to sell!

Ok i just recounted, i’d like to amend the figure slightly. I think 15 is about right.

Anyway, the thing is, knowing TK and going to Japan changed my fashion style all in a sudden. And forever. I used to be obsessed about dresses. I wore nothing but dresses. But now, i’m just more… i dunno what’s the word to describe. But less frilly lacey girlish for sure. So i decided to get rid of most of my dresses.

I remember Joyce the fairy told me once that she never wore jeans anymore (she was at her funky colorful leggings prime time then) (still is, i think. :P). So i think it’s a phase! I’m at this, no-more-dresses phase now. It might come back some other time, but i’ll regret later la. Now i sell all first!!!

Just a preview (and some random photos). Will post them up in Wardrobe soon all at once and at very very cheap price too!

sell8c by you.


Credit: My dog and my wallpaper and mom (photographer).

Available in wardrobe soon. Stay cheesed!

PS: Cheddie and wallpaper not for sale.