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Prank calls.

November 24, 2008 in Commercial Break 52 Cheesed

The last prank call i made was 10 years ago. The person became my close friend till today. And i will remember this person’s phone number forever (by the way till today this person still thinks that i genuinely dialed the wrong number).   The last time i witnessed a prank call was few months […]

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At the pool

November 23, 2008 in Happenings 15 Cheesed

with Cindy. Sunday is good. Blog more soon!

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Day 3-Bubbly Shanghai!

November 21, 2008 in China 41 Cheesed

Oli, Ibbytun and I were waiting for taxi to the park. Then i spotted something in the display window of the shop behind. One item is missing, why? Because while waiting for taxi, i turned around and “OMG THATS CUTE IMMA JUST HAVE A QUICK LOOK VERY FAST ONE” and came out with a bag. […]

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Who got the London look?

Rimmel London’s Malaysia debut road show: Get Your London Look Campaign at Mid Valley Megamall. During the 4-day campaign, the girls got a make-over and photoshoot. I went there on Sat with Kim and YC. Gonna perm my hair! Getting my make-over Done!! They gave me big and beautiful curls!! 😀 With YC They gave […]

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What the duck?

November 18, 2008 in Commercial Break 39 Cheesed

I mean, what the doook. The story took place on a little farm far far away in Zuzumbu village. One day, Henrietta the Hunter got to know about some secret information leaked by reliable sources about Oli, the farmer keeping animal refugees on his farm. This French lass is incredibly brainy (in spite of her […]

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And i found

November 17, 2008 in Cheddie&Pets / Cheesellaneous 20 Cheesed

someone who is taller than Oli. And Yao Ming.     My baby was here during the weekend. Haven’t seen her for the longest time. ^^ She loves her strawbie toy.   Just got these two pix from Cindy. I like how we didn’t sync our expressions. 😛   Super busy week is over! Now […]

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