The I Cannot Tahan List

September 28, 2008 in Eccentric Cheesiesm

1. i cannot tahan people who let the tap run when they are brushing their teeth.
2. i cannot tahan cheap ice cream and chocolate. i think my stomach is not engineered to digest lousy food.
3. i cannot tahan people who blow cigarette smoke into your face. In fact, i cannot tahan smokers.
4. i cannot tahan people who do not like Cheddie. But so far i haven’t met one.
5. i cannot tahan cheese snacks that have “artificially flavored” label on its packaging.
6. i cannot tahan male ego.
7. i cannot tahan guys who don’t (at least pretend to want to) pay for a girl’s meal on a date.
8. i cannot tahan people who queue in between two toilets/ATM machines. Can god please kill these people.


9. i cannot tahan people who simply throw cigarette butts everywhere. i hope someday bird shit drops into their eyes.
10. i cannot tahan Malaysia. It’s too hot.
11. i cannot tahan not getting something i want when i want it.
12. i cannot tahan people who break into a song every 5 minutes.
13. i cannot tahan this particular female blogger who thinks she’s so up there acting all diva sheesh.
14. i cannot tahan orange juice with sugar.
15. i cannot tahan stupid waitstaff who give me orange juice with sugar, when i’ve specifically put a stronger tone on the word “without sugar”. Twice.
16. i cannot tahan whoever thinks Kirsten Dunst is hot.
17. i cannot tahan tickling.
18. i cannot tahan period pain. I hope someone can kill me with a fork.
19. i cannot tahan people who actually find Jackie Chan’s movie funny.
20. i cannot tahan people who promise the moon and the stars yet can never deliver anything, especially after i’ve paid an astronomical amount of postage fee.
21. i cannot tahan (racist comment deleted).
22. i cannot tahan people who leave different comments with different names and then agree with themselves.
23. i cannot tahan lousy breakfast. I seriously cannot. It ruins the whole beautiful day.
24. i cannot tahan Chinese New Year dong dong chiang songs.
25. i cannot tahan sweet and sour pork and is more sweet than sour.
26. i cannot tahan most of the LCs (sorry, inside joke).
27. i cannot tahan the heartache when counting RM50 notes to pay for something really expensive. God bless whoever invented credit card.
28. i cannot tahan clients who make me change my entire advertorial TWICE, before canceling it altogether. I shall not buy their shoes anymore.
29. i cannot tahan stupid movies that involves something along the line of a miraculous recovery from a fatal injury or pushing open a church’s door with full force then telling the pastor to hold the wedding then proceeding to kiss the bride with the bridegroom standing aside doing absolutely nothing and the entire floor of audience smiling and clapping approvingly. And by the way The Other Boleyn Girl is such a brilliant movie love it!
30. i cannot tahan people who are so full of themselves.
31. i cannot tahan people who are so full of themselves, yet always complain they cannot tahan people who are so full of themselves.
32. i cannot tahan people who are so full of themselves, yet always complain they cannot tahan people who are so full of themselves, AND shamelessly blogging about it.
33. i cannot tahan the urge to keep on wanting to add on to this list.

i think i need to stop.

Sekian terima kasih.

What is your I Cannot Tahan List?

81 responses to “The I Cannot Tahan List”

  1. Jojo says:

    LOL. I agree with half or your cannot tahan list. xD

  2. moon says:

    Yeah your listings are so accurate. What I cannot tahan now is.. Those people who are so pretentious that they can be good in front of you. Yet, they bad-mouth you behind you. I CURSE THEM! Seriously…

  3. sarah says:

    -I cannot tahan ppl who look smug when they win an argument
    -I cannot tahan girls who fake their accent..grrr I dunno wat they’re trying to prove by speaking that way.
    -I cannot tahan girls who fake their accent but still think that they sound cool with the stupid accent.
    -I cannot tahan alot of gals actually T__T

    my list is very long i think i shall stop here..

  4. anonymous! says:

    hahah lets see.. i cannot tahan people who keep saying negative things like “im so fat” or “i look ugly” about themselves just to fish for compliments!

  5. grace says:

    my list is too long so these are just what i can think of right at this moment >_>

    -i cannot stand people who always try to be the nice guy by acting nice in front of someone they hate’s face but talking crap about them behind their backs (plus it makes me scared they do the same thing to me)
    -i cannot stand plastic cheapo looking fake lashes
    -i cannot stand who act cool, basically for everything (so cliched, but so true)
    -i cannot stand people who act cute then make snide comments about other people who do the same (sometimes it’s funny because they’re so blind and sometimes it’s downright irritating)
    -i cannot stand my hair sticking to my lipgloss when an irritating gust of wind comes around
    -i cannot stand my hair sticking to my face when the weather is super hot
    -i cannot stand people who can’t look me in the eye when talking to me (only liars do that, and it’s very insincere+irritating)

    i’m ending here! and i meant to say tahan not stand! yeah.

  6. bahh says:

    i beh tahan your beh-tahan-list…lol

  7. Ching says:

    I cannot tahan you, when I ask you out and you decline : (

    Must sayang back!!!! WTF!!!

    Eh, clean what house laaaaah!!! Come teman me lepak better – give you duit raya. rm1 😛

  8. KY says:

    I cannot tahan the feeling when you just have a wet fart and don’t know if it follows through

  9. choco says:

    I cannot tahan if I don’t add this I cannot tahan. Cause I cannot tahan people who don’t reply text messages. T_T

  10. UncleJosh says:

    wah… so manything that you beh tahan… but then again… i guess we often have our own limitation and all ^_^

    hope you would find your way to remove all these beh tahan things from your life
    smiles and have a great week ahead

  11. Will says:

    I cannot tahan people who call me to fix my teeth =B
    I cannot tahan liars
    but i

  12. Will says:

    sorry sorry last message dunno why sot.
    now got one more.
    I cannot tahan sot msges. -.-

  13. Rebecca says:

    I have friend who’s allergic to cheese and at the same time can’t stand cheese lol..
    so I guess if u ever meet her, she’ll be the first 😀

    I cannot tahan a lot of things but sometimes, just got to tolerate..

  14. chee hong says:

    # bahh MALAYSIA says:
    September 28th, 2008 at 5:33 pm

    i beh tahan your beh-tahan-list…lol

    Agree with this guy, except mine’s different. i CANNOT TAHAN these type of

    Icannottahan type of lists !

  15. Emerline Koh says:

    I cannot tahan without visiting your blog!

  16. Keong says:

    I cannot tahan ‘bang-sai’ hah

  17. Ass says:

    I cannot tahan people who likes to stand in front of me in a crowded place, looking at different directions pondering where to go. Blocking my damn way when it’s already so crowded and still standing there like they own the place. Damn cheesepie.

    I cannot tahan slow walkers in crowd also.

    Beh tahan ah…

  18. Jade Z. says:

    i cannot tahan my feet / slippers / shoes wet. my toes will fold & cringe. hehe!!

  19. eiko-chan says:

    – I cannot tahan people who constantly say they are fat, when they are actually size 0. Like… if you are fat, should i go jump off a building now?
    – I cannot people who like to hint. If you need help, just ask for it, no need to pura-pura want people to offer help instead.
    – I cannot tahan people who FFK, at least has the courtesy to inform before said person arrives at meeting spot.
    – I cannot tahan people who like to act like they are always busy, but when you call they are watching movie.
    – I cannot tahan fake people – act cute, fake accent… who are you trying to prove yourself to?

    And the list goes on…….. i should Blog this one day, i didn’t know i cannot tahan so many type of people!!

  20. rachteng says:

    I cannot tahan people who act like they know it all.
    I cannot tahan people who thinks that they are alwasy right.
    I cannot tahan people WHO BURPS superbly loud. (I dont care if they said excuse me, its still rude!) 😛
    I cannot tahan people who laugh superbly loud. Its so irritating.
    I cannot tahan people who say this and that and end up not doing any of it.
    I cannot tahan people who have superbly thick make up.
    I cannot tahan people who cant lose.

    Too much? Hehehe.

  21. Cassie says:

    i cannot tahan ppl who call me fat when there are fatter ppl out there in the world
    i cannot tahan ppl who call me short when yet again there are shorter ppl out there in the world
    i cannot tahan ppl doing last min work if they are in the same group assignment as me
    i cannot tahan ppl who cut into my lane without putting signals
    i cannot tahan motorbikes who drive in the middle of the lane pretending that they are cars
    i cannot tahan ppl who are late, and being late myself
    i cannot tahan when ppl like to have figurative argument with me..using indirect words and all.
    i cannot tahan ppl who makes promises but don’t keep them.
    i cannot tahan when the person sitting behind me in the cinema kicks my chair.
    i cannot tahan when ppl point out my mistakes in front of a lot of ppl.
    i cannot tahan having to repeat the same thing to the same person again and again.and again.
    i cannot tahan PDA.
    i cannot tahan when my cute guy fren wink at me.

    OH HAHA the last one is a good “cannot tahan”

    erm hmm i shud stop or this can be a blog post already

  22. rachteng says:

    Ooops, I left out a few!

    I cannot tahan people who types like “ii misz ueww sooo muxchhh”
    I cannot tahan people who cannot stop talking in the cinema, especially when they keep commenting about what they (the cast) should be doing.
    I cannot tahan people who keep asking you to do things when they can do it themselves.
    I cannot tahan having so much I cannot tahan(s).

  23. Shien says:

    I cannot tahan my ‘sai’ if i never ‘pang’ for 2 days. Hahaha.

  24. Jovane says:

    Its tap, not tab.
    And cigarette buds, not butts.

  25. naVICgaTOR says:

    i cannot tahan trying to stop myself from pointing out that the spelling should be *tap* in your first cannot tahan list entry. *blushes*

  26. Huai Bin says:

    Oh, I’m glad I didn’t smoke when I met up with you that time in 1U…or did I? I honestly can’t remember.

    I can be certain of not blowing it in your (or anyone else’s) face though, coz I don’t do that. 😉

    LOL @ #28. 🙂

  27. winn says:

    i cannot tahan other girls going whiny on you when you are not even ‘sook’ with them! then lean their heads on your shoulders! yucks!

  28. Billy says:

    Omg..I actually let the tap run when brushing teeth *guilty*.

    I cannot tahan Barney-that gay purple dinosaur
    I cannot tahan hot girls when they look at me (chey…)

  29. Zie says:

    I love your Cannot Tahan list. Boleh Tahan juga!

  30. Alison says:


    i cannot tahan ppl whinning.

  31. Emily says:

    i cannot tahan people who cannot tahan Malaysia

  32. Tan Yee Hou says:

    I cannot tahan people who drive slowly
    I cannot tahan the chao ah bengs with their modded Wiras trying to whack my big engine.

  33. leafmiacheesie says:

    i cannot tahan xiaxue and steven lim.

    they include almost everything liao..

  34. ShaolinTiger says:

    I think you cannot tahan me like 20 times.

  35. Reika says:

    hahaha my list is very very long… But here’s the ones I severely kennooot tahan:

    – I cannot tahan people who can’t differentiate between “you’re” and “your”.
    – I cannot tahan seeing horribly-done friendster/myspace pages.
    – I cannot tahan bad design. period.
    – I cannot tahan seeing web advertisements that trick you into clicking it. e.g: you have 1 new message, shoot the blue balloon to win a prize etc. We are not that stupid lah please =_=
    – I cannot tahan people who suddenly stop in the middle of a narrow walkway.
    – I cannot tahan seeing two people sitting at a table meant for 6 when I am with a group of people, especially when the restaurant is full!!

  36. Kenneth Chan says:

    I cannot tahan cheeserland left unupdated for a day.

  37. tom says:

    I cannot tahan that KY is way above me on cheeseroll.. 😛

  38. Eve says:

    I cannot tahan TeresaKok ditahan under ISA…glad that she’s released then.

  39. Marcia says:

    it’s cigarrette butts, not buds.

    i cannot tahan people who can’t spell or punctuate properly… including myself… :p

  40. Reader says:

    -I cannot tahan slow drivers in front of me
    -I cannot tahan stupid drivers in front of me
    -I cannot tahan women who think they r so damn hot which are not

  41. Miss Bimbo says:

    i cannot tahan people who make racist remarks

  42. ahlost says:

    I cannot tahan when i come here, your blog is not updated 😀

  43. mr.bbq says:

    i cannot tahan that you don’t put spacing between every line making it so hard to read your list of “i cannot tahan”s

    i also cannot tahan that you cannot tahan what i can tahan and not tahan i mean it’s my own problem la wtf


  44. cheesie says:

    You guys are so funny i cannot tahan lolol!!!

  45. Ju Ann says:

    i cannot tahan monday (read: today)!


  46. Reyen says:

    Kudos! I have to agree with you on that. Let me input mine:

    – I cannot tahan ACT CUTE+INNOCENT+STUPID types. Very retarded.
    – I cannot tahan wreckless drivers. They die ok but dont drag others to die together.
    – I cannot tahan those that act very KASIAN just to get sympathy from others.
    – I cannot tahan ppl who give up without trying hard enough and complain things about it.
    – I cannot tahan NOOB gymmers who has a lousy body figure and tell me how I should train.
    – I cannot tahan ppl who say I’m shorter than a friend when I am actually taller than them
    – I cannot tahan leechers.
    – I cannot tahan last min work.
    – I cannot tahan kancil. My one foot can step on the accelerator and brake at the same time.
    – I cannot tahan ppl who expect me to know what they want without saying anything.
    – I cannot tahan ppl that only look for me when they need my help.
    – I cannot tahan talented ppl who degrade themselves to the point of saying they are worthless. Very TMD.

    One more I cannot tahan since my secondary years:
    I cannot tahan those top students who say they dont know how to do the test or say sure fail and then get 100 marks when the results are out. Kanasai!

  47. David says:

    i canot tahan..see you so sexy and pretty..

  48. Johnny Tai says:

    hell yeah,gurl! I agree with most of yours there, let me put mine ine:

    -I cannot tahan slow pokes on the road, especially on the middle or the fast lane (!(@!&$#!!), when try to cut them…they speed up/ honk at me for cutting…BS!
    -I agree with you, I also cannot takan smokers that smokes infront of your face….feel like splash them with water to put out that stench.
    -I cannot tahan public transports here…unreliable and lousy!
    -I cannot tahan queue cutters summore say…” it’s an emergency” (ATM) Muh ASS la!
    -I cannot tahan double parkers , especially when they park behind ur car when u’re about to leave.
    – I cannot tahan ppl that respond with a single word for the entire conversation .
    -I cannot tahan top score students that complaint that they only get 98%/100 or A- for their exams, like it’s the end of their lives ( feel like want to kick them ar…high marks also not happy)
    – I cannot tahan ppl who leaves kindergarten comments…freakin childish.
    – I cannot tahan childish whiners who doesn’t stop and never do anything about it.
    – I cannot tahan purely pessimistic people…breaks the mood/hope.
    – I cannot tahan spitters….f***ing disgusting.
    – I cannot tahan last minute changes on ur work which is almost complete (It’s like what the hell man!! I’m almost f***ing done!)
    – I cannot tahan the government ….sucking our money for their benefits.
    – I cannot tahan the government ruling…shitty rules
    – I cannot tahan some girls that just tease guys and blows them off in the end…,tease ppl 4 wat then?!!&!@&$!!
    – I cannot tahan egoistic people.
    – I cannot tahan ppl who jump into conclusion without knowing what’s going on.
    – I cannot tahan ppl who interrupt a conversation asking for minor things.
    -I cannot tahan being nice and not getting any value in return. Waste time only.
    -I cannot tahan some friends who consider it as ‘close friends’ and then slap me in the face saying that ‘The friendship felt like been cheated’…when I did nothing wrong summore.
    lesson learn: no such thing as great/close/best friends.

    Sigh….beh tahan la, beh tahan la!! I guess it’s normal for all human beings.Good post by the way, gets the activity going here =P.

  49. Finz says:

    Hi, I had been reading your blog since let’s see MDG starts, I think you are cool, smart and pretty yeah… I just want to say keep up with your achievement and dont give up even you cannot stand with lots of lots of things u’ve listed down. As life may not be perfect, you may have lots of disappointment of circumstances but think the other way round, maybe you can gain experience and it is not bad at all to learn from these disappointments. Cheer always Cheesy =)

  50. potatoe says:

    i cannot tahan :-

    a. people who waste my time – my current fave, ppl who email to query and tell me they want “heaven, earth and everything in between” but dont have the courtesy to reply when they know my rates.

    a simple “no, thank you” is sufficient.

    b. people who speed read and ask the same bloody thing that were written. if its not important or worth your time, dont read it.

    c. “little napoleans” – small fries who thinks they are big fishes. i will eat you for breakfast, raw.

    d. “armchair generals” – simon cowell incarnate with a twist. very little knowledge / experience on a particular subject matter but think they know it all. an opinion is very different a fact.

    e. “name droppers” – those who drop names to make themselves feel important. you earn my respect for who you are, not who you know. let me introduce my middle finger to you. nah.

    f. “half baked” – hobbyist who have high end photographic gears, shoot like a noob and act like they are “god of lights” and always insist they know all. lighting is elementary and you should light a scene as naturaly as you breathe.

    f. people who make simple stuffs complicated. wtf?

    g. people who have no discipline on shoot – you dont hold my lights and sms at the same time. you dont ask me questions which is not related to a shoot while we are shooting. you will not ever shoot along/together with me if you can tell me “shoot first k, i have no mood yet” – you are wasting the talent’s and my time.

    h. people who take above avarage photos but constantly degrade their own photos to fish compliments. yes, of course that shot suxor – you said so yourself.

    i. monday morning drivers on the fast lane doing 40km per hour on a 80km per hour speed limit during peak hours – my grandma drives faster than you, with 1 hand, while picking her nose.

    j. ladies who dont say thank you while you hold the door for them. :X !

    k. people who practise double standards.

    l. price wars – dont you know, at the end of the day – everyone will lose. how long do you want to sing this song?

    m. freeloaders – there is no free lunch. you can check out anytime you want but you can never leave. you will pay for it, somewhere somehow 🙂

  51. honeybee says:

    haha..i agreee with most of your cannot tahan list..especially the ATM n toilet queues n lousy breakfast..lousy breakfast definately spoilts ur day…and u know what i cannot tahan since few years ago till now…a very close fren of mine..a guy..i was really close to day he asked me questions like wat if he likes me n want 2 be with him n the sorts of thing a guy asks to a gal tat shows he likes her…he had a gf at the time bt they wer ent in gud terms…so i started 2 hv a feeling tat he likes me..the next few days he told me he just did tat to test if i like him..$#%#$%@#!!..WTF!!…n then the next few months he started 2 say things lika he really likes me n bla bla…n when one day he broke up with his gf, tat idiotic blamed me 4 everything..tat i was the cause of him breaking up n caused all these problem..till tis day, I feel angry when i think bout tis…n i stopped talking 2 him few months ago he msged me saying he misses me n he actually hv feelings 4 me..haha..he cn go fly kites!!!…coz i’m with some1 else!!

  52. honeybee says:

    -i cannot tahan ppl who kutuk u coz u didn’t lepak with them whom actually kutuk even bfr they called u to lepak 2gether..what the @#$#@$!!!…my wish la with whom i wanna hang out i don’t even know you n nt interested in getting to know you

    –i cannot tahan when i see beautiful,pretty clothes,shoes,handbags which comes with a very cheap price

    –i cannot tahan period n cigarette 2 !!!!

    –i cannot tahan when i get stuck in tat packed komuter/lrt n stand next 2 ppl who stinks like something rotten n worse than any other smelly things

    –cannot tahan when i’m so hungry n the meal that i ordered in a restaurant sucks n makes me wanna puke..

    ….n the list goes on…too many la cheesie..hehe

    btw, i love cheese too:D

    n the list goes on n on

  53. chee hong says:

    lol … i cannot tahan how so many pppl are commenting on a ‘cannot tahan list ‘ !

    but i personally like joe low’s cannot tahan list .

  54. Enricoooo says:

    i think i CAN tahan people who let the tap run when they are brushing their teeth, cos i did it daily twice. lol

  55. MaN|acZ says:

    24. i cannot tahan Chinese New Year dong dong chiang songs

  56. – Cannot tahan shitty &%#(#*%& drivers who do not stop at zebra crossings
    – Cannot tahan condescending people who are so high up there and scorn at others
    – Cannot tahan not having instant noodles, sambal, curry, char siu in a pasta land 🙁
    – Cannot tahan having to put up with a population where 25% of its people are smokers
    – Cannot tahan pretty shoes that give me %&#$*(%&# blisters that hurt like a bitch
    – Cannot tahan supposed “good friends” who FFK all the time
    – Cannot tahan dirty sinks
    – Cannot tahan not remembering the name of someone/something till I feel that my head is about to burst
    – Cannot tahan ______ people in Malaysia who go EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE when they see my ADORABLE shih tzu ON a LEASH and look at him as though he’s gonna bite their ass. (I wish he would)
    – Cannot tahan blogs with black background
    – Cannot tahan this particular female blogger who thinks she has AWESOME English and proceeds to use bombastic words that are not even appropriate/not to be used in that particular context. Doesn’t help that she is racist too =_________=

    Wow, this is awesome. I feel rejuvenated. reow. All the stress released already. Haha.

  57. May Zhee says:

    Eh! You like French boys!

    There’s one in my school and he has the CUTEST accent. “Sorrey, sorrey.” But then hor I heard that French boys are generally, um, not very nice! Well my friend is ok, but I heard like they have a bad reputation. :/

  58. tiger^cub says:

    I can’t stand people who is walking in front of you, and then suddenly he/she stops for some apparent reason, almost always gets me tripped, I can’t stand drivers hogging the fast lane but they are going at a snail’s pace, I can’t stand drivers who just drives in the middle of the road and at a slow pace, I absolutely hate queue jumpers, same goes in driving, I can’t stand drivers that absolutely hit their gas pedal when you’ve indicated that you want to merge into their lane just to cut you off, I can’t stand people who leave the doors open when the air-con is running, I absolutely detest other golfers who’s comments are always negative and baseless towards our local golf pros, I can’t stand people who promise to help you out and don’t deliver when the time comes, I can’t stand people who talk loads of crap early in the morning. Ok, i’m done for now, can keep going on, but better not, keep up the good work on your blog, always a pleasure reading your musings, cheers 🙂

  59. EV says:

    wah, i cannot tahan see so many cannot tahan comment @@!

  60. Patricia says:

    basically i cannot tahan waking up in the morning and finding a very angry pimple sulking on my forehead. like what happened this morning. ugh!

  61. naVICgaTOR says:

    i cannot tahan those policemen who simply tahan people juz because they wanna “drink coffee”…
    i cannot tahan people who cannot tahan and fart in the lift…
    i cannot tahan made in china products that cannot tahan for too long…
    i also cannot tahan people who cannot tahan me…

  62. AaronLoi says:

    I can tahan and drools upon Kirsten Dunst. 🙂 She’s totally gorgeous and you too.

  63. AaronLoi says:

    But Scarlett Johansson is much more gorgeous. WOW!!! And she’s getting married to Ryan Reynolds one lucky bast4rd, he stars in Just Friends with Anna Faris and Amy Smart. He’s got a new movie coming out – The Proposal. And now I cannot tahan Ryan Reynolds.

    The Other Boleyn Girl is nice BTW you if you love TOBG you should check out – Girl with a Pearl Earring, Scarlett Johansson. A very nice movie. The Other Boleyn Girl with a Pearl Earring thats the sequel.

  64. cheesie says:

    Super thank you for all your contribution. Some are so funny I can’t stop laughing! 🙂

  65. AaronLoi says:

    I cannot tahan good tv series only shows up once a week …
    I cannot tahan things have wear and tear, less life span for cars bikes, nice shoes, computer peripherals especially hard drive gone are my dloaded stuff…. stupid physic newton law…
    I kennot tahan now !!! gotta go to toilet pangsai… cya

  66. hayley says:

    i cannot tahan people who are so lansi, and always show off what they have in their if they are the only one who can own a diamond ring wtf.

  67. cin cai says:

    Oh….i got one!!!

    I cannot tahan the traditional Malay wedding reception because their aim most of the time is to show off. They get as many VIPs (like Ministers, Tuns, Tan Sris, Datuks etc) to “solemnize” their marriage. &*(*&^% what has these people got to do with your wedding? Your parents should solemnize your fucking wedding!!!!!


  68. Simon Seow says:

    I cannot tahan my shit for more than 2 hours, if not I’ll crap in my slacks.

  69. oogoo says:

    i cannot tahan u trying to be funny. lame.

  70. fullfull says:

    u r so full of yourself. yet always complain they cannot tahan people who are so full of themselves, AND shamelessly blogging about it.

  71. msZ says:

    OMG! oogoo/fullfull…are you #22?

  72. ling says:

    i cannot tahan stupid ppl who leave stupid comments …like fullfull

  73. Jingle says:

    I beh tahan when my instant noodle become fatty noodle after I washed the pots. I lagi beh tahan to eat instant noodle with all my cooking utensils still in the basin.

    I beh tahan myself!!!! So complicated yet so simple. @@” *sighz*

  74. WP says:

    Just thought of one. I cannot tahan when people make assumptions about me without any reason and then refuse to believe me when I tell them they’re wrong.

  75. racoon says:

    I have a list too but it’s too long to be posted as a comment, so I made it as a post in my blog

  76. nurul says:


    i cannot tahan people smoking right infrontof my face…

    and when seeing a delicious crunchious ayam goreng but couldnt eat it hehe ^__^

  77. nurul says:

    (i’m in msia rite now, but aussie’s flag?)

    -happens all the time hurmm

  78. abby says:

    i cannot tahan ppl who interfere in my private affairs! and and i dono. and i cannot tahan how pretty u r weiseh 😛 KIDDING!!

  79. elaine says:


  80. jaja says:

    think u must be a damn sexy babe…

  81. Wei says:

    Wait so are you full of yourself? If not ur contradicting yourself for pt 30-32.
    I cannot tahan neighbour drilling walls when Im slping, esp early in e morning!! -‘-

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