Last year this time, i embraced The London Look.


It spread wide and fast, and everybody was all over it. It was the trendiest thing nobody wanted to miss. So then the next question was, Who Got The London Look? Answer revealed, and time passed, and now it is all about Living the London Look.

So. After its successful debut roadshow last year, Rimmel is having the second one this year! I really can’t wait to attend it because i was having so much fun last year, and i <3 how Rimmel makes all girls feel like princesses.

I remember everybody was praising how great my curls looked when i blogged about it. Now it is time YOU get a gorgeous makeover by Rimmel!


On the 11-15 this month, head to MidValley LG Centre Court (same venue as last year) and attend their My Rimmel My Day roadshow.

This time, you will not only get your full makeover and A4 portrait done, but also receive a Rimmel London Sling Bag! Now it makes me regret not buying that pair of union jack shoes when i went to SG. *nudge nudge Pinky*

I will be there on the 15th afternoon to check out their new Fall/Winter products.

Just a sneak peak for you guys:

Loads of luxurious hues for that smokey and smouldering look.

rimmel10 by you.

So impatient i tried their nail polish already! (i added gold bling bling myself) I’m going all crazy over purple again. O.o

Don’t miss the roadshow!

After you get your makeover done, you can proceed to join their My Rimmel My Day Contest! ^^

ScreenShot006 by you.
Basically just create 7 different looks for Seven Days.

ScreenShot009 by you.
And win awesome prizes!!

More info at Rimmel London. (i’m in the video and their picture slideshow hehe *proud*)

sexycurve by you.

Just curious, which is your fav Rimmel product? Mine is definitely Shock Gloss that’s like the best ever can’t wait to check out their new colors!!!