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November 19, 2009 in Commercial Break 135 Cheesed

Like i said, i am a spectacularly confused person. If you ask me what my favorite color is, i might tell you it’s pink. But nothing in my wardrobe is pink now, and nothing in my living room is pink. I tembak saja when it comes to home deco. It is so hard to buy […]

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London too

November 18, 2009 in UK 85 Cheesed

Last post on UK. Finally done with it! Goodbye summer! Borough market. #1 #2 #3 #4 Ok i forgot what meat it is. Like ostrich or something. #5 Me and Carolyn. This is when i met her for the first time and now we’re such good friends! <3 #6 Wa so many types of shroooooom! […]

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The Green Tie

My hair is fab. But don’t you get bored of the same hair style after awhile? Even if you do a fab hair bun, it’s just empty without any hair accessories. #1 So what if. I give you two green ties. #2 And what magic can you do with two shoe-lace like strings? #3 Just […]

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Photoshoot with Cheddie!

November 17, 2009 in Cheddie&Pets / Photoshoot 77 Cheesed

Yay means more pictures to bribe you all! Went for a shoot this morning for a pet magzine. Wa i tell you it was damn hard doing a photoshoot with dogs. She looks cuter with her tongue out, but when she’s in front of the big studio lights she just freezes and look damn emo. […]

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My No Compromise Experience

November 15, 2009 in Commercial Break 20 Cheesed

When i was in high school, if someone annoy you or piss you off, we normally say things like “go plant potato la you!” (lei hui zhong fan shu la!). And the annoyer or pisser would normally get the hint and bugger off. But today, i decided to, dip my own hands in the soil […]

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After 24 hours

November 15, 2009 in Korea 40 Cheesed

Congrats to Wern Shen from who won the blogathon! Oh well looks like i will have to buy Cheddiee a new laptop or give mine to her. Anyway! Thanks a cheezillion for all your support, those who helped comment, RT, actually came and voted for me, and even bought me drinks/snacks. THANK YOU!! <3 […]

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