie! 2nd time I comment in ur blog ^.^
    wtf can’t believe u weren’t chosen!!, all the girls eliminated look so pretty!!!
    I’m sure that those with transvestite look made it! sorry if I sound mean lol+
    it’s their lost anyways ;)

  61. cheesie: i got what u mean~ muahaha

  62. Wah ringo you’re so skinny you make the other girls look big O_O

    I need me some of those plums pronto!

  63. whoa, agree. the girls who got eliminated are actually prettier than most in the bunch!! anyway, the girl in the first vain picture, the one standing at the back, she’s Stella Matilda right?

  64. Geez! Now so potong steam weii! I hate it when eye candies leave the set :(

    Well, cheer up Cheesie, we all know where you stand. Agree with Skyler, you’re so skinny you make other girls fat. I dun wan to stand next to you next time :P if I ever see you la hehe.. jk :D

  65. Wow, thanks for the backstage pass! Sorry you didn’t make it but hey …”que sera sera” (however you spell that :D) Was Kenny one of the blind judges too? LOL
    As they said it isn’t a “beauty” contest, you and the others didn’t fail in that category you just didn’t have that “model” criteria (whatever those may be)
    Maybe if you had let Cheesie loose on the judges a different final grouping would have happened :)

    Funny but i kinda like that “little Japanese boy” :p

  66. Actually I totally agree with what you blogged, Cheesie! I was so shocked with the result too. Sorry to hear that you didn’t get in. :(

  67. Huh? how come u are not in the finalist? quite shock to know that… what happen to the judges??? i wonder who will be the winner while they kick out most of the pretty girls -_-

  68. Wa wa wa wtf so many comments! Gimme a bit time to reply ok. I need to submit an advertorial first!!!666 :)

  69. Owww….I was so hoping that you’ll be in the finalist! It seemed so impossible that you’re not in and the other girls who didn’t get in were all really pretty too! The judges should seriously wear specs or clean their contact lens like you said…LOL

  70. Ack ! Cheesie I might have to go stalk the other girls now. Haha they are all so pretty. But I must not be tempted. I will remain true to my cheesielistic Cheese :P Hehe.



    P.S Can introduce some of the cute girls to me ? :P

  71. They should eliminate the judges instead. Perhaps is the producers, no idea. Tad bit unfair because good looks and inner beauty both matters, takkan all the hot ones has lousy inner beauty right? So I am doubting the decision on your elimination. Thank goodness my friend did not join.

  72. in addition, I am defenitely not going to watch the series anymore. I’d rather just watch Spongebob Squarepants and Patrick because they beat the finalists flat. ;)

  73. *high five’s jyushiang* I’d rather watch cheese age :P

  74. skyler: eh u see u see ;p me and my friends theory correct or not!! hahahah. “nothing”

  75. wah…just drop by to look around, and realize there’re angels here everywhere….good luck Ringo!

  76. Suet Li didn’t get in??
    Giselle didn’t get in??
    And you didn’t get in??

    Does Kenny really has the views of an ordinary man’s like what he stated in his blog??????????

  77. i think they should change the title “M’sian 1st dreamgirl” to “M’sian top clothes hanger”

  78. i think you had the best pose in that last shot of yours!

  79. You didn’t make it? How can?! I to-ta-lly agree with you that they are blind and they have fungus on their contact lens.

  80. what i think is: ringo your last pose is gorgeous~~
    some girls i saw in the photos didn’t meet my expectation to get through
    but i guess, they got through already…@.@

  81. Gosh, I thought you’re good, and better, much better. Well, just think of it as a publicity stunt to have you eliminated. Perhaps this competition is just a sarcastic one? haha! 3 person to judge your beauty? Don’t count on it ;)

  82. wow, you must have been working out. Look at your abs. So sorry that you didn’t make it. Well, at least you’ve predicted it.

  83. u didn’t get through? i thought u would ! oh well..u’re right about one thing though..the judges are blind.. =)

  84. what it takes to be a model

    ~ tall and slim
    ~ hv good bone structure
    ~ self-confidence
    ~ good looking or at least photogenic
    ~ good posture

  85. what it takes to be a dreamgirl

    ~ able to buy a dream car…for herself or you
    ~ have lotsa sexy lingeries and dream all thru the night

  86. the organisers must be blind not to select you, argh!

  87. Sam: It’s still a good show to watch! :)
    Vic: thank youuuuu. yes it is Kenny the sia.
    Clement: As long as photogenic i think that will make up for some of the flaws. :)
    Porkie: Aiyoooo.
    Patricia: Thank you very much! :)
    Dina: Actually my hair is not as great as it looks. When i don’t style it properly, it looks really terrible. I guess you just have to have utmost patience if you want your hair to look perfect. Style it after shower, and avoid combing. :)
    Anon: lol.
    boob_omatic: O.o
    mary poppins: beauty is very subjective la what’s great for you doesn’t mean it is for others. i’m sure Giselle can do better in other competitions. :)
    sayyes: thank youuuu. though i think they are quite short.
    Chee: don’t sad. You still can read me here everyday. :)
    Brian: Oredi! Thanks Brian! :D
    Vale: whats with the usage of bah lolol. You say one ah ok! *books ticket to Sabah*
    jm: yalo. Gik sum right!
    sheryl: hopefully the girls can live up to expectation! :)
    Jojo: haha yea indeed they wanted some drama (like hoping that some of us will act bitchy but too bad lo all the girls are very nice one). But i think some of the girls who got in are quite boring.
    Kc: *wipes*
    Allan: Since every round of ANTM is judged mainly based on the photographs, i think it’s most important for the contestants to look photogenic. I dunno if it is the same for MDG.
    HerMes: Waaa i want to see your picture!!!
    amy: thank you thank you.
    Jade: lol. still i’m gonna follow the show and blog about it! Visit me more often for gossip! :P
    Reika: Aiyo… I think Jay has got really great legs too.
    dj: lololol!
    Pucca: thank you for commenting again! i wanna say that some of the girls here look a lot prettier in real life actually. :)
    vic: yay
    skyler: I give u la! when u want!

  88. i still can’t get over the fact that your name is actually ringo. 0_0.
    that jay girl has the body of a goddess.

  89. 666!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! u didnt get thru!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ahhhhh… not tht interested to watch edi =(

  90. Wow, I thought they’d keep you for sure! :(

    But I have heard that they are trying to make the competition into a ‘makeover’ thingy, so that you get the whole metamorphosis-from ugly-duckling-to-polished-swan effect… Maybe that’s why they kicked out the pretty girls, and kept those that they could improve on..?

  91. Is yvonne “suet li” the yvonne yuen?

  92. Patt: Yes, Stella she is. :)
    Grace: hahaha but i wish i was taller! like Skyler! (Eh it rhymes wtf)
    pmc: definitely my own Top 12 has at least 5 different people.
    Walt: is okay! thanks for your comment :)
    Lennie: there are still a few really great girls in the Top 12. So it’s not hopeless! :)
    miracleangel: Thank you. I will blog about the 12 finalists when i’m allowed to. That time you tell me who should win it!
    Stalker-san: Can. lemmi work out how much i charge per digit (of their phone number)
    jyushiang: my sentiments precisely. i got to know them and i think the ones who didn’t make actually have great personalities. :)
    jyushiang (again): or. can read got juicy gossips. haha!
    Gin: OI! What! What what what?!?!?!? *stares at Skyler*
    Prince: Excuse me? did you actually read? or became dyslexia upon looking at the pictures.
    Cheryl: He did tell me he didn’t entirely agree with the result.
    jane: lol ikea production?
    steven: thank youuuuu!
    Julia: yay
    mimmymin: don’t forget not all of them got through. i missed out some contestants photos.
    vanessa: thanks for your comment! feel so flattered! :)
    simon: wtf. i NEVER work out one!!!666 btw hows the plums going haha
    Miera: haha go tell kenny that!
    happigurl: never easy isn’t it!
    siao: if she’s able to buy a dream car for herself no nned entry contest liao!
    chris: :D

  93. skim: why!!! Starr is good.
    lasilasi: shold watch for catfights and whatnot! :D
    huiwan: waaa who told you that wor!
    panda: is she? but her name is yvonne!

  94. i can see you are busy replying here with so many comments here. wow! but what do you think about your exit? do you feel down? or you just think like “well, at least i tried” kind of thing?

  95. jyusiang: Totally agree. Watching Spongebob Squarepants is way much better than watching Malaysia Dreamgirls without Cheesie. Kenny, why can’t you help Cheesie a bit? Ah never mind. *off to watch Spongebob*

  96. Sorry to hear you didn’t make the cut.

  97. mary poppins says:

    so truee so i guess it’s alright if in my eyes you are the Malaysian dream girl ! ;)

  98. Yay, let us all watch Spongebob Squarepants flip Crabby Patties. :D

  99. it’s canadian ‘accent’ not slang.. sorry i’m just pushed by my analness to comment on that =)

  100. Ringo – being a model does not mean just good looks. You’re gonna have to count the other things like your ability to:

    – talk fluently and present your ideas
    – hold an interesting conversation with other people
    – carry yourself professionally and “connect” with the audience etc.

    Beauty is just one facet of a person. A person might look good but then she might carry herself like a bitch. Know what I’m sayin’?

    And most importantly – you probably didn’t bribe the judges. That is a very essential criteria. Hehe …

  101. hhhmmmmmmm…..maybe she’s a different yvonne…

  102. Erm so how much do you want to charge me per digit ? :D

  103. The reality of life is that the obvious choice may not picked to be the eventual winner but that does not make you less beautiful, charming, alluring or whatever :)
    You and the rest of the girls tried and tht’s most important..cheer up girl..

  104. Who lives in a pineapple under the sea~~
    Spongebob squarepants~~

    *busy watching*

    Dont wanna watch Malaysian Dreamgirls anymore…


  105. ……..
    maybe they just dont want pretty girl..

  106. Priscilla out? why why why??
    You also out?

    what is this weh…

    This is like Malaysian Nightmare Girl contest!.. -_-

  107. And how come no one said anything about Amanda? I think she was pretty…. >.

  108. :( oh well, it would have been fun to have a blogger in the finals!

  109. Do u think they eliminate you because you have modelling experience? Since this is a modelling contest.

  110. I dont think so…A lot of them has modelling Jay, won Project Runway Malaysia. Stella FHM model. btw, i totally agree with Loong

  111. was rooting for you :( will u join again next year?

  112. Brian: *pushes microphone away*
    Adam: it’s alright
    marry poppins: yay
    jyushiang: got cheesy pancake? (oh sponge himself looks like a block of cheese anyway! can he like, flip himself?)
    cheryl: thanks for pointing out, edited!
    loong: very true, but dont forget that they are also in search of the very someone who carries herself like a bitch, which is exactly what the show is lacking now. it’s a show after all!
    panda: they look alike?
    staker-san: see lo. buy in bulk and i’ll giv doscount!
    timo: thank you! agreed with what you said!
    hermes: aiyo.. lol thanks for still reading me! :P
    a shen: got la pretty girl in the show. eh btw how much ang pow did u get?
    tom: you know pris?
    nadnut: i think a few of them have a blog!
    cheryl C: not at all. my expereince is nothing compared to the rest of the girls.
    auddraallan: precisely, and don’t forget Sara who was in Malaysian Most Beautiful.
    kimberly: wont lo. you can improve how you sing but you can’t improve your look/height etc. Unlike i get plastic la! :D

  113. yeah.. bubbly girl she is.
    knew her from church in Klang. ;)

  114. Giselle didn’t make it???


    I suspect they are looking for girls that will make a good show, instead of those that are truly truly the Malaysian Dreamgirl because that would be, um, boring.

    Though I don’t know any of the girls who got in, don’t you think they look a lot like people who should be on America’s Next Top Model?!?!?! (You know, the girls on that show aren’t exactly pretty either.)

    But for Malaysian Dreamgirl, I would have expected someone more demure and soft-spoken. It is, after all, MALAYSIAN. Malaysian guys hor, don’t like girls who intimidate them.

  116. Gosh, your’e petite but you look proportionately great! Nice balance of body figure.

  117. ok..will see the show then..
    i think i got 200++
    200 is from parents..the ++ from others..

  118. Straight from the Judges mouth – “Ringo is too pretentious”. Looks like you didn’t make a good impression on the judges. Blind they might be. Temperamental? Definitely. As for a couple other girls… just two words – Camel Toe. That just sent the judges eyes rolling into the back of their heads.

  119. I agree with mayzhee!

  120. they prolly have too many sweet and nice ones to choose from…but not enough devilish ones/ chicks with “serious” attitude juz to stir up the reality show…i reckon…
    that cud be one of the reason…

  121. Cheesie should’ve gotten in!!!

    bravo for joining!! i wanted to..but chickened out! hahah and cos of work also >.

  122. The Kenko plums are ok. Now I can go toilet to do big business more easily. I think my tummy also look a bit flatter. Too bad I didn’t bring the plums with me to Singapore. So, kinda missed out a few days without taking them. I think the effect will be better if I take them a week in a row. I’ve finished the plums already.

  123. Hey Ringo,,, it’s Amanda~!! couldn’t believe i found your blog… =)
    awww… ur out as well? that sucks….
    well.. it’s not a big deal to me becuz i know i’m not a “model material”… i joined this competition just for fun (cuz i had never been on a reality show before!!)..
    it’s ok,, ur still pretty to me!! =D
    TO HERMES: thx,,, u have brightened up my day~!! =D

  124. ooo! =( you shld have made it thru!

    it’s okay. you still have your following of fans! =)

    go ringo!

  125. u should have made it to the top 12!
    nvr, there’s always a next time.

  126. what the kenny?!!
    thats all i can say….

    so sad you didn’t make it…..
    i guess i wont be watching the show after all…..where got fun laik dis…..

  127. none are model material.

  128. xanonymousx – none are model material because?

    Insider – care to let on who you are if you really are an insider?

  129. WTF?! You are so gorgeous, why didn’t you make it???!

  130. you are very beautiful!

  131. Just pointing out my point of view…

    does anyone here thinks that some of the contestants looked like a ladyboy or some sort? If not then we all shall tune to Spongebob Squarepants more often wtfwtf.

    Cheesie – haha, apparently Spongebob can flip himself. Saw it in a few episodes. wtf. Don’t believe I can still remember it after 5 years of not watching it. HAHA. I’m so gay.

  132. Umm.. Based on these pictures, only Suet Li, Giselle, Alison and Nadia look like models. They’re stunning! The other girls are just cute, definitely not models.

  133. I will boycott Malaysian DreamGirl. I don’t think it interests me anymore!!! The judges have such a bad taste…

  134. Urghz!~ Some of those who got in…….are not even as lovely as those who got eliminated !!!~~ I absolutely agree with you. Its not about being a model. If its for modeling, it’ll be called, Malaysian Next Top Model !!~~ Not Malaysian dreamgirl.

  135. yeah…. the show title is very misleading. Models are not necessary dream girls.

  136. this show is not about beauty from outside only but also their personality. If you read the rules, the most important characteristic in this competition is personality. I think we shouldnt judge based on their pictures solely. After watching the elimination, we might know whats the real reason they got eliminated.

  137. babe, i think:

    1. they need to satisfy their quota for diff race. u prolly missed it. too many chinese?
    2. u’re already such a prominent blogger. u’ll win hands down. really not fair for the rest :P

    xoxo u’re our dreamgirl… just coz i hardly comment doesn’t mean i dun read ur blog :P

  138. Wouldn’t the term dream girl imply that the girl should have a mix of beauty and personality?

    Jyu – ladyboy maybe is pushin a bit far but yes in my opinion some of the girls aren’t all that at all. somemore if one of the main prizes is to be cover of a mag, surely they need some sort of photogenic/modelesque looks about them too?

  139. Hey Ringo! U will always be a Starr man! How u doin? I wonder who will actually win at d end…it is afterall sms votes…. anyone could get eliminated for no apparent reason. I feel squeezy everytime i think about no Net weih. By the way I love ure locks…thier so fab m/

  140. Kina pulled out i heard…. so means that there will be 11 or they gona call back one of the girls from the audition.

  141. What a darn shame :(

  142. sheesh, really? kina pulled out? hahaha. this is funny. :P

  143. Amanda: you’re hereeeee! hey i forgot to get your contact number! Can you email me? :D
    kimong: nooooooooo? i will not winnn (let alone hands down wtf haha) but yea thank you for still remembering me T_T
    Jay: WHAT!!! Really!!! Must be due to her singing right. So hows preparation! :D
    NeL: Omg you’re here too :D

  144. Cheesie is my Malaysian Dream Girl!

  145. Yea. Due to her singing… her employer said can only resign in April. Well I guess there goes my entertainment….I thought it would be cool to have her as my very own singing dancing pet ~_~ Well as for preps…i have semi-packed. But now im getting when u read all these blogs where ppl are saying u look like a man or like ghost or something you feel abit taken aback…but I guess its normal. If u really wana be model or any celeb for that matter u just gotta live with it. So this is my first lesson I have learn…..

  146. I gave up after the train wreck that was Malaysia’s Most Beautiful. Did anyone watch that stoopid baloney? Malaysian beauty shows are crap.

    There are some cuties up there, they should have gotten in. But there are some ugly-ass ones up there too that I hope didn’t get in… But from what you wrote it seems like they did……….

  147. Jay: To me you are one of the most beautiful ones in the contest (don’t need to bother about what other people say, i get nasty comments all the time!) , i really really hope you can go far in the show. :)

  148. keena pull out?!


    so now only left 11 huh??

    hmm….or like jay said…they’ll call bac 1 more….

  149. These are really titillating photos of beautiful women! I think you should have been chosen for the next round. I’m impressed =D

  150. yeah i’m here too! :P hehehe.

    so did she have a penalty imposed cos she pulled out?

  151. You are definitely the most beautiful and has great attitude! I bet you will win!!! Don’t forget to belanja me makan ya woiii… I sapot sama you!

  152. neo: thank you but i didn’t even get in to the finals!

  153. jay and nadia have great bodies ! so are you ringo =D

  154. what!?!?!?!?!? giselle didnt make it?!!?!??!!?!?!?!?!?! now i really need to find her kindergarten and enrol myself… a student…

  155. cheese~ i tin u kn who am i who call u cheese ~
    i like ur body posture in the pic ~
    n ur sweet smile will kill ppl XD

  156. chyu: sorry but who’s this?

  157. Ermm… if u din make it, so valerie did? *gasp*

  158. Its not fair! You r so much better looking that some of them! Anyway,what does that Elaine Daly know abt beauty?She’s not outstanding herself! As for Kenny Sia,is he blind or what?Such bad taste!

  159. Adeline T_T

  160. Sometimes the judges have a weird taste when it comes to selecting the finalists. I shall patiently wait for the first episode.

  161. At first I thought MD is searching for an ultimate super sweet girl or something like that but it turned out to be a search for a model? So, Model = dream girl?? Not every guy’s dream girl is a model i assume.

    I think the judges have their own reasons/specification for selection which led to the outcome as it is today and it’s not up to the public to say who should be in and who should not. Otherwise, all of us might as well be the judges. But then again, that’s the impact a reality tv show needs.

    I shall also patiently follow the progress of the show.

  162. They should rename the whole programme if they are actually looking for a model.

  163. Seriously, they should highlight what they were looking for. Models instead of dreamgirls. No requirement of heights highlighted watsoeva. Short ones got in. Auntie looking ones got in. Hot model-like mamas kicked out (there was only one actually and it goes to Giselle).

    What were the judges thinking? We were there scrutinizing every girl tat came in and only 2 deserves it.. Giselle and tat Jay girl. Exudes model feel. So were the 4 realy tall models (1 reaches above 180cm mind you!)

    As for you, you are too cute and petite to be in but you sure knock the rest out with your hot pose! Hmm.. Height matters.

  164. Kenny Sia- all girls with legs and chest bared, he will say yes. With saliva dripping.
    Elaine Daly- Elaine who? For all I know she walks like a penguin and cant carry her own clothes.
    Jimmy- God, I din even know who he is.

  165. …ive got to reach the designated area tomoro by 6am. They gona pick us up from there. So I guys this will be last comment till I get back I suppose. So before I leave I just wana say in the spirit of the elections dont forget to vote for jay ~_~ eheh

    ps. so damn nervous suddenly….duno y

  166. If u got facebook add my grp k… no point add my personal one now lo.. but we’ll keep in touch when Im back k.

  167. Jay: Shoo shoo shoo! I hope you won’t come back so early! :)

  168. I tot girls like Giselle would be every guy’s dreamgirl?? Sad isn’t it but judging from all those photos, i guess, ahem, it must be multi-racial thingy?

  169. Unfortunately Precious Pea, it really isn’t a dreamgirl contest but another model search. Me thinks they should find a more suitable name for it than dream girl -_-

  170. Why isnt Giselle in? Because of her complexion?

  171. ariescandy314 says:

    love cindy!!! so cutee!!! and i love ur pose, ringo!!!!! u look like a sex kitten!!! :) good luck!

  172. she should be in but one can only wonder why she isn’t same as why isn’t cheesie in etc etc and why some of the others are in..

  173. Good luck jay~
    i’ll vote for u =)

  174. hola there mamacitas…congrats to those who got in. i can’t wait for their updates! and who pulled out again?? i thought you’ll have to pay 50 grand or so if you do??

    anyway, just droppin by to say hi to everyone in here! do keep in touch k?

    ps: thanks for all the comments too…really means a lot. muah.

    hope to see you around ringo. rock on!

  175. heyhey……..

    2morrow’s the day…….weeeeeeee

    good luck n best wishes every1!!!!

    keep in touch ya………….

  176. No wonder why you didn’t get in! Not a very nice smile, the fat pockets around the mouth look a little strange. Body fine. The other chick wasn’t very good either. Not great quality contestants!

  177. ariescandy314 says:


  178. ariescandy314 says:

    sorry about my comment above… duno wat happened

    not to be rude or anything, but mira’s thighs are HUMONGOUS!!!!!!!!!!!! THEY ARE HUGE!!!!!!!!!! did she get in????

  179. Heya Giselle, nice to see you’re still around and active. Last time saw you was when myself and Anthony (Chew)bumped into you in Ikano and you were shopping for travel luggage. Hope things are going well for you in your Kindergarten role :)

  180. can anyones in this chat room help me about the show date…. wat channel?

  181. ena: it says in the website that the show starts from 6th of March 2008… with 2 episodes a week. There’s no channel, it’s a reality series shown online in their website!

  182. montblanc says:

    hi cheesie, who’s the ryan seacrest/ interviewer at the door on malaysian dreamgirl?

  183. congratz!

  184. […] is back in too! There’s a bit of drama about what she said in her blog after getting rejected at the closed […]

  185. Kenny being professional? a Simon Cowell wannabe? you have got to be kidding me. Have u watched the way he judge the girls during the audition it’s like a hamsap lou trying buaya girls in shopping malls, my goodness! at least try and research something about modelling, fashion or watch america’s next top model, Janice dickinson modelling agenct. He doesn’t even have knowledge in Modelling, Fashion. I think the organizer really desperate for publicity by choosing a celebrity blogger as a judge, big mistake!!

    Sorry to hear that you’re out, I think you could have a shot at it.

  186. oh my god ….whats with everyone sugarcoating ! lol! i hope u dont eat them too !!

    anyway too bad that giselle didt make it!

  187. oh yeah too bad celica didt make it too

  188. […] who do not make the cut into the top 12, based on the girls that’s being blogged over at Cheeserland. It would be more fun to add a few contestants just to see how it goes… We’ll leave the […]

  189. An ordinary guy like me will choose you to be in the competition.

    The self-claimed ordinary guy seemed like he tried to think from artistic value. I thought he represents all the ordinary guy perspective?

  190. […] when Ringo was brought back when one girl dropped out of the show, and because of what she said in her blog entry after being eliminated, the girls were hating on her. When Elaine Daly asked the girls what they think of Ringo’s […]

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