Cheeserland has been going through some core changes these days on the way it looks!

i changed blog layout again because the previous one still has plenty of problem and is loading too slow.

Picture 15 by you.

Designed by Blushberry!



Incidentally, Dutch lady also have a fresh new look for their products! They have made their logo simpler and more recognizable:

ScreenShot006 by you.

It’s from Ringo to Ring to Rin, (eventually it might be just R), see, simple and easy!

Their packaging is improved too!

ScreenShot007 by you.

Looks so much more attractive!

My daily breakfast:

dutchlady3 by you.

I love full cream milk. That extra little calories is totally worth it. Just do a few more sets of Wii Super Hula Hoop and it is bound to cancel it out.

dutchlady2 by you.

Chocolate milk nom nom nom.

The packaging is more aesthetically pleasing now, but the taste and quality of Dutch Lady’s milk remain exactly the same as i have always loved it!

Just like (cheh)! Different look, but as dairy as ever just like the way you like it (cheh). Ok i need to stop being so buay paiseh.

Continue to get your daily dose of calcium here!