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June 19, 2008 in Indonesia 32 Cheesed

Season Surf and Club Odyssey Surf School Three happy surfers. That is Keju, Icy and Chriso. They learnt how to surf. Keju the Flying Fish I learnt how to bargain for a massage. By the way Life of Pi is such an inappropriate book to read out on a beach holiday. -_- People sun tanning […]

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Never say never

Update: A brand new Coach sling bag for sale. Please visit Cheesie’s Wardrobe.   I had my hair dyed red. Inspired by the Scarlett girls in Bali.   No la. Red isn’t even my favorite color. but hor i decided to give it a try, so what do you think? no make up made up […]

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A day forgotten too

June 15, 2008 in Senti-Emmental 23 Cheesed

I can’t believe it happened to me. Twice. Two years in a row.   HH and I were eating some famous Asam Laksa at this Pasar Malam an hour ago. It was an exceptionally empty today. Normally it takes you 15 minutes standing beside the crowd drooling while waiting for a seat and another 20 […]

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Mock a Cheesie

June 14, 2008 in Just Punny 31 Cheesed

Bakso (Indonesian meatball soup) in Ubud. My travel buddies had decided that their poses with food are too boring and went on an attempt to mock the Cheesie pose.   The original CheesieMousie pose ChrisoMousie pose.   And…   Failed!!! HAHAHHA!!   He’s better off at acting cute actually. The happy happy Cheesie pose This […]

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Mister Potato Contest

June 13, 2008 in Commercial Break 21 Cheesed

Eat chips and win a trip to Old Trafford, home of the Red Devils Manchester United! The top 30 football point collectors will win a grand Football Tour to Manchester, England worth RM15,000 each! How do you win your way to a live match in Old Trafford? Just snack on Mister Potato! Collect as many […]

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Roaring my way to Nuffnang Wild ‘Live’ Blogging

June 9, 2008 in Commercial Break 60 Cheesed

Wa so punny! I like. 😀 Speaking of wildness, i wonder if there’s such thing as wild cheese. See they got wild mushroom, wild berry, and even wild garlic. Since cheese is cultivated, if it is wild then it should come from a very exotic, undomesticated beast. God i’m so good at digressing. Anyway! What […]

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