Beijing Olympics closing tonight!

August 24, 2008 in Cheesellaneous

But i don’t get to watch lo. Omg America is soooooo kiasu and delusional. They still think they are the first, some of the american webbies ranked themselves No.1 based on total amount of medals. What kind of idiots do that man?! Every country in the world ranks US at 2nd except themselves. No body ever count their medals liddat one lo.

As of now i think China has 50 and US 34 gold. 16 to catch up!

China now kicks ass, cannot accept ah? Damn stupid.


Eh eh, so did anyone go to Summer Live Concert in Melaka and see Jolin’s face? Is it as bad as it is in the pictures? I’m so curious!


Win a Wall-e iDance!


Btw, Wall-E is sooooo good! Freaking hilarious. I dunno why people said it’s boring. I bet those people like slapsticks like Big Mama House and Jackie-so-not-funny-Chan actions. Some say it is too preachy. Preach your head. It’s original and it is enlightening! I should start recycling now.

Wall-E is sooo my kind of humor. First quarter of it has got no verbal communication whatsoever but it’s so funny! Omg. Pixar totally rocks.

Also, also, I received a free Wall-E iDance from Toy World for review. Thank you so much!


This damn cute little Wall-E toy can respond to voice, play MP3 and dance according to the music. Super cute!


Watch Cheddie’s reaction to this new robot in the house. The ending damn funny.

My dog is so cute wtf.

I decided to give this lovely little toy away!

Just leave a comment and give me the best excuse why you need a Wall-E toy for. The best comment wins a Wall-E iDance worth RM169.90. Make sure you feed him with sufficient rubbish love.

Deadline: August 27th 2008.


P/S: In case you don’t win this, you can buy the Wall-E iDance at Toys’r’us and major departmental stores. 🙂

125 responses to “Beijing Olympics closing tonight!”

  1. Cherrie says:

    1st? o.o

    Let’s see… I need Wall-E toy because I want it to do all my evil biddings! Muahahaha… Or more like clear up all my rubbish for me. >.>

  2. Omg! my boyfriend is dying to get one. he won’t shut u[ about it haha Can i have it? LOL in case i don’t get it where do i buy it?????!

  3. Lydia says:

    It’s so hilarious that Cheddie is barking at Wall-E and causing Wall-E to dance and sing even more. hahaha. I need a Wall-E because I need to see how my miniature pinscher will respond to it!

  4. carlame says:

    I need a Wall-E because…i feel like wanting it 😀
    Needing something sometimes just doesn’t need reasons xD!
    Like how women shops =P

  5. karyn531 says:

    I need a Wall-E toy to dance with me ;p

    Er and maybe sing with me too hahahahaha.

  6. rachelyn says:

    i need wall-e the idance because i so need to see how my maltese will react to it! i bet he doesn’t just bark. he’ll practically dance along!

  7. zacktan says:

    I need a Wall-E toy so I can use it to make another similar video of my dog barking at it just like what cute little Cheddie did =P

  8. yumii says:

    i need wall-e because i never had a toy worth more than rm5.00!!

    hahahaha, lame excuse, i know~ XD!!

  9. shanshine says:

    I need a Wall-E toy ‘cos I’ve TWO malteses that I can annoy with it. (My boy was growling at Cheddie’s barkings… and my girl is asleep.)

  10. elie says:

    Haha Cheddie is so cute.. And I think she realised that the more she barks, the more Wall-E will try to annoy her…so smart xD

    I need Wall-E to entertain me, and test whether my Shih-Tsu is as smart as Cheddie..

    I just need to have an annoying robot toy with freaky blue lights that might cause a heart attack in the middle of the night when I switch off all the lights and clap my hands.

    =/ And after I’m sick of it, I can just give it to my niece! (After sanitising it of course, by the time I’m sick of it, i guess it would’ve been full of my doggie’s saliva)

  11. Jingle says:

    i need a Wall-E toy because my name is Eve. (that is totally joking, I’m not Eve cause I don hibernate like she do)

    Hmmm… I need a Wall-E toy because…. hey! why do i need to give reason for why i wan but not u gonna give me de reason y u don giv me? :p

    p/s : really kenot think of any reason… >_

  12. Kent says:

    Cheddie is so cute…I need a Wall-E to dance along with me when i’m listening to R&B in a club..!!!…that would be fun..=)

  13. Ping Ping says:

    I need a Wall-E toy because my life in uni sucks!!!! and I have to go back today. =( I hate to pack my bag and leave.

  14. shi loong says:

    lawak.i need a wall-e because i want to save cheddie from going crazy over that hyperactive wall-e !

  15. ST says:

    I need (read: NEED!!!!) a Wall-E toy because I want to see how Wall-E would response to Flo Rida, Usher, Backstreet Boys etc. Also, I wanna see it dance together with Jabbawockeez…. THE BEST DANCE CREW!!!!

  16. Betsy says:

    I need a Wall-E toy cause I’m living alone most of the time, and sometimes, it gets too scary. The Wall-E toy can frighten all the ghosts away 🙂

  17. Cecilia says:

    Ahh, Cheddie is so adorable!!! 😀 How old is he, by the way?!!

    Regarding the rumored pictures of Jolin, they’re probably fake – she looks normal in her blog –

  18. vvens says:

    I want a wall-e toy because i really like the character of his in the movie and that i had my boyfriend accompanying me to watch it, although i feel that he thinks its a boring movie. if i win this, i would give it to him so that he could bring to US and hope that the wall-e toy will remind him of his girlfriend is waiting for him to come back and bring her to watch more movies!! 🙂

  19. Rachy says:

    I need Wall-E so that I can show Wall E how to sing AND dance!

    Mucho love xx

  20. Joanna Lee says:

    hello!! i think i need a wall e idance is because i find it’s cute and since my little cousin’s birthday is coming, this toy would be ideal for him!!:)

  21. evelyncyl says:

    I need a Wall-E toy coz:

    1. My friends call me EVE. And I gave up on searching for an Adam for now. And damn, WALL-E is so much cuter! wtf..

    2. My study stack is a mess!

    3. He’s got some movveesss yo!

  22. michy says:

    Haha, ignorance is bliss!

    Cheddie is so cute. She must be wondering why mummy calls Wall-E instead of Cheddie. LOL! She got fed up barking at Wall-E who doesnt stop singing and dancing, she just looked away. Awww!

    I love Cheddie!

  23. Dr. Tan says:

    I want a Wall-E toy because I was watching the video from your phone yesterday; and with this toy, I would be more motivated to tell you more stupid stories about stupid people.

  24. kentzai says:

    I want a Wall-E toy because my girlfriend loves it so much and i will want to see her laugh like a silly baby every moment . TSK TSK TSK..did i say silly ? =D..

    i want it for my girlfriend .

    PLSSSSSS hand me the wall-e iDANCE XD!!

  25. hihi! i have seen your blog for quite a while but this is my first comment…. i need a wall-E toy because i think it would be a nice companion for me and my dog, Tee Tee……. and since I think is super duper cute, i really wish to get this Wall-E…. besides, I have been searching for a dancing partner who can motivate me to dance as an exercise, thats why i hope to get this Wall-E……

  26. just-here says:

    I want the Wall-E toy! Because the other day when we watch the movie, my cousin kept on going “Wall E? WALL E!!!” as of Eve went throughout the whole movie; so loud that we had to shush him and I just know that this would be the perfect gift for him!

    I bet he will be dancing to Wall E and going “Wall E? WALL E!” with this! 🙂

  27. Brenda says:

    I want the Wall E toy to cure my forever-ness boredorm and to enlighten my stressful journey to my final exam!!

  28. Couthie says:

    I need Wall.E cause my brother keeps imitating the part where the pilot (human) freaked out when he saw wall.e & wall.e just went up to him, stuck out his hand & went “waaaaaall.e”…

    so im sure he could do with a birthday surprise next month 😉

    oh n because wall.e is so cute ya.

  29. Ying Bin says:

    Cheddie is so super cute!!! 🙂

  30. Jimmy says:

    the reason i need the wall-e is bcuz my house doens’t have any wall-s.

  31. Will. says:

    x) awww i want a puppy like Cheddie.
    i already got 3 fat lazy cats

    i Neeeeeed a Wall-E I-dance because.
    then i can dance with Wall-E instead of my stuffed teddy bear
    and not called crazy because then i will have a partner xP

  32. s0hp0h says:

    might as well have a crack at winning this hmm..

    I want a Wall-e idance so that I can bring it to clinic and shut those kids UP, like finallyyyyyyyy

  33. Christine says:

    I want a Wall-E to stop Cheddie being crazy over it….but i want Cheddie moreeee….can i have it? 😀

  34. Goat says:

    I want a Wall-E because it is yellow and it look like cheese.(=

  35. DolphyN says:

    i neeeeeeed a Wall-E Toy because The Boyfriend is permanently dating the mother of all enemies of the girlfriends society – otherwise known as DOTA. Perhaps when i start playing and interacting with a robot, he’ll get the idea that a robot can (horrors of horrors!) actually take his place already. =.=

    Once he realizes it and is released from the evil clutches of DOTA, i will then pass the Wall-E Toy to the next girlfriend-in-woe-because-boyfriend-is-addicted-to-DOTA. Heh.

    Thanks for organising this contest Cheesie! =P

  36. Ching says:

    Remember my post? I love the movie and Wall-E so much, I wanted to have its babies. But I can’t do that because…

    1. Wall-E is a computer generated character.
    2. Of a robot.
    3. In an animation.
    4. That’s in love with Eve.

    OK. Sorry I recycled my material.

    But you see, KY’s curiosity on how the babies would look like evidently affected me. And since I can’t have that actual animated Wall-E to, you know, reproduce and repopulate the world with, the toy would do.

    : )

  37. I watch summer live concert, jolin’s face looks spotless! I doubt the pictures were her la..

  38. Huai Bin says:

    I need the Wall-E iDance so that I will not go postal and go on a rampage in my office, killing everyone I can. I’m very stressed out right now and I need the Wall-E to dance and play my angst filled MP3s for me so I can have an outlet for all this rage.

    Please help save lives. I know you’re a good person deep down in your heart Cheesie. You can avoid the slaughter of approximately 200+ employees if you just give me the Wall-E toy. Do the right thing. kthxbye.


  39. Ashbee says:

    I need Wall-E so he can ‘accidentally’ run over those freakin evil roaches in my hostel room can?! and hopefully the roaches won’t come back alive like in the movie T_T
    Or better if you got an Eve robot with you! Then i can just blast them all away!!! Or or or the little cleaning guy! maybe he can clean my room too! Or or …the … or… I NEED WAAALLLLL-E~~~ T___T

  40. KY says:

    I can dance with Wall-E !!


  41. KY says:

    ok that comment got messed up. =/

  42. jazmint says:

    i need a Wall-E because i need something to camwhore with me.
    i need a Wall-E to annoy my mum.
    i need a Wall-E so i can plat with it when im bored.
    i need a Wall-E so my 2 year old cousin will step away from my room.
    i need a Wall-E because i want one.

  43. skyler says:

    I need a Wall-E because I have no boyfriend and I am lonely T______T wtf

  44. bahh says:

    i need wall-e because wall-e needs me! i’ve over 10 dozen of AA batteries in stock…it won’t be hungry with me!

  45. Simon Seow says:

    Poor Cheddie. lol. I need a Wall-E toy to scared off the cockroaches, rats and now toads that is roaming my house wtc.

  46. Victor says:

    I need a Wall-E toy so that I can present this gift of love to the Eve of my life!

  47. rachteng says:

    Looks like everyone starts with “I need a Wall-E toy”

    Hahah, anyway I was at the summer live concert. But her face seems to be crystal clear. Hmmm. Before I went to the concert, I read your blog and was thinking if Jolin would show up with a face in that condition! I doubt her company would let her make an appearance.

    She was there, and her face looked okay. 🙂

  48. j says:

    my house under construction.. i have wall A B C and D already, now i just need a wall E…

  49. p says:

    I need Wall-E cos my gf loves Wall-E but she jus left for study exchange program. Thinking of sending her for her 21st birthday=)

  50. Crazyfool says:

    I want wall-e because I dont want your cheddie looks so pity. Haha.

  51. mr.bbq says:

    i need a Wall-e because i’m too lazy to throw my rubbish away cause they pile up so quickly and nobody want to touch it, so at least Wall-e can make it into cubes and do the “tadaaaa~~!” thingie sooooo cuteeeeee!!!

    Can it do that btw?

  52. joyce says:

    i need the Wall-e toy because i’m flying to Brunei this September for my nephew’s first birthday! i went to Toycity yesterday and NEARLY bought a remote control car that can easily cost 200bux, when i realized the kid’s not even ONE!

    so please Cheesie, give me this toy and i promise you i’d whisper into his ears who the great owner of Cheeserland is :))))

  53. viviensiu says:

    I need a Wall-E toy as my bf’s birthday present because he has no life, haha!
    I need a Wall-E toy because I has no life.
    I need a Wall-E toy because I want it to help me sell bras at pasar malam!

  54. Pei Jiun says:

    I need a wall-e toy because I don’t have a cheddie at home to entertain me 🙁

  55. iKen says:

    omg….it’s so cute….
    I need a Wall-e toy because it really looks so humanistic, like a robot that can be a good friend, will always be there when i need someone to listen to me….really need it so much…love cute Wall-e….^^

  56. i better get the toy!! says:

    I need a Wall-E toy because I want to put it on my crotch and make it dance to further arouse me if I haven’t been aroused yet by the sheer awesomeness of your blog.

  57. liucas says:

    i need a wall-e toy because wall-e is not a foreign contaminated junk; we are.

  58. Susan Lim says:

    I can’t believe no one mentioned this. Cheesie, I can’t believe you’re rejoicing over Jolin’s supposedly uglified face! What is this, taking pleasure in another’s misery? Has she caused YOU any personal grief? Forgive me but you’re being damn annoying.

    BTW, a smartass like yourself should know better about the hideous photos of Jolin’s. They’re the ones that have undergone photoshopping, in order to make spiteful folks like yourself find something to feel happy about. Bah.

  59. Clare says:

    I need Wall-E toy because I can’t have Cheddie!!! A Wall-E toy would be a consolation. 🙂

  60. AAbatteries says:

    i don’t need Wall E, Wall E needs me.

  61. cheesie says:

    Hi Susan Lim

    Number one, wrong comment on the wrong post.
    Number two, I have one word for you honey, it’s called Schandefreude .
    Number three, I love Jolin.
    Number four, YOU. Are the annoying one.

    Also, you might as well accuse people for laughing at Tom and Jerry’s misery.

    Have fun getting angry over some supposedly fake photos. Bah.

  62. cheesie says:

    To every else: Thank you for your participation! I changed to a closer deadline so one of you can get the toy sooner ok!

    So hard to decide!

  63. Conrad says:

    I need Wall-E because all the roti canai’s and milo ais-es in the world cannot deter me away from a toy such as this. That, and to drive my dog crazy and my sister with jealousy. Muahahaha .. !!

  64. i’m sooo in love with Wall-E!! So so cute!

    Let’s see… my boy will be going abroad very soon.. for probably more than a year. Think Wall-E would make a great companion 😀 Don’t think he would get the toy for me even if i beg. So I rather beg here instead..hehe.. may i have it??? pllssss…. i sound desperate, don’t i? That’s coz, I am… =X

  65. Anonymouskekeke says:

    I don’t need a Wall-E the toy because y’ know, it’s not disposable afterall.

    Cheers, save the world. 🙂

  66. ACA says:

    I need a wall-e toy because.. i’m allergic to cat’s fur and dog’s fur. well actually just fur in general. But i love them. And it sucks that i cant have them as my pet. But with this toy, i can treat him as my pet. It’ll be like my very own Cheddie. You know what? I’ll even name him Cheddie if you give him to me 🙂

  67. Bee says:

    I need wall-e to entertain my doggy too!

    Ok I lied. I don’t have a dog. 😛

    So can I have Cheddie instead? xD

  68. mich says:

    I need a wall-e because its the lunar seven month and wall-e can respond to some “unnatural” noises and warn me first hand coz I’m gonna be alone most of the time. omg lah! Plus I don’t have a doggy. Tsk. hahaha. So, please? For my safety?

  69. Reiko says:

    I need a Wall-E IDance because once I didn’t get the Wall-E IDance, my baby don’t wanna come out from my tummy…
    He wanna hide inside and will only come out once you announce me as the contest winner.

  70. Thomas says:

    I Need a Wall-E Toy, because i need someone to clean my house.

  71. Victor-e says:

    I need a Wall-e Toy Because i want him to define dancing to i can dance with my EvE~ lala da ~

  72. misha says:

    misha needs the Wall E toy because misha has Eve at home. Misha hopes that Eve and Walle e will be together as it was shown on the movie

    So, jiejie Cheesie, can I have the Wall e? 🙂

  73. Rena says:

    omg. i totally agree with what you said about the americans.
    and i feel they are really sore losers because they started making those claims about the chinese gymnasts only AFTER they won the gold medals. These matters should’ve been settled way before it started.

    anyways cheddie is cute! :]

  74. Jason says:

    Err, I need Wall e-toy to guard my house 🙂

  75. Provence says:

    I need Wall E because Wall E gave me the feeling of how love is the Mighty Big! and Wall E tells me to Love Earth More. Recycle Ppl~

  76. Ping says:

    Wall E is needed in my life to clean up the suckiness that is currently evolving in my life ;-(. Need Wall E to cheer my life up, accompanying me with his music and dance so that it won’t be so sucks and dull.

  77. jess says:

    I want Wall E because…. i want him to play with my doggie ah bi … u know my ah bi is so lonely cos im busy working and he is at home all day long and got excited when he sees me .. yet i m too tired to play with him…. and i hope with wall e , he can cheer up my ah bi life.

  78. Charlene says:

    Bcos.. bcos.. i reali cant dance. And i’m hoping to learn some starting steps from Wall E secretly in my room. LoL

  79. Jacklyn says:

    hey cheesie, rmb me?

    i dint know they have this wall-e toy, so effin cute omg!
    i want it!

    i need wall-e because

    -i hava a dog that needs wall-e cause she have no friends :'(
    -i really need a new mp3
    -wall-e is efin cute
    -i need to be entertain
    -he got no friends
    -i can sleep with it and make chut babies! (totally jk)
    -i can stare at it all day and do nothing else cause you know wall-e is so cute!
    -i can throw rubbish at it and it’ll just eat it. gross but oh well.
    -my new name is EEEEEEEEEEEEVA!
    -i collect rubbish too just like him. we’re perfectly made for each other!
    -i can go to prom with it, we’ll totally rock the prom and win prom king and queen.
    -we can get married !
    -overall i think because i love wall-e la 🙂

    hehe, so can i have it please? 😀

  80. Blue says:

    I’m a loner without a bf, I think this cute toy can acompany me when I’m alone in the room.
    I’m not interested in having a relationship too soon so I guess this cute toy won’t get hurt/used by me.
    I love music and dancing so it should be fun to have a dancing partner with me 🙂
    Most important, I can hug Wall-E toy when I need someone to hold on too T_T

  81. atso says:

    I need it because I think i can give the sufficient love instead of ”rubbish”. Just that simple yet meaningful reason”)

  82. Yng says:

    I need a wall-e toy because after residing in singapore for for many years, i’ve become very kiasu and i want to win all the time.

  83. DSvT says:

    Hahaha… giving it out for the best comment…

    Emmm, let’s see what we can do with this Toy, put some sentimental songs in it and it will dance slowly, and the next song will be heavy metal, it will dance like slipknot playing guitar…

    will it broke if consistent dance in between slowly and rock?

    Just don’t know what dance will it do, if we put music box into it.

    Anyway, what a nice movie’s toy, usually all movie’s toy are metal die-cast or not interesting at all, but this one, I love it.
    Life beside the edge

  84. natasha :) says:

    i need a wall-e because i just moved into my hostel and we’re not allowed to have pets here. this place is scary lah. so many stories of ghosts and all. Wall-e can protect me. hahah

    I promise I’ll feed him everyday 🙂

  85. ahlost says:

    I need Wall-E toy to put on my table so whenever my bosses come in and nag, it will response to them *LOL*

  86. elisezzuk says:

    I need a Wall-E to make me laugh.
    I need a Wall-E to keep my dogs busy and makes me laugh.
    I need a Wall-E to cheer up my days and makes me laugh.

  87. choyyin4ever says:

    I needed wall-E toy because my eva (name of my puppy) is lonely all the time. My Eee–vAa’s hand needed to be hold by Wall-E

  88. youwantapieceofme says:

    My nick says it all…even the Wall-E toy want a piece of me 😛

    therefore, i need the Wall-E toy because IT wants me! i’m just doing a good deed by adopting it for LOVE

    damn lame i know…but no harm trying right 😀

  89. WP says:

    I need a Wall-E toy to be able to get to know Wall-E Weeeall-E well.

    Hope you get the (lousy) pun! 😛

  90. jam says:

    I need wall-e to make me laugh everyday. And to remind me how much damage mankind has done to our mother nature. And how will our earth look like if we don’t start taking care of it.

  91. cazzycazz says:

    I need wall-e to help ease the loneliness of my furkids when both me & Dav are off to work… It will be very lovely if 6 of my furkids get to entertain by this cute lil robot and i’m sure life for them during the day will not be the same anymore….

    Very often when we reach home by 8pm, all of them are showing ‘oh-im-bored-to-death’ kind of facial expression….

  92. Barry says:

    Hey! Dang it! Why the American bashing? You, too, Rena.

    U.S. athletes were awarded 125 total golds to 74 gold for China. In total medals awarded, the United States scored 315 to 186 for China. So quit hatin.

    I deserve a Wall-E to make up for the feelings you just hurt.

  93. cheesie says:

    Barry: lol. i like you. You all have Phelp. Damn admire him. He made your country damn proud. Thanks for dropping by!

  94. Porkie says:

    Quite laughable that to show you are better, you have to count each individuals gold from the team events. Dear lord..can’t even admit defeat. Got to salute you Americans and so typical!

  95. Alina says:

    I love Wall-E!!!! So does Nini, my puppy. She barks at the TV whenever she sees Wall-E movie trailer or advert (*lies* actually she barks at anything she sees on TV)! I gave her many toys but she is still not satisfied. Perhaps she needs Wall-E to cheer her up while her mummy is busy at work? (actually the mummy needs it, can save all her fav. MP3s, dance & talks to a robot in her little corner where nobody will notice)

    plsss…gimme, gimmee….
    TQ TQ

  96. Barry says:

    No, Porkie, we don’t *have* to count each individual’s medal…we also won the total number of medals, even counting a whole team’s performance as one.

    But why wouldn’t you count each individual’s medal? They went to the olympics and won…doesn’t their medal count? Does it only count 1/16th as much?

    You’re laughable, you fat fuck.

  97. ju says:

    I need Wall-E because I am far away from home, slogging away everyday in uni, missing home and feeling so depressed 🙁 I think me and Wall-E can be good companions seeing as to how we are both so far away from home X(

  98. midori says:

    good lord why so much animosity =

  99. Chik yoong says:

    I need Wall-E because my friend’s dog just died and she is really really depressed as her dog has been with her since she was a kid. You have a dog and you should know how she feels now. Hopefully she would smile again after looking at funky Wall- E.
    Sim if you’re reading this, I am sure Wang Wang is in a better place now..cheer up..

  100. Chrisscy says:

    Wall.e reminds me of how the world will become one day if we don’t minimize the rubbish we produced each day. With him in my room, I will be reminded of recycling-i.e to bring own shopping bags whenever I go shopping! I don’t want to have small bones and fat body!!!

  101. Illusionx says:

    I’m starting to have this crazy concept that Cheddie and mine are twins! Or maybe Malteses in general just behave the same one way or another. That’s what my maltese do when she sees something that she never seen before or something that scares her out of her wits. We had to hush her because she’s disturbing the neighbors… ;__;

  102. thiamhin says:

    i need W.A.L.L. E. because i am cheapskate and too stingy to buy my girlfriend a present…

    that ‘s my reason…if i dun win it, can u juz give me something like Cheddie wallpaper?

  103. Louisa says:

    hey…i want that wall-e idance.
    parents wont let me buy..
    they say sort of wasting money>!!!
    can u give it to me??
    as a gift for me??
    my bday is tomorrow.!!
    hey,,no joke…its true…
    please please please please….
    i love this show until i watched like 3 times already??
    please ! XD

  104. Drea says:

    Gosh, this is embarassing. I’ve been lurking around your blog for a year, but I’ve never actually come out of the shadows to say anything. XD;; How shameful! But it’s better late than never? (I hope!)

    I need a Wall-E iDance because it’s possibly the best thing in the world I can give my 10 year old brother.

    He’s a really kind, shy boy and a die-hard Disney fan (like me!) who’s been bullied by his classmates every since he was in kindergarten. He doesn’t have many friends, and he’s frequently comes home crying because children can be very, very cruel.

    Last week, a boy in his class slashed his school bag with a penknife. So as a treat I took him to see Wall-E at the cinema. He and I loved it, and it really cheered him up to no end. 🙂

    Which is why, since his birthday is coming up, I want to get him the most special gift ever. I don’t have a lot of money but, Cheesie, I was reading your blog and I thought it wouldn’t hurt to give this a try!!

    I want a Wall-E iDance because, like Wall-E, all my brother really wants is for someone to hold his hand. 😀

    (or at least something to dance madly about in a comically robotic fashion with.)

  105. Ah Ming says:

    to barry the american:

    tell me how americans counted the medals 4 years ago, when their number of gold medals ranked the highest? didn’t you all boast that you had won the most golds? why now you have to refer to total number of medals?

    and if we should count the individual medals, i suggest that america sends down 52 players to the basketball court, and by winning the game alone america would have 52 gold medals to kick china’s ass

    i am not alone. read you can simply pick up news like this anywhere.

  106. Ah Ming says:

    most people want wall-e because they want him to do something, like doing some cleaning for them, cheering up their pets… they plan to feed him rubbish..

    but i am not. i will not ask him to collect rubbish for me. i’m going to do it myself, or TOGETHER with him if he insists on helping. how many percents of people actually like doing the same job endlessly?

    i will not feed him rubbish. i’m going to feed him what he would conceive as nice food. i’m going to feed him love.

    if you give him to other people, you find him a master. but if you give him to me, you find him a friend, a lover.

    dun make him a worker k?

    Gimme gimme!

  107. aileng miao says:

    I dont want wall E, i want cheddie cheddie cheddie.

    will i win a cheddie home? :p

  108. gary says:

    I need a wall-e toy so it could help me recycle all my trash :p useful TOY

  109. Gin says:

    i need a wall- e because im strange like that.

    gimme gimme. XD i love cute things and toys XD

  110. Ferdelis says:

    I need it because tomorrow (27th of August) is my bf’s birthday. I am leaving for Australia next month and I need it to entertain and cheer my bf up.
    By the way, tomorrow is also my birthday. We were born on the same day but different year. are the two reasons enough??? =)

  111. mang0 says:

    So that my dog can be its E~ve~~~ and hold his hand, haha…

  112. Joyce says:

    hi (:
    i need a wall-e toy so i can prove to everyone that dogs are better than cats (unrelated)
    i want to let it dance in front of my sis’s tv to annoy him XD

  113. erin says:

    I need a Wall-E toy because looking at that WwwaaaalllllllEeeeeee makes me smile.

    The anti-depressant in me needs. To. Smile.

  114. carolyn says:

    I want the Wall-E toy because I don’t find Wall-E stupid but so cute and sweet.
    I want the Wall-E toy because I have a Apple I-Dog and Wall-E could fall in love with it , like in the movie, wall-E and Eve, and they can have a happy ending and also save the world 😀
    I want the Wall-E toy because is so cute and Cheesie I know you are so kind, you will give it to me (=
    I want the Wall-E toy because I’m so obsessed about and I would cross a million oceans, climb the highest mountain, swim the longest sea to get it (=
    I want the Wall-E toy because I want it, pretty pretty pretty puh-leaseeeeeeeeee 😀

    Cheesieeeee ? cheesieeee, can youuuuu giveeee it toooo meeee pls? :DD (I’m talking like Wall-E now)
    I’ll promise I’ll be a good girl and give it manyak manyak manyak loveeeee ;D

  115. blazingkidz says:

    i need wall E because my gf is far far away in australia and i need someone now!

  116. Zagary says:

    This is the 3rd time I’ve asked you for Cheddie. So what do you think?

    Which should you give to moi?

    1) Cheddie
    2) Wall-E
    3) Cheesie

    Hint: Moi love choice number 1, but will settle for choice number 2, and would never think of ever getting choice number 3. As moi is saying goodbye to single-hood(^^). So choice number 1 or 2 or both can be a good wedding gift. 8Þ

  117. KY says:

    I want a Wall-E
    to dance with me
    for dancing alone
    isn’t very funny

    in clubs and at home
    we blast the music
    lets be funky
    and spin the Wall-E

    iPod was yesteryear
    as was MTV
    the current buzzing
    is all about Wall-E

    so miss chessie
    please please please please
    give me a wall-E
    so we can rock the party

  118. Li Hong says:

    I want a Wall-E because
    1. I can’t dance. I need to learn from him.
    2. I don’t have a dance partner so he’ll do just fine 😉

  119. Superwilson says:

    I don’t need the Wall-E but my EVE does. She is very Lonely and Sad.

    Will you give your Wall-E to love my EVE?

    Check out my sad EVE >>

    My EVE needs Wall-E more than anyone here….


  120. cryxtyn says:

    I want a Wall-E for my boyfriend. He is nuts about pixar animation and he will go crazier for me if I gave him this! only thing is, we’re in land down under…how?

  121. eiko-chan says:

    Why do i want a Wall-E?

    For starters, i’m always feeling lonely. And i can’t keep a dog. I have a cat but… bah, they are just not the same =(…
    I was always envious of you and Cheddie, or my friends with their dogs… ah, it must’ve been so cool. I’m jealous! I want a dog too!!

    So i hope if i have Wall-E, Wall-E will be able to keep me company, i can sing and talk to it, brush it, feed it er… batteries… and hey, this is better than a “soft toy” because it can interact with me!!
    And yeah, i’ll also be able to bring it to the Dog Show in Central Park, BU next time (with leash attached, or maybe in a nice bag)!! Hah, now it’s time for people to be envious of me and Wall-E =D!!

  122. chocalita says:

    i need a wall-e toy to keep me awake as i study through the night, entertain me when i’m bored, and teach me some awesome kickass dance moves… Oh right, and help me keep track of all my fave songs… It’d be such an awesome-y companion. Haha 🙂 (p.s.:not to mention it’ll be a great camwhoring partner x_x )

  123. Kenn says:

    Wall-E needs a friend, and i need one too :'(

  124. clauds says:

    i need a Wall-E to satisfy my sexual needs when my hubby is away. =D

  125. Superwilson says:

    My EVE still alone but today got one unexpected visitor to cheer her up……

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