But i don’t get to watch lo. Omg America is soooooo kiasu and delusional. They still think they are the first, some of the american webbies ranked themselves No.1 based on total amount of medals. What kind of idiots do that man?! Every country in the world ranks US at 2nd except themselves. No body ever count their medals liddat one lo.

As of now i think China has 50 and US 34 gold. 16 to catch up!

China now kicks ass, cannot accept ah? Damn stupid.


Eh eh, so did anyone go to Summer Live Concert in Melaka and see Jolin’s face? Is it as bad as it is in the pictures? I’m so curious!


Win a Wall-e iDance!


Btw, Wall-E is sooooo good! Freaking hilarious. I dunno why people said it’s boring. I bet those people like slapsticks like Big Mama House and Jackie-so-not-funny-Chan actions. Some say it is too preachy. Preach your head. It’s original and it is enlightening! I should start recycling now.

Wall-E is sooo my kind of humor. First quarter of it has got no verbal communication whatsoever but it’s so funny! Omg. Pixar totally rocks.

Also, also, I received a free Wall-E iDance from Toy World for review. Thank you so much!


This damn cute little Wall-E toy can respond to voice, play MP3 and dance according to the music. Super cute!


Watch Cheddie’s reaction to this new robot in the house. The ending damn funny.

My dog is so cute wtf.

I decided to give this lovely little toy away!

Just leave a comment and give me the best excuse why you need a Wall-E toy for. The best comment wins a Wall-E iDance worth RM169.90. Make sure you feed him with sufficient rubbish love.

Deadline: August 27th 2008.


P/S: In case you don’t win this, you can buy the Wall-E iDance at Toys’r’us and major departmental stores. πŸ™‚