I think Robb is very hot. And sexy. And has a very good fashion sense. But too bad he is attached. 🙁


I asked Robb what he does to make himself sexy, and he gave me five tips.

1. Working out

Robb swears that gymming makes him very sexy. Even before taking these photos he insisted a few pumps to make his shoulders wider.


Oh. Camwhoring during gym intervals is a must too, according to him.



2. Reading books

Robb swears that reading books make him intelligent. And intelligent = sexy.

Especially books like this.

And getting to know what books girls read.

I swear i was holding Sweetheart from Hell, cuz it’s too heavy to keep in my dainty little furry bag, so i read when i go to a book store, darling. And Hugh Jackman is still leading.



3. Getting wet

Robb swears that having any sort of H20 on his body is equivalent to sexiness.

Be it playing with it.

Or floating on it and getting carried away blissfully.

Or getting all drenched.

Or getting totally immersed in sexiness.



4. Going out with Cheesie

Ok i swear i didn’t come up with this one. But Robb says going out with Cheesie will increase his street cred and that’s very sexy.



I don’t want to elaborate on this point la aiyo paiseh.



So then i asked Robb, is there anything he can do to be instantly sexy, and he said why of course!

Then he proceeded to demonstrate the guide to instant sexiness on the spot.

He unbuttoned his jeans. His ultimate straight leg, button-fly Levi’s® 501® jeans.


5. Unbuttoned, low cut jeans


A pair of jeans is sexy enough. Now Robb has a pair of fitting, low cut, stylish jeans. Unbuttoned.



In fact, the new Levi’s 501s are meant to be worn unbuttoned at the waist.

It injects an added dose of sex appeal with the updated contemporary fit. A straighter waistline that sits lower on the hips gives a cleaner look, and a lower back rise plus some clever pattern work deliver the ever iconic 501 butt — all in all, a jeans that naturally brings out one’s sexy style, effortlessly.

Robb swears that this is best looking butt a jeans can deliver.

The world’s most worn, best-loved jeans is is set for a global launch this August. For this global launch, an integrated campaign titled ‘Live Unbuttoned’ accompanies the release of the 501® jeans worldwide.

Button covers will also be introduced to add a hint of fun and individuality to the process of ‘unbuttoning’. *winks winks* and to allow customization of the jeans. These button covers will allow an added dose of self-expression when wearing the timeless classic. For the price of RM20, you would be able to get a set of 5 buttons with every purchase of the New Levi’s 501 jeans.

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