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December 1, 2009 in Eccentric Cheesiesm

(The greatest complexity and irony about this post is that when i wrote it one month ago, i demonstrated the exact reason why it couldn’t be published. And now that i am finally able to let it up, it is not relevant anymore. Because i don’t have anymore ads to write. For about 3 weeks already fml. T_____T)

(But anyway i spent quite sometime to writing it so i will still let you read.)



Today i want to talk about blog branding.

You know if you go for a really awesome Japanese buffet, you had three rounds of whatever you can grab and your feel like your tummy’s gonna explode anytime and can taste that half digested unagi at the back of your throat, and now the waiter is coming your way with a tray of big, fat, juicy oyster?

That’s pretty much how i feel about my blog now. Does’t necessarily mean i love oyster. In fact, oyster makes me puke.

But yea. My ad schedule is so full that it is even fuller than… than… (i couldn’t think of any nice metaphor so i asked Oli for help and he suggested “ fuller than a bag of peanuts that has been shrink wrapped” and i O.o and said i was thinking more of like “fuller than Simon Fuller”. anyway, nevermind that) than whatever that’s very full.

So full that i actually had a panic attack in my dream. That i overbooked myself  and couldn’t fit everything in my schedule and i was going to piss many many people off and Nicholas was giving the “you are really screwed” look and all i wanted to do is wake up from that dream so that i don’t have to deal with it.

Except that the amazing irony behind it is that when i woke up, not dealing with it is exactly what i couldn’t do. It makes me wanna just go to bed and dream of something else instead.

I was in journalism for 3 years, and i studied advertising before, so i guess i’m sorta, kinda, roughly but not really totally ignorant about branding. And when i started this stupid thing called Cheeserland in 2004, i have been subconsciously branding it.

Here’s the chronicle of the branding of Cheeserland


Those were the Friendster years. Then it spread to the blog. I created this Ringoism cult that mildly attracted some weird interest in… well, weird people in general. But unless your brain is like, mouldy, it didn’t really work.

Requirement: Overwhelming passion and a really dark, twisted, and slight deranged brain.


If you read my entries way back (like, way, waaaay back), you will find a dozen of half-arse cheese snack reviews. After the downfall of the whole cult thing, I decided that i might want to appeal to a wider range of target audience. From people who set up a cheese altar and pray to Cheesus Crust everyday (just how many people in the world do that, exactly?) to people who, you know, eat cheese.

But alas it didn’t last (wtf rhyme). The major reason was because the cheese critique ran out of money (that time no such thing as Nuffnang yet. Thank Cheesus for it now), and you know, imported cheeses are expensive. So it died.

Requirement: Some bullshit skill and money.


So then the author opted for the easiest way out.

It was real easy. Like how some B list actresses always sleep with the producer or whoever. But in the end it may or may not get them anywhere because the producer also sleeps with 10000 other B list actresses.

Ok that would be a wrong analogy because I don’t mean that i slept with myself but anyway ya the whole bimbo thing didn’t exactly work. Unless i am Cheddie.

Requirement: Camwhoring and Photoshop skill and a slightly thick epidermis structure on the face.


Almost everything here is Cheat One™ anyway. And i so successfully brand it that way that i have to TM it. Anyway. I want it to be such a blog where everyone comes read and ends up feeling cheated. But they will come back with renewed and stronger hope and enthusiasm everyday, ready to be cheated all over again.

How does that work? Just ask any 4D Toto shop. And they are prolly one of the businesses that makes most money anyway.

Requirement: Very high level of cheating skill achieved through years of erm.. cheating, and/or virtual voodoo/magic and a slightly cloudy conscience.



Well  not until recently that  i found my true calling. It is called…




(I  think it would be highly prevalent so i TMed it first).

(Note that i really wanna emphasize the word “the” but it would only be consistent to cap the title but if everything is all cap then there wouldn’t be an emphasis so i made the “the” small letters instead.)

Well. Self explanatory.

Requirement: A non-existent conscience. (mine has died of a sharp, poignant pain a short while ago as i was writing an ad for X company).



The more i think about it, the more i agree with myself that it is good to brand your blog, or at least categorize it.

If your blog is like rubbish and all rojak it’s prolly not gonna get you anywhere, especially when it comes to things like Nuffnang Awards. Unless they have titles say, like, Best Mediocre Blog, Best Useless Crap Blog or something.

So you have to be expert at something. Or at least pretend to be expert at something. Then start labeling and selling yourself as, say, for example, Bitch Blogger (i flame 10 random people everyday), a Household Solution Blogger (i talk about clogged toilet in great details), or a Plastic Surgery Blogger (how to prevent chin from falling), etc. See, sounds so professional.

So, from today onwards, would be labeled as an Advertorial Blog™. And i urge all media agencies to add Advetorial Blog™ as one of the blog category in the blogger bio form.

To be absolutely professional, it is my job to ensure that constant adverts are being posted up. Failing which, people could stop reading me or throw stones at me. Or leave me nasty comment like, “Cheesie i don’t like that your blog has no adverts anymore. I use to read you but now it is so uncommercialized and i hate it. I’d rather read The Star’s Classified. PUI!”

Oh well.

I think i just have to deal with that. Everything comes with a price.

Anyway. So how would you brand your blog?

Btw the part about my murdered conscience is just for jokes. My conscience is so clear that it is clearer than… (lazy to think and Oli is not helping) whatever that’s really clear. I adore all my sponsors and i love writing for them.

But then again you’ll never know.

Cuz this blog also falls in to the Cheat One™ Blog category.




(Btw i kinda become lazy after the ad wave has died down and rather uninspired to blog. So ads are good.)

*gives duo duo excuses*

72 responses to “Blog Branding”

  1. KY says:

    so you’re now the equivalent of SMART TV on this whole blog landscape in comparison to the broadcast industry? 😀

  2. aud says:

    haha i think BIMBO BLOG and CHEAT ONE blog very successful wor!

  3. tzia says:

    i love cheesie’s CHEAT ONE™ BLOG. 🙂

  4. Ching says:

    I wouldn’t say you’ve bored me to death. Just more like – bored me to tears.

    Not. 😛

    I supported all the blog branding OK. But I think people tend to categorize things too much.

  5. annant says:

    really likey ur cheap one tutorial 😈

  6. melody says:

    haha me love ur blog/brand (whatever brand it is) so much that i kinda worry when you’ve no ads? kakakaka and only RM50? faint dot com!
    maybe your conscience is as clear as Johnson’s clean and clear? kakakaka
    oh ya i was wondering where did your cheese reviews disappeared to! kakakaka
    love your blog always! coz got super gorgeous cheesie who is always super duper nice!!!

  7. Reiko says:

    I find it quite hard to categorize a blog (at least I don’t know mine fall into which category. LOL!)

    But whatever blog yours is, I’m definitely going to read it till the end! 😉

  8. JD says:

    You’re probably right in terms of branding. If it’s rojak then probabably a lot of people tend to forget about it. Thanks for the tip.

  9. weiqi says:

    advert blog is good thing. blogger still take time to do the advert. summore it depends on the blogger how to write, sometimes is better than seeing the uninteresting ads

  10. ShaolinTiger says:

    I vote my blog for best mediocre blog!

  11. nmh says:

    I would tag my blog as the Bullshit Blog™. See – all the categories above can fit to this. No matter if it is the Politics Blog, Surgery Blog, or Bimbo Blog, or Education Blog, or Little Children Blog, or Cowardly Blog, or Smelly Blog, or (STATE ANY BLOG YOU LIKE HERE, NO MATTER HOW DUMB OR SMART IT CAN BE).

  12. Simon Seow says:

    Don’t worry lah, more ads will come. The advertorial that you did for the pass months should be enough to last you a few more months gua. Unless, you overspent during your HK trip and going to overspent in your Hokkaido trip :p

  13. chriso says:

    my blog is best unattended blog of the year!

  14. michelle says:

    My blog shall be “girl who cooks a lot and does fine dining most of the time” blog. That’s what my friends call it.

    Each time they come to my blog, they feel like skinning me live. Too bad i’m in melbourne, they are in kl. muahahahahahaha

  15. Jess says:

    Advertorial blog is still better than my beauty blog, money all spend on shopping !

  16. hitomi says:

    I prefer your Cheat One blog haha!!
    Cheat One Cheesie COC

  17. jin says:

    i. love. every. type. of. your. blog 🙂

    😈 😈

  18. budlee says:

    i vote my blog as the rojak blog :D…

    kinda tough eh..i guess to generate money you have to be either a nasty bitch to bitch about other people, a nasty reporter to repote about who or what got naked somewhere, or being a consciousless person who promotes anything that a company gives them for free for money (you sell your soul to the advertisers)….

    there are few blogs that are interesting to read, i once was an ardent reader of this blog, she only writes about her boys antics, and yet, she get thousands of hit each day month, because most of it is funny, and sweet.. blogs that shows a person artistic side such as painting or photography was something fun too..

    Ah.. well, I guess it depends on what is the motive of having a blog anyway…

    *i got my 5 minute of fame when I posted the new Perodua Alza on my blog, I got hits like crazy and my blog was listed at number 3-5 in the google search engine. INSANE!!!

  19. Iosowantads says:

    haha.. with so many advertorials u did, it shd be able to last u for a few mths gua but then again if u shop so much and travel everywhere then of course its nv enuf la. 😛

  20. Ting says:

    I love Cheesie’s CHEAT ONE™ BLOG. 🙂 (I also dunno mine fall in what category)

  21. Kenny says:

    I think mine would be a parody blog. Or in Malaysian term, a “Xerox” blog like those counterfeit goods you find at Petaling Street. LoL!

  22. I think I have to agree with Branding your Blog thingy that you mentioned up there. I guess after all, you gotta have a target sorts of readers like you know how magazines have their target readers. I mean it is perfectly okay to blog about what the significant stuffs that happen in your life but I guess it is also very important to know what are the categories that your blog falls into.

  23. vvens says:

    i dont know what blog is mine. hahaha but i like CHEAT ONE™ BLOG!!

  24. jim says:

    i like your bimbo and cheat one blog more!! not too much ads please!!
    really not interested in potato chips or insurance etc etc 😛

  25. Tian Chad says:

    I am cheated….am I?

  26. abraxis says:

    Well, have to do advertorial blog to pay bills? Bills gotta get paid. I like the Happy Cheesie in Japan blog myself. 😈

  27. mary says:

    hey since u love cheese so much maybe u should do a post about different types of cheeses and maybe ways to eat it and such? 😉

  28. yumii says:

    Hmmm, but i never thought of your blog as advertorial blog before wor. coz every element in this blog is very you, and you take your own life experience in writing the ads, so it isn’t really that advertorial la!
    personally think that all blogs are personal-blog-for-public-view. i don’t even think xiaxue’s blog is a bimbo blog lo.

    haha, my blog ah. how to categorise wor. err, sad-and-personal-blog-for-public-view kua. but hardly anyone view my blog oso. =P

  29. royalmasala says:

    i actually thought of your blog as a travel/fashion (travel fashionably in style?) kinda blog.

  30. Mishellow says:

    Hi ^^;

    I only recently started reading your blog through being directed here by Xiaxue’s blog.

    While I think it’s good to have direction with your blog and know what you’re doing with it, it’s also important to note that if you didn’t gain your following through your cheese things, excessive camwhoring, tutorials, etc, there wouldn’t really be anyone to read you adverts.

    Mmm just some thoughts~ I do like your blog though it’s interesting BECAUSE you’re able to have a very flexible schedule instead of blogging about “I went to work today it was soo grrr!!!” and what not.

    Anyways, wishing you the best and hoping to see more awesome posts ^O^;

  31. Huai Bin says:

    It’s not an excuse actually! I find that having a topic to write about is invigorating mentally too, when you have writer’s block. It instantly unblocks it! 😈

  32. Kim Ong says:

    Honestly I dunno where my blog falls under also. Lifestyle blog, I’d say. But I’m writing more on food, and about being wife. So, what is my blog, really? It really depends on mood and phase?

    Whatever category you may fall in – who knows, your category would change too next time…

    I’ll continue to support cheeserland. xoxo

  33. Alpha Ace says:

    hehehe .. ya loH~ no wonder i crave munching CHeEzeL or tWisty cHEesE whenever I think of it or during MOVIE time 😛

    beST of cHEese ya~ 😈

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