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September 13, 2009 in Cheese-offs

Designed by Coalitionatix. And i am proud of it. I won’t even bother replying those comments about my new layout resembling Xiaxue’s.

cheeserland by you.

Image by

But to be completely honest, when my designer showed me the layout, especially after he added the Twitter box thing (by the way, follow me on if you haven’t! 🙂 ),  even *i* thought that it reminds me of Xiaxue’s blog.

But so what? I adore Wendy and i totally do not think that it’s a bad thing.

I know how hard the designer and programmer worked on the layout (and i don’t pay them, anyway, so i don’t really want to be a diva and demand the moon and stars and diamonds. Or diamantes, so i could be a true Xiaxue clone) and i really appreciate their effort. So whatever they have done, i am going to keep.

It is not perfect (yet), and there are still a lot of things i’d want to add/edit, but i am not complaining. (The only thing was, but why orchid!!! I know right!!!! But i don’t think cheese would look very good on a pink blog. Or maybe it could. I’d have to talk to the designer. And i also had a lot more other pictures i could put to do a rotating header thing [yea, just like Xiaxue’s!] but fucckaccino my hard disk died and most of my recent pictures are gone so i dunno what to do now 🙁 )

If Wendy herself and i myself aren’t complaining, i don’t know why it would be a problem for you. Not your blog oso.

Ok rant finish. Have to post advertorial (you can get annoyed with that later).





By the way, T Music Festival was super the long. Stand until my feet also pain. I totally changed my opinion about Power Station after the concert. Funny thing is, there was a Power Failure at the concert right after Power Station finished performing!

The annoying thing was KY was staring at his Blackberry more than the stage, he was basically tweeting every single minute, doing live commentation on the performers!!

So irritating. I osowan. T_T

Watch the Blackberry 8520 review:

I will only be getting it when it finally launches in Malaysia, but you guys could pre-register it here. 🙂

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40 responses to “Blog Skin”

  1. Lisalicious says:

    is it possible to let me know how much is the fee for this blogskin or their service?

  2. annant says:

    only complain is, it took longer to load…

  3. Tan Yee Hou says:

    its seriously damn damn you lah.

    Concur with annant, it takes forever to load.

  4. Joel says:

    but i dont read xiaxue, so ur blogskin looks awesome to me 😀

  5. chriso says:

    no comment oso lol. wei. dun block me la.

  6. sim says:

    yeah..took longer time to load…

  7. Kim Ong says:

    Wow babe, so nice. I haven’t even done anything to mine yet. Mine’s been forever and very old-school. Happy for you. I need a new baju myself.

    Actually I prefer XX’s previous layout. Her new one is too messy.

  8. Reika says:

    i think my comment would gear more towards the designer and the programmer eheh.

    I love the design! i honestly do. but i can already see a few problems with the layout already. i echo the comments before me, that the file-size is just too large. 821kb + 258kb = 1.079MB for just the header is overkill ❓ essentially a page shouldn’t be more than 100kb for it to be able to download easier, even by (bad) malaysian broadband standards. i know that further compressing the images would ruin the quality of the images.. so i hope that a solution can be found to solve this.

    the layout also seems to “break” when the screen is resized to 1024 x 768 or smaller. the body content and the layout is not centered with each other. i think the CSS for the layout needs to be tweaked so that it does not move around when the window browser is resized to a smaller size.

    this is only my thoughts as a web usability design student, but I really hope that these issues can be resolved as cheesie’s readers might have issues, and it could potentially drive new readers away too~


  9. keju says:

    everyone’s changing their layout. i wanna change my layout too and put my face big big but i scared i’ll scare ppl away 🙁

  10. Vox says:

    🙄 Now that is a good post and i totally agree on the “you and xia xue hasnt even complain about it and people are condemning like they own this blog” ❗ them really!

    Now you and Xia Xue can be like sister blog! Yours and hers is equally awesome to me and has their own “thang” that represents the blogger themselves.
    Keep on blogging great stuffs! 😈 😈 Up! 😛

  11. JD says:

    It’s a really beautiful new skin, and not to mention purplish as well. Very nice. Can recommend me the designer as well? I also hope that I get to change my skin.

  12. KY says:

    but nobody said cheese can’t be pink. 😛

  13. Patricia says:

    yeah i thought of xx’s too but it’s only the header part. my fav part also~
    yalor why orchid, hibiscus nicer! 😛

  14. I personally prefer the previous layout as it was more easy on the eyes. Somehow this one seems to be a tad on the bright side, and your old layout feels more pro. Also liked the different headers that will load in yr old skin.

    but then again, I’m here to read, not to stare at your blogskin.

    Gonna be weird if I stare at your blogskin.

  15. Xiawa says:

    dun bother those idiot comment, there are so many blogger have twitter box on their website, takkan everybody copy each other meh 😯

    btw i like this skin, hope to see the perfect version 😈

  16. I LOVE THE LAYOUT! And the picture is super chio! 😀

  17. Simon Seow says:

    Nice new look. I like the message bubble lol

  18. messi says:

    d layout is ok 4 me. i think d ingredients r more important than d layout. btw, its ur blog, just do what u like, but must at least maintain d ingredients ok 🙂

  19. Chien Teng says:

    Hahaha orchids are quite nice mah! Maybe roses then, they’re quite appealing. I dunno lah. Anyway, cheesie you know people who don’t like your adverts? I kinda like them so don’t stop doing ok 😛

  20. cathj says:

    I admit… A lil bit reminds me of XX… But … I Loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee…….. it!!!! YOu have your own way I can see…. Hey come-on… Orchids is beautiful what!!!!!! 😥 hehehhee…

    Looking forward to see more and more upcoming updates on the blog skin and posting… (This blog always make my day happy…) 😉

    😈 😈

  21. Porkie says:

    Not that the mod has less patience..I think that they are just fed up of seeing the same comment from trolls (possible either the same person or a group of people who have nothing else to do) who do nothing other than rear their ugly heads to criticise and then disappear.

    As for you blog skin, I do like it and I still adore the old wish it was more pinkish than purple tho cuzz pink has always been you. But then change is also good!

  22. tamago says:

    yah takes quite a while to load T_T honestly i expected someting more japanese-inspired but i was pleasantly suprised by this! very very nice! the colours are real pretty <3 and the whole xx thing, ah who cares lah! nice is nice 😀

    • milk says:

      i wonder if anyone can honestly say that in their entire life, they have not been inspired to so-called “copy” anyone before?

      some wear headbands/tights like in gossip girl, is that copying? some do their nails prettily like yours, is that copying? some say “mad love” like XX, is that copying? some wear gladiator shoes like those hollywood celebs, is that copying? some loves cheese, is THAT copying? geez. some are just inspired and some are just pure coincidence.

      your blogskin rock and thats that 😀

  23. David says:


    The new layout is great. Pink as you like, and the content is still uniquely yours!

    Xiaxues blog is different, while there maybe similarities, your approach to topics is strictly cheesies!


  24. I love the new layout! Why do ppl always have to criticise and compare? It’s very pretty and girly and very blingy too! 😈

  25. ShaolinTiger says:

    Resembling Xiaxue or not I think it’s terrible honestly, it’s not the best picture of you for a start and interface wise it’s just ridiculous.

    I use a high reso screen and I can’t even see the title of your top post without scrolling down plus it takes ages to load.

    From a usability/interface design standpoint that’s an epic phail.

    I preferred the old one, this one looks very amateurish.

  26. sk says:

    Well U can’t possible please every1 wif ur new blogskin.

    No i dun follow xiaxue blog, BUT I will follow urs


  27. konrad says:

    never saw your old blog skin anddd i don’t read xia xue’s blog, so can’t make comparisons. but i would agree that the picture is not your best. you could do a lot better (you certainly look far prettier in person) =)

    and some sort of compatibility issue with my browser (opera) maybe, but your content shifts to the right when viewed in full size. everything only moves into place when i view the page at 80%.

  28. vonblue says:

    hehe ur pic look like village girl leh haha :p
    adore the stars around the pic 🙂
    cheddie poking out behind! cute 🙂 🙂

  29. cheesie says:

    Thank you for all the feedback. Will let the design team know and see how we can improve on this. 🙂

  30. I like to watch Gossip Girls and also Lost, becous the sexy cast lol. BTW found this site on google, searched for some anime informations.

  31. NEESA says:

    ur blog is awesome….nice than xiaxue’s blog!

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