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November 25, 2008 in Happenings


Taken last night fresh after shower. With spanking new dryer. Super chun. Hair still full and long.



There’s this place in Hangzhou, it’s crazy. Human hair everywhere.

Multitude of shades and lengths.

All kinds of hair quality. Some thin, some coarse. But most of them better than my original hair anyway.



So we closed the deal at RMB1.80 per strand (less than RM1), i chose waist length and a shade closest to my original color, and she did the clip on thing.

Just use a lot of small thingies like these

Thread the extension together with your real hair

And clip it on.


Quite simple lo! Before i experienced first hand how it is done, i couldn’t understand how turf do you attach fake hair real hair real fake hair fake real hair extensions to your own hair.

I did one layer, about 300 strands, and the whole process took only 40 minutes. Oli: erm actually maybe 1h20m but you weren’t the one waiting.



Total is RMB540 (RM270)




It didn’t look very natural back then because i had slightly wavy hair and theirs were super straight. But overall it felt good! Not heavy at all. Though the clips could be a little pokey.


Then we got back to Shanghai. And there’s this place in Qi Pu lu. It is even crazier. The entire ground floor full of hair extension shops.

It’s quite nightmarish come to think of it. Every shop looks the same, and they will all try to get you walk in their shop and claim they have the best hair, it is almost impossible to decide which shop you should go in.

In the end we stopped at this shop, because there’s this SUPER LONG pony tail that looks like those in ancient warrior film starring Jet Li. Of course Oli insisted on seeing what it would look like on him, which was all the excuse I needed to get into the shop! There was a super nice gay hairdresser guy in there, but even if it had been Sweeney Todd, we’d passed the point of no return…


It’s the Hair Spray place.

And the hair even cheaper!!!! It’s like longer but RMB1.50 per strand only.

So i did some again, at the bottom layer. To add some super long hair. And this time they use the weaved-in one. It’s supposed to be more long lasting than clip-on one. So i discovered i kena conned in Hang Zhou la because weaving is very time consuming so for convenience sake the lady insisted clip-on was better.

This lady is super pro with weaving!!!

The gay guy kept snapping pictures of me because he said i look like this China (actually Taiwanese but Taiwanese are all Chinese in China) pop artist. I dowan to say who later you say i perasan, anyway he said he want to paste my picture there and write “Some famous Chinese singer also do extension here” (of course some atrocious English).



Nice or not?!?! In total i spent about RM300+ for everything (Hangzhou + Shanghai). And you will be surprised. Well it’s China but! Until today, it is still perfect and not a single strand came off (touch wood). It’s been a month!!

Remember, if you get it done it will hurt like a bitch the first day until you cannot sleep, but then you will get used to it after just 2 or 3 days. And whoever says hair extension is hard to maintain, obviously haven’t done it in China!!! I just wash, style and blow dry as usual.

The strange thing is it feels better than my own hair! So now my hair is half-Cheese, half-HotTibetanvirginfrombeautifulvillage (at least, that’s what the hairdresser assured me), though i try not to think about which girl’s body part i have on me now.

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69 responses to “Hair Extension”

  1. TNH says: look pretty..

  2. Ying Bin says:

    Look like who?Tell ler. :p

  3. KY says:

    I could make myself look like a rocker!

  4. Lin says:

    let me guess, jolin tsai?

  5. anne says:

    woo…nice! wonder how long can they last…

  6. Chimpanzee says:

    but don’t you feel weird? cos of the clip thingy inside your hair?

  7. cho says:

    how do u remove them?

  8. cheesie says:

    TNH: thanks!
    YB: dowan
    KY: afro?
    Lin: heheheh dunno leh?!? 😛
    anne: apparently a few months!
    chimp: weird only for one day. 😛
    cho: that one i dunno 😐

  9. Ken says:

    Nice design there, maybe abit too long ? xD

  10. cheesie says:

    Yea thats before i trimmed it. Now looks all good! 😀

  11. belle says:

    i guessed it’s jolin? hehe

  12. Pearlyn says:

    If you blow dry your hair using a comb/brush, wouldn’t the clips stuck into your comb? and which part of hang zhou is it! i’m going to try it one day!:)

  13. cheesie says:

    belle: heheehh 😛
    pearlyn: wont wor, just dont too rough when combing lo. It’s the mall next to Xi Hu.
    Lancongharry: lap cong like the chinese sausage? hahah u very smart!

  14. KY says:

    somehow the hair dryer looks like a very atas vase

  15. Ying Bin says:

    U look cute in them 3 pics! 🙂

  16. Lb says:

    bah, i can grow my own long hair…no need extentions

  17. joanne says:

    hey is the shanghai place a mall? what is it called?

  18. eMz says:

    quite educational, this. hahaha

  19. Oli says:

    You look about 16 in that MSN grab!

  20. Francesca says:

    tempted to do hair ex … do u think it makes ur hair looks fuller ?
    u look nicer with longer hair !!!

  21. selince says:

    looks like Jolin Tsai !! ..correct or not??

  22. chriso says:

    very, very pretty… super miss the old days when your hair was so long, so this is damn nostalgic 🙂

    wa must be damn banga la, celebrity wei! hahhaha… Oli dear bet you were so proud cause they’ll all be jealous of you hanging out with her…

    but i guess maybe it’s the other way round in that shop, bet that queer dood was checking u out eh? 😉

  23. Maddie says:

    HAHA! He wanna pate ur picture thr. OMG.

  24. johnnytai says:

    actually you do look almost like Jolin Tsai.

    RM300 for hair extension? 0_0 wow…..

  25. Celine says:

    If only they have those over here. I want extension too. My hair are too thin. 🙁

    Love your new look. 🙂

  26. Grace Oon says:

    yaya I agree with u looking 16 in the update pics 🙂 i so much prefer u in ur long long hair, the one before mdg. it’s a signature look 😉

  27. shaoweii says:

    Woah! so long.
    Still can extend 1 ah. i only knew. haha


  28. babyangel says:

    hi babe!
    i’m really interested in getting the hair extension…but i need to bun or twist my hair into french twist for work so i’m wondering if its possible to do it with the hair extension clips/weaving…will it show??

  29. David says:


    You look great with any length of hair. With the longest extension you do look like a teenager.

    I have to comment on your smiles in the above photos. Your smile is almost magical to see. I can see why guy melt in your presence!

  30. WP says:

    Wow, I never knew that you could WEAVE hair! So when your hair grows, it’ll just become longer and longer?

  31. naVICgaTOR says:

    i still think tht u look like jamie yeo, when she was young~ hehe

  32. Jeff says:

    Thats wicked baby! 😉

  33. starmist says:

    gorgeous, babe! 🙂 feel you look nicer with the long hair (so pretty, esp in that pic captioned ‘done!’) than short hair in malaysiandreamgirls!

  34. stargazer says:

    I reckon you look like the younger version A-Mei 🙂

  35. Jade Z. says:

    Jolin Tsai. The more I look at your pictures the More I think u look like her. ahaks! =PPP

  36. suz says:

    i have one question… can comb hair or not??? do you shampoo and scrub your hair like usual or just stroking it gently?
    yea. i agreed with the est. long hair looks good on you. they shouldnt chop off your hair during the show..maybe just layered the hair will do.

  37. cheesie says:

    jade z: wanna swim this sunday?
    suz: can scrub because it wont affect the scalp. as for combing it requires a little skill. just dont comb too rough. and its better if you do bottom layer extension, so its easier to come through. the higher it is the more difficult. but it will look more nantural with multi layers.

  38. cheesie says:

    KY: its freaking ex can. i hate cindy teh.
    yb: thank you!!!
    joanne: one of the major malls in Qi Pu Lu, Ground floor!! i forgot which one though!
    emz: wa you are from Philippine!!
    Oli: omg different flag liao! yay
    Francesca: definitely!! and not to heavy! so it’s great!!

    omg what’s with all the different flags my eyes getting woozy 😀

  39. cheesie says:

    selince: 😛
    chriso: ya i dont get why ppl say i look better with short hair.
    maddie: he joking only gua!
    johnnytai: why u and cindy say the same thing wtf.
    Celine: thank yoU!! they have it here but super ex.
    Grace Oon: ya lo i miss it so much sob.
    shaoweii: can extend however long you want. damn cool.
    babyangel: try to get the weaved-in type then, not so obvious. and try to extend middle layer so the hair can still cover it. shouldn’t be a prob! 🙂

  40. cheesie says:

    david: dont say liddat i shy
    WP: IF it can tahan that long la. kononnya 3-4 months longest. if you take good care. then again i never take care of it.
    naVICgaTOR: warao she very old meh.
    jeff: hehe
    starmist: wa long time never hear from you how are you la!!!
    stargazer: really meh!!!! i dowaaaaaaaan!!!

  41. sil says:

    do u know some of those hairs come from corpse; thats why its dirt cheap

  42. lapcongharry says:

    Lancongharry: lap cong like the chinese sausage? hahah u very smart!
    not lancong la.sighh. anyway, nice nice and nice =)

  43. ahlost says:

    Jolin Tsai !! OMG… Look like her lor 😀

  44. eli30 says:

    do you any shop where I can buy hair extensions with clips? I live in SH, I have read about that place in Qi Pu Lu but I couldn’t find it 🙁

  45. kat says:

    hi cheesie,
    I love your extensions! I’m going to shanghai this weekend and I was hoping you could direct me to the same place you got your hair done in qi pu lu. When you said they weaved your hair they did the microbraiding with the extensions right? Also do you know if that place you got your hair done does keratin bonding and how many pieces I would need to put in or what I should expect to pay? Thanks so much for your help. Hopefully I’ll hear from you soon!

  46. bleusnow says:

    Hey there. I will be heading to china soon, and am toying witht the idea of doing hair extension. since you did back in nov, may I know whether the hair is still ok now? Does your hair drop “more” and basically, does it hurt , affecting your sleep ? Thinking of doing weaving.

  47. jojo says:

    hey cheesssiiieeeee…. u r WAYY prettier than jolin okayyyy.
    anyway, you didnt mention how long the whole process is like? i m almost like on the next plane to shanghai already!!
    did it take like 3 hours (like when u r rebonding ur hair)??

    • cheesie says:

      how can u say lidaatttt jolin is super starrrrrrrrr

      well if two person do ur hair at the same time, max it takes is like what, half an hour? also depends on the skill of the person. mine was around 45mins-1hour?

      • Munsi mus says:

        xxWhere in shanghai, im like leaving in 2 weeks forever and never coming back to shanghai so where did you get it ?xx 😀

  48. Janice says:

    hey! was wondering if there were shops that sold clip-on hair extensions? the ones you can apply yourself at home? i quite like my short hair but would love to use extensions on occassion. i’ll be in shanghai during easter, please help!

  49. knight says:

    did anyone mentioned you look alike Jolin in Taiwan?? 😉

  50. Munsi mus says:

    Where in shanghai did you go to get that ? 🙂

  51. i’m going to shanghai this November and i was thinking to find places that have clip in hair extansions.. so exactly in which building in Qi Pu Lu ?? and which floor???

  52. Devyn says:

    thanks for posting this! i’m an american living in shanghai and i’ve been looking everywhere for extensions like this. i’m going this weekend, so thanks so much for showing me where! (:

  53. lin says:

    chessie may i know where is the cheapest place to do extension? how about vietnam? korea?

  54. annyi smith says:

    the pictures of the hair are very very beautiful thanks a lot for sharing that with us
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  55. Indonesia Hair and Makeup Artist – Malaysia Makeup Artist…

    […] » Blog Archive » Hair Extension[…]…

  56. Coloured clip-in hair extensions are hot property right now and braids are still high fashion- so why not go all out and combine the two? A few coloured hair extensions woven into a braid can create a really funky and eye-catching look. 😉

  57. Hi,

    Nice post, You have sharing all hair extensions image.

  58. angie says:

    hey bab, i loved ur hair extensions, would love to know how much itlsted and wheres the address, im going to shanghai soon so id just tell the taxi drive qi pulu??, thanks for ur help, happy days and enjoy ur hair

  59. becky says:

    Where can I get good quality but good price human hair to buy….I’m in Hangzhou for one day….thanx

  60. Vicky says:

    I would like to know if you have hair extension no 6.if u have pls let me know the price. If u have qq or wechat pls let me know so easy to communicate. I will be coming shanghai by first week of Dec. So hopefully if u can reply me soon.
    Thanking you for your time. Take care.

  61. Cec says:

    Hi, what is your email address please ? I have an enquiry regarding hair extensions, Thanks

  62. stasha sampson says:

    where in shanghai???

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