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October 12, 2009 in Commercial Break

Cheeserland has been going through some core changes these days on the way it looks!

i changed blog layout again because the previous one still has plenty of problem and is loading too slow.

Picture 15 by you.

Designed by Blushberry!



Incidentally, Dutch lady also have a fresh new look for their products! They have made their logo simpler and more recognizable:

ScreenShot006 by you.

It’s from Ringo to Ring to Rin, (eventually it might be just R), see, simple and easy!

Their packaging is improved too!

ScreenShot007 by you.

Looks so much more attractive!

My daily breakfast:

dutchlady3 by you.

I love full cream milk. That extra little calories is totally worth it. Just do a few more sets of Wii Super Hula Hoop and it is bound to cancel it out.

dutchlady2 by you.

Chocolate milk nom nom nom.

The packaging is more aesthetically pleasing now, but the taste and quality of Dutch Lady’s milk remain exactly the same as i have always loved it!

Just like cheeserland.com (cheh)! Different look, but as dairy as ever just like the way you like it (cheh). Ok i need to stop being so buay paiseh.

Continue to get your daily dose of calcium here!

110 responses to “Daily dose of calcium”

  1. emily says:

    omg thank you god you changed your layout! previous one was so ugly!!!

  2. Xiawa says:

    i love your rss icon so much 😯

  3. maRCus says:

    yalo yalo.. tht day i went to shop and looked for the Old dutch lady pacaking, cudnt find it.. then i saw this one.. like pelik oni.. then after reading this, oni i figured out they rebranded. LOL.

  4. Reiko says:

    Wow!!! I like your layout A LOT!!!!
    Looks stunning! 😈
    I’m just asking, did you pay blushberry for it? :blush:

  5. yumii says:

    love it love it love it love it! it’s very YOU!!! very like the tweet pic of you~~! 😀

  6. glo-w(previously siew pao girl ;p) says:

    OMG i wuff miruku n cheesu^^ neway saw u in my tomodacheese site^^


    u look great^^

  7. cathj says:

    Oh wooowwww… I’m in love with this skin too… Pretty… Pink is Good!! ^_^


  8. Ashley says:

    your new blogskin owns!!
    and i just found out the banner changes too wtf
    very chun. 😈

  9. Janice Phua says:

    wow nice! this layout and banner is much better! very pretty! very cheesie! very Rin! 😆 happy~

  10. yapthomas says:

    my screen is not big enough for your new layout.. 🙁

    but nice tho.. 😉

  11. chaigyaru says:

    omg!!!! should of done earlier. u could of won the nuffnang blog design award!

  12. Marcus says:

    i love ur new layout!! but one of the “feathers” near ur chest looks rather phallic. sorry 🙁 nothing against them, just saying.

  13. Dylan says:

    love your new layout + dutch lady 😈

  14. Elaine says:

    Better layout leh~ But the comment word abit big =_=”

    But overall, very pinky !! Stylish!

  15. kimberlycun says:

    absolutely beautiful blog theme!

  16. KY says:

    my prawn fishing partner did it!

  17. Nice design, but wrong on so many fronts. Any web designer / developer worth their salt should have addresses these issues.

    1. Banner images are too heavy, over 400k each. These images are bigger in file size than any photo you’ve posted on the site. Very bad optimisation from your designers.

    2. The header image pushes all content below the fold of the page. On lower screen monitors, we don’t see any content at all on the initial load, just your face.

    3. Your banner images are in PNG format, not properly supported by older version of IE.

    4. If you look at your page source, you have so many lines of Javascript before a search engine’s spider gets to your actual content.

    5. Heavy page weight.

    I have some more feedback, it’s quite damning, not sure whether I should post them here. Blushberry fail.

  18. Patricia says:

    this layout is soooo pretty i almost spill my soya bean!!!!!
    😈 😈 😈 😈

  19. pinky says:

    i love your this layout!!!! hehehhhe

  20. cannot stand says:

    you should also mentioned how “ad” focused this blog has become. No 2 is absolutely correct. I think she did it just to pimp out herself.

    I commented in (http://cheeserland.com/2009/10/haro-world/) before and i’ll comment here again. I think ever since she started her cheesie roll and then became a contestant on Malaysian Dreamgirl, it is pretty much commercials/ads post since then. Not to mentioned her “store” too.

    While earning money from advertisements is perfect alright, there is a thing called doing things in moderation and you are gonna lose your readership if you continue down this path.

  21. Porkie says:

    Erm..her ‘store’ as you call it has been around since the earlier days of Cheesrerland so I don’t see the big deal there and she used to sell a lot more and a lot more frequently.

    Still I don’t see what the big problem is, she chooses what she wants to do and there’s no need to make two comments on the same thing. If you really are a true reader why use a name like cannot stand btw?

  22. Jwxwei says:

    LOVEEEEEEEEE your new layout!!!111

  23. Jwxwei says:

    I’m in “Aussie” again LOLL

  24. tzia says:

    😈 omg, i love your new blog layout! *droolssssss.

  25. viviantan says:

    super pretty layout! loving it 😈

  26. tzia says:

    don’t know from when onwards, you blog has become my MUST VISIT everyday. ^^

  27. kimi_ says:

    nice layout…

  28. jiashin says:

    hello cheesie! 🙂 nice layout man wtffff.. my blog layout cannot make it.
    i wonder how to get all this nice layout. someone can customize it for me but charging very expensive -_-

  29. sarah says:

    I like this layout..but I think your Tweet picture is nicer as a header than the current one as it looks more ‘you’. 😀 I know its photoshopped and all but the header pic doesnt really look like you. But its wayyy better than the previous one.

    One more thing..the banner’s a bit big cos I cant see any contents til I scroll down.

    p/s: I love full cream milk too! 😈

  30. smeech says:

    hey really cool layout! i love the pinkness of your blog! it’s very girly and subtle 😈

    but hor, i think ur banner u over-photoshopped it. you look very fake (in the banner) and i almost couldn’t recognize you (no offense la, just an honest opinion). the eyes and the lips are very scary, too. like vampire liddat. i hope you can put a more natural photo of u as the banner, then ur blogskin will confirm be chun! mou dak denG!

  31. Fancyland says:

    pink is back finally~~ horray~~ 👿

  32. lala says:

    i agree with smeech, use a more natural photo, thankyou. 😀

  33. Kraeha says:

    I really like your new layout! The banner pictures are over-photoshopped though.

  34. vialentino says:

    hmmm….dutch lady ah….must try….i always drink the HL milk one…their milk taste nice ler…hehehe

  35. ting says:

    wow i like the nice template. very nice sexy pic of u 😉 !

  36. Francesca says:


    ur photo on the layout doesnt look like u 😳
    its nice but – doesnt look like u
    ehh how come it change ? it was the one frontal look, now the side pose

  37. Grace says:

    Thumbs up for the new blog layout!! 😈

  38. noko says:

    It looks alright I guess but you will do well if you change your header pic. Please shopped it if you really want to go with it, your two tone hair looks skanky/cheap. I am sure that can be fixed easily with photoshop.

  39. chriso says:

    A little more to 2k feeds and I’ll belanja you all the Crab you want 😈

  40. Yii Zhu says:

    have to agree, this layout is a lot classier! 😈

  41. j says:

    @cannot stand hey, with all the blogs out there, why do you think she gets all the ads? blogging is her career fyi, everyone has to earn a living, she’s happy with what she’s doing and not harming anyone, why not you be happy for her and share her joy like other people. 😀

  42. messi says:

    hi Ring,

    nice tweet pic on d top right.

    i still prefer the old logo for DL. i dunno why. maybe not used to new one. lol. but the inclusion of images like cow or family are eye-catchy. Thumbs up! 🙂


  43. cheesie says:

    Thank you everyone for feedback! Will look into it. 🙂

  44. Vey says:

    uhhooh. i LOVE your layout!! but it’s that damnnn speechbubble for twitter again. can’t people be more original? RIN, i <3 you, just not feelin d speechbubble.

  45. Michael says:

    nice design

  46. Su Min says:

    I prefer full cream milk too…but mummy always buy skim milk for me! 😐

  47. jolene says:

    this new look is nicer.

    i like chocolate flavoured milk. i normally buy the low fat milk

  48. Maianra says:

    This new design looks totally nicer!
    Well done!
    And.. I love milk too!

  49. Chantelle says:

    i think ur picture has too much make up, too photoshopped and just looks a bit scary. but the layout is nice. 😈

  50. missironic says:

    Probably tis comes a little too late.. but, i just got to say.. I like ur new layout! Looks really nice.. 🙂

  51. Fern says:

    I like your layout, especially the banner. You look so ‘hiong’ in the photo, in a good way, but a bit not so you, but still very gorgeous! hehe. =D

  52. Pomme-Pomme says:

    Ooo!! I love this layout way X100000 more than the orchid one! *LURVES* 😀

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