Dear Everyone,

I know a lot of things have been happening on Cheeserland, unfortunately i only know this much and i do not have the power nor the time to understand the whole story and do something about it, ever since they banned the use of internet in the house.

I am not particularly proud of some things that have happened, which in some ways might have upset some of you. To be honest, i really hate what my blog has turned into yet not being able to fix the mess. Worrying about the outside world has not made my days in MDG any easier.

I swear on Cheddie’s white fur, that the very moment i get out of the show, there will be no more intruders to Cheeseland. It belongs to Cheesie and Cheesie alone.

I apologize for the long absence, I have tons of good stuff to share with all of you, can’t wait to have my blog back again. You have no idea how much i miss all of you and i hope you can be patient and stand by me till i return to blogging again. That’s my only request from all of you.

Can you promise me that much?