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South Sulawesi

April 19, 2009 in Indonesia 54 Cheesed

Is where i am right now. My 5th day. Based on the information (or the lack thereof) on its wikitravel entry, i have managed to force myself to expect non-princess treatment during the trip. When you downgrade your expectation to like, 20% out of the whatever 100% you imagined in the first place, you feel pretty […]

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The Fashion Post!

Since so many of you requested for some fashion tips! I don’t have any big tips but this post is about how you can make the simplest thing work by mixing and matching. The basic items are the simplest spaghetti top and a pair of really flattering jeans. Tips: Every girl needs a pair of perfect […]

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April 16, 2009 in Australia / Cheescapade 51 Cheesed

I remember back in college day we had to do a lot of assignments that were based on Australian syllabus (from Curtin). It was quite tragic because there were so irrelevant i had absolutely no idea how to do it except to refer and extract and paraphrase information from the internet, as plagiarism was simply not a […]

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April 14, 2009 in Australia 94 Cheesed

Bloody a lot of pictures. Almost died editing them. Perth Airport. Sorry for the bird shit in this photo. Well, shit happens. Especially in Perth. There’s a higher change you will get wet by bird shit than rain. Turfing seagulls (i’m not sure if that makes an accidental pun. maybe not). Thanks to Air Asia, i […]

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Bird’s eye view

April 13, 2009 in Happenings 61 Cheesed

From a chopper ride. It was very funny. I had the absolute priviledge to be invited by Heineken to go on a heli ride around Kuala Lumpur together with HB. So happened on that day right, i had to attend an event for a paid advertorial. And the time clashed. So i was seeking advice […]

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My Music Man

April 11, 2009 in Commercial Break 22 Cheesed

Hi this is joRin again. Behind every music girl there is a music man. And vice versa. That is why he is such an inspiration to me. His name is Lee Hom. I mean, we are most definitely not having a relationship, we just, you know, admire the smell of each other’s hair music talent. Even that […]

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