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Cookies and Cream ♥ Otaru

Went to Otaru today. The snow a bit dirty on the road, but it looks like Oreo Cookies and Cream <3. #1 #2 I was almost tempted to steal one for my deco. I have been blinging so much i could tell what grade the crystals are what turf. #3 It’s a wishing tree. #4 […]

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Carefree Queen

December 23, 2009 in Commercial Break 19 Cheesed

Scroll down for new post or click to read HERE ^^ . . Was invited to the Carefree Queen Grand Finale at Crown Plaza Hotel. I blogged about the contest awhile ago, and all of you who have voted, you might wanna read on to see if your favorite girl won the Carefree Queen title!! #1 […]

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i Super ♥ Sapporo

I am so. in love with Sapporo. It’s so amazingly beautiful and everyone here is so nice. My host parents are wonderful and i’m extremely touched. How can anyone be so nice to a stranger in their house? Joining a homestay really makes one realize how we have always take things for granted and how […]

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December 22, 2009 in Useless fashion 62 Cheesed

(Written in Malaysia) Shopped so much lately!!! Share some with you all! #1 My first prized purchase is this friggin bird cage! From TANGS. I think is RM79 #2 It’s my hair band hanger hehehe #3 Feather headbands. All from Beautiful Disaster. #4 Earrings and hair clips from BACI. By the way it is on […]

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Pac-Man Wall

December 21, 2009 in Commercial Break 145 Cheesed

Warning: the color of this post may hurt your eye. Green overdose. Hmm wait a minute. green is supposed to be good for eyes. Ok good. So, i have finally kaotim my room makeover!!! GUESS HOW IT LOOKS LIKE GUESS GUESS GUESS!!! Ok i just realized i have told you. It’s pacman and green. -_- […]

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i ♥ Sapporo

Was -5°C today but it was totally bearable! Nothing like what i imagined it to be. I thought i would die in the middle of the road as a cheese ice sculpture. Or maybe i was just too excited to see snow what turf. The entire Sapporo is white. So romantic! AND IT SNOWED THE […]

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