A guy’s guide to sexiness

July 25, 2008 in Commercial Break

I think Robb is very hot. And sexy. And has a very good fashion sense. But too bad he is attached. 🙁


I asked Robb what he does to make himself sexy, and he gave me five tips.

1. Working out

Robb swears that gymming makes him very sexy. Even before taking these photos he insisted a few pumps to make his shoulders wider.


Oh. Camwhoring during gym intervals is a must too, according to him.



2. Reading books

Robb swears that reading books make him intelligent. And intelligent = sexy.

Especially books like this.

And getting to know what books girls read.

I swear i was holding Sweetheart from Hell, cuz it’s too heavy to keep in my dainty little furry bag, so i read when i go to a book store, darling. And Hugh Jackman is still leading.



3. Getting wet

Robb swears that having any sort of H20 on his body is equivalent to sexiness.

Be it playing with it.

Or floating on it and getting carried away blissfully.

Or getting all drenched.

Or getting totally immersed in sexiness.



4. Going out with Cheesie

Ok i swear i didn’t come up with this one. But Robb says going out with Cheesie will increase his street cred and that’s very sexy.



I don’t want to elaborate on this point la aiyo paiseh.



So then i asked Robb, is there anything he can do to be instantly sexy, and he said why of course!

Then he proceeded to demonstrate the guide to instant sexiness on the spot.

He unbuttoned his jeans. His ultimate straight leg, button-fly Levi’s® 501® jeans.


5. Unbuttoned, low cut jeans


A pair of jeans is sexy enough. Now Robb has a pair of fitting, low cut, stylish jeans. Unbuttoned.



In fact, the new Levi’s 501s are meant to be worn unbuttoned at the waist.

It injects an added dose of sex appeal with the updated contemporary fit. A straighter waistline that sits lower on the hips gives a cleaner look, and a lower back rise plus some clever pattern work deliver the ever iconic 501 butt — all in all, a jeans that naturally brings out one’s sexy style, effortlessly.

Robb swears that this is best looking butt a jeans can deliver.

The world’s most worn, best-loved jeans is is set for a global launch this August. For this global launch, an integrated campaign titled ‘Live Unbuttoned’ accompanies the release of the 501® jeans worldwide.

Button covers will also be introduced to add a hint of fun and individuality to the process of ‘unbuttoning’. *winks winks* and to allow customization of the jeans. These button covers will allow an added dose of self-expression when wearing the timeless classic. For the price of RM20, you would be able to get a set of 5 buttons with every purchase of the New Levi’s 501 jeans.

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  1. Very nice writeup! I didn’t even know it was in the Commercial Break category until the final paragraph. 🙂

  2. aheadofhistime says:

    Wow, you mean with me walking around with the top button of my jeans unbutton all these years while meant I was being hip and not just too fat to have the button done up? 😮

  3. this is an ad ah? hahaha no duh kan who wears jeans to the gym wan!

  4. Wah Robb looks like Yang Quo from the Condor Heroes in that water scene! You can only see one arm too, very ngam!


    Oh the reason I didn’t attend your MDG finale was because er … um … I had to cook rice.

  6. cheesie ! i’ve never realized you lost so much weight until now ! x(

  7. Robb is a gay rite? his blog is so gay!!

  8. he is so vain… and vain is not sexy…

  9. oh, vain or gay, i still think he is sexy and hottt!!!!!!

    ….and cute!!!!!

  10. wahahahaha. paiseh paiseh. *pretend shy*

  11. wait that rob guy looks familar lah.. i think he has a blog right, ” i am gay boy or something”..

    anyways.. of course he knows how to be sexy.. gay men who don’t look streotypical gay in malaysia would know how to woo both male and the female group eh..

    *actually i plan to join the gym too.. ooo i never knew just saying i go to the gym increases your sexyness factor 😀

  12. WeChInYoNg_2008 says:

    Wow Cheesie you got nice long beautiful legs actually you are a lot more sexier than that Robb dude coz’ he just looks vain and gay.

  13. is rob really gay? he looks soft…

  14. wow.. robb must be in seveth heaven.. with you featuring him like tht! lol

    wah, you both dam happening lar, goin out together. you both match! haha.

    ps/ you look hawtt yourself. 😀

    you legs… waaa *faints*

  15. Nice entry, but the last entry with the peek of the boxer shorts not too appealing, coz yellow aint nice for a sexy guy

  16. Er…I’ll just echo the first comment 16 comments later…since what I wanted to write was stolen! 😛 Very well written! Got a surprise at the end when I saw that it was a jeans commercial…

  17. Don’t think he is sexy. Not to me anyway. Maybe just not my type..lol.
    Btw, I wanna get a new pair of jeans soon! But, the one in your ad is for guys 🙁 Just curious, do they have a similar one for the ladies?

  18. erm..i dun agree with tips no5~ XD

  19. i wear this jeans unbuttoned, everyone will run away from me..!!

    the pants will definitely drop.. hahaha

  20. I’ve got all the above except a cheesie! xD I need to find myself a cheesie to improve my street cred. lol =)
    Would it work just as well if I carried around a packet of cheese instead??


  21. Stalker-san says:

    Wah ?!!! Cheesie !!! How about me ? Aren’t I sexy too ? >_

  22. He really unbuttoned his jeans at public place ah? *faint*

    *LOL* I didn’t know this is commercial break too till I saw the tag 😀

  23. LOL… i find this post funny instead. Hahaha. Ur blog is entertaining as usual. =D

    Have a nice day. ^^

  24. cheesie..u r looking absolutely hawt !!!!

  25. very subtlely written ad. smart ya, keep it up.

  26. Cheesie u look sexy but rob look gay.

  27. Very good tips =)
    But. no.4 tip seems to be ” limited edition “

  28. rubbingmyeyes says:

    Rob looks like a gay Ah Beng, and you look aneroxic…must be the effect of all those kenko diet plums – and walking around without buttoning one’s jeans is simply NOT COOL!

  29. who is the 3rd person taking the pictures?

  30. HuaiBin: You always prefer my adverts!
    aheadofhistime: HAHAHHA you’re so funny
    annant: thank you.
    abby: Robb does! hehehe
    Mrs Christian Bale: I hope your rice became porridge.
    devina: Ya meh. Ok ma i’m still 39.

  31. TC: yes he is 🙂
    Sugar: Sometimes it is! 😀
    gal : yay
    robb: haro! i robb you
    budleee: i know hor. they more stylish than girls are
    WeChInYoNg_2008: That’s because he is 🙂
    jim: soft spoken that is
    maRCus: 😀
    Selina: ok i ask him change to pink one. hahahah! 😛
    WP: yay thank you!

  32. Adrina: this current 501 is for guys only. But i’m getting their latest Red Tab i think! I blog bout it ok!
    miyuki: girls cannot la lol
    tom: u need belts with a lot of holes
    AdamTam: hahaha i dunnO! maybe i should start a business.
    stalker-san: stalking is sexy? =P
    ahlost: yes! unbutton in pubic public place!
    candyclarie: thank you! happy you like it!

  33. april: thank yoU!!!
    vic: thanks too
    tc: that’s because he is 🙂

  34. belt with many holes..!! -___-
    good idea tho. 😛

  35. How come the second pic looks like his nose is bleeding XD

  36. he is fucking ugly! wtf

  37. eve your breath stinks!!!!!!! sterillize your mouth before u speak ok

  38. I dont knw man, I think he look gay

  39. guys look hot whenever water is on them…..gay or not gay…it’s just hot to see water running down their bods…

    my three husbands its super NICEEEEEEEEEE !!!!!!!

  41. hahaha…you instantly made him sexy…

  42. Hi Cheesie,

    You look more sexier than him lah ^_^

  43. button jeans can be cool looking
    but it’s really troublesome…
    especially when u done ur job in the toilet n rushing for something…
    button it 1 by 1 compare to zippers…

  44. idontcare says:

    i think robb is very gay.


  45. wow…i can be sexy with his advice!!

  46. you’re so petite! >_

  47. Pretty obvious Robb is gay but nothing against him for being that. Not sure on the undone button thing though!!

  48. Cute?sexy?I think i just puked in my mouth a little.

  49. Robb is attached?
    I’ll throw the smelly durian at my bf if he does this

  50. he’s quite cute wat~ =-=

  51. he’s got baby cheeks. lololol. i like his gym break camwhoring pic though. even boys benefit from “the angles”.

  52. p.s: maybe i’m a stickler for details, but his arms also look kind of untoned to me. esp in the first pic. cos if i stick my arm flat in i sometimes look like that, which is due to the fact that i stopped exercising for like three years after gaining muscles. and untrained muscles become.. that.

    i’m not trying to be mean la, but he needs to buff up a bit more.

  53. hahaha this is a cute post but i thought both of you look sexy in the picture taken in front of the escalator!!!


  54. yo abby =p small world

  55. Hah! Another Levis AD. Why don’t you ask him to wear a pair of CK brief and show us what you can do with it. 😛

  56. walawei

    i did not realise this was a REAL commercial


  57. What’s up with his guy, he has a face of a female … sheesh, HOT! So not!! I’m pretty sure there are way better Asian (guy) candidates out there!

  58. couldn’t wait for ur next MDG diary post!!!!

  59. somehow i don’t think a guy who likes to camwhoring in the gym room is HOT. so sick.. & SISSY. tq

  60. p.p.s: you’re 39 kg?! insanity!! how can you still have boobs?! *feels totally inferior* never mind, i just realised today that i love my butt. 😀 lololol

  61. Greatly written ad! 😀 But Rob is NOT sexy, he looks like 13 yrs old and he’s too styled up, too self-centered and too vain!

  62. who the hell is rob?

  63. i thought rob was gay?

  64. btw, NL(ink)NT!!! can’t someone leave a link to robb’s site?


  66. SO WHAT if he’s gay? Sheesh people.

  67. #4 is very true! I don’t call it street cred though LOL.

  68. Fairy: 🙂
    Royal Peacock: Not street cred is what!

  69. JoyceTheFairy: i just thought it was speculation, so it amazed me that for once source information is right. cos noone gave links or anything, but only said they thought he’s gay. i mean, recently it’s the manly men that are gays and the more effiminate men who are the womanizers. just sayin’. i’m not homophobic, in case that’s what you were thinking. lololol.

  70. hahaha, cheesie looks as stunning as ever. 🙂

  71. I like your skirtttttttttt!!
    Mana mana mana you beli? XD

  72. alisa: From Bali! It’s like RM15.

  73. Hey Ringo,

    Nice blog you have here. I hope you’re doing really well.
    Just had to ask you, where did you get that skirt from?


  74. same reply as to Alisa. Bali, Body and Soul.

  75. manzy: small world? whaddaya mean

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