Like i said i’m pretty addicted to purple lately! I wanted to do another make-up post but i don’t have much time! So just a few pictures of my purple make-up. ^^

purple1 by you.

Omg i have found the perfect contact lens! I bought it from Taipei, it is called Max Max, very very cheap, only RM30 or so. And it is sooooo comfortable and it looks much more mesmerizing than any other brands i’ve ever used. I love it.  But then again, i don’t know if you can get it here. Good luck!

Purple eyeshadow.




purple5 by you.


purple8 by you.


purple6 by you.


purple7 by you.



Glenfiddich whiskey tasting

glen8 by you.

Kim invited HB and I for Glenfiddich’s Taste The Future whiskey tasting on a Sunday afternoon. Obviously it is not a good time to get drunk yet, but we were all a bit too excited to sample some of the most atas single malt whiskies by Glenfiddich, some not even available on the market.

glen1 by you.

The taste of six different years.

glen4 by you.

We were all given 7 sample glasses.12, 15,18, 21, 30 years old respectively. And also two special glasses, which i will elaborate later. Obviously the older the more expensive, and more obviously the most expensive one tasted the best.

glen2 by you.

This bottle of 40 years old cost a turfing RM8,000.

glen3 by you.

There are also samples of the variations of notes, although right now I am not drunk enough to have the cheek to pretend like I’m a know-it-all whiskey connoisseur. Honestly I couldn’t really tell the difference, and when they went like, Oh you are right, it has this faint note of new leather and just a hinge of pear, I just gave the >_< face throughout. I just know they all tasted better than the normal whiskey I was forced to drink at Zouk or whatever.

However, i could still tell you my favorite–year 1979. It has a subtle note of sherry and fig balanced with flavors of rich dark chocolate (according to the brouchure, as i wouldn’t be as expert). I like it because it’s the most fragrant and richest. Everybody loves rich. ^^

I think the event was really well organized, with a very catchy theme and excellent presentation. The ambassador, Ludoviq Ducrocq from Scotland took us through a time journey. And before we sample each whiskey, he showed us a snippet of what was some of the significant events happening on that particular year, world-wide and specifically in Malaysia.

glen5 by you.

For example, 1997 (12 years old) was when the Twin Tower was built.

In the end, we proceeded to try a sample whiskey which is not sold anywhere. It is called the Future Glenfiddich.

glen7 by you.

If I’m not mistaken it is now 7 years old, and it will only be ready at least 5 years later. So what we had that day, was indeed, the taste of the future, which I think connected to the whole theme brilliantly.

glen6 by you.

Try, anyone?

61 responses to “Murasaki”

  1. julieann says:

    wow i really love ur makeup!!! too bad i oni got single eyelid… T_T

  2. irvine says:

    so coolll. trying out all the whiskey is like my dream lol.

    got famous grouse? lol

  3. joshuaongys says:

    totally speechless… the Glenfiddich Whisky..

  4. Kim Ong says:

    So nice, babe the make-up. I dunno why, I never look good in other eye make-up colours besides grey. silver and black. Maybe I should try it out sometime.

    Nice post on Glenfiddich 🙂

  5. abraxis says:

    Wanna try! Glenfiddich is great stuff! I’m a fan of the peaty stuff as well so I’ve got Laphroaig in my collection too.

    Am in KL now; the weather is actually quite pleasant compared to my last visit which was nothing but rain…

  6. KY says:

    I get drunk looking at them! :S

  7. naVICgaTOR says:

    come, bring it to me!

  8. pamsong says:

    Me likey the purple! And I too have been on purple mode. -_- Keep buying purple clothes. Bleh.

  9. cindy says:

    i think that eye contact is pretty cool, although i don’t dare to wear them myself. and you look really pretty at the last pic.

  10. David says:


    WOW, WOW and more WOW!

    If I had not seen your eyes I would not thought purple would be a good eye color.

    However you pull off purple better than most, and it looks great!

    Your eyes are beyond pretty, a man could lost in them!


    The color shadings are so sublte and elegant, a great deal of WOW factor.

  11. Huai Bin says:

    Haha! I love the sarcasm, but seriously – You can actually taste the different notes in the whiskey. Blind test, at opposite extremes, I bet you can differentiate the 12 year old and the 30 year old. 🙂

    New leather, pear, figs…you didn’t read the liner notes? 😉

  12. pattirmina says:

    hey..i like make-up no. 2 and 3. thanks for sharing tht, would love to try it next time. yay! 😀

  13. Jade Zheng says:

    u just gave me a reason 2 be okay with being late to pick u up! hahaha~ ;p

  14. nice colour, that’s my favourite colour! nice make-up and nice colour lens. I’m thinking bout getting colour lens too.

  15. chloe says:

    which brand of makeup are u using!very very pretty!

  16. shadowking says:

    ohh another make up post
    you look awesome like always
    but i still cant really do anything with it

    a whisky blog-entry would be more to my liking 🙂
    looks so delicious 🙂
    makes me thirsty

  17. Bee says:

    Oh my oh my oh my! I LOVE your lenses! They’re like uberly GORGEOUS!
    How can I get my hands on them? Seriously. Any way to order them online?
    Reply please? *puppy dog eyes* 😀

    • cheesie says:

      im not quite sure wor. The chinese name is AI KANG. But English is Max Max, i dunno why. I think you can get other brands, but get the ones with a dark rim at the edge. that makes a huge difference.

      • Bee says:

        But your contacts looks way nicer than geo’s angel lenses, which are dark rimmed too. So sparkly.. xD
        Maybe the next time you have a trip to taipan, you could take orders for lenses and sell them through your wardrobe? (which have been pretty abandoned 🙁 😛 )

      • Bee says:

        *taipei geographyphail xD
        Btw, just checked your wardrobe. Ok, it isn’t abandoned. I just haven’t visited it in quite awhile. My bad. ^^;

  18. Tian Chad says:

    I wanna try it for next time~ ;p

  19. Reiko says:

    Wow~ Purple shades… You blend it so well it looks elegant and cute at the same time!!!
    Your tutorials were helpful…

    Post more about make-up stuffs!!! ^^

  20. Roger says: last buy was a purple tee from AX. never worn purple before that. I don’t know why I suddenly started.

  21. midori says:

    DAYUM GIRL whiskey tasting?! That’s pretty hardcore! I can’t drink whiskey, I’ve tried but I’m too much of a wuss.

  22. Chriso says:

    u can drink one meh.

  23. miao says:

    aww u look cute n pretty ^^ love it ^^gonna stalk ur blog from now on..haha

  24. David says:


    My daily dose of gibberish?

    Lah, no where to be found yet today!



  25. May Zhee says:

    I know I know when I saw your blog I was like wtf hahahahah and then I wanted to comment eh I posted about contacts too and then I think I got distracted by some hot guy photo.

  26. Shu Fen says:

    omg the contacts are really very nice!!!

    i am so gona ask my friend who is going to taiwan to get it! 😀

  27. Reika says:

    waaa i love the contacts!
    even if i do find it here, maybe they might not have my power 🙁 my eyesight is really really bad.

  28. peek-a-boo says:

    Love the contact lens 😀

  29. lux says:

    OMG the color of the lens is so dreamy! If it were officially sold in Malaysia it would surely cost RM90 per pair or so like colourvue. :'(

  30. May Zhee says:

    Wtf why do we look so alike in contact lens hahahahah!!!!!!!!!

  31. chings says:

    Next time clean out your eye shit la, christ!

  32. Fenna says:

    I am going to Taiwan this week. I was wondering where did you get that max max contact lens in Taipei? They are sooo prettyy.. and knowing that they are even more comfortable than geo’s. Thankkkssss. 😉

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