Koyuki Missing

July 28, 2010 in Cheddie&Pets

This is the last picture i have of her. She went missing on 27/07/10 morning.

She is last seen around Anjung Tiara/SMK Sinar Bintang, Segambut.

She is a 9 months old Siberian Husky with blue eyes, copper+white coat. She was wearing a choke chain when she went missing.

[email protected] if you have seen her. Thank you.

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  1. 🙁 awww i hope somebody will find her!

  2. >.< im so sorry to hear that! will pray for you. 🙁

  3. so sorry to hear about Koyuki! So sudden!

    I hope that you find her back asap!

  4. sorry to hear that! be strong and he be back soon. 🙁

  5. I have been where you are. It was my Husky too. You should know it is their nature to go off running easily as I did too but still it just took that one time for him to run off and I’m sure by the time he looked back to find me, he was a million miles from home. The sad truth is that you will most likely not see him again as he is a pure breed and would fetch a high price if not just turned into somebody’s pet. I wish you lots of luck regardless.

    P/S: You should try to offer a reward and if the reward is substantial enough then they might opt to bring her/him back for the money and save the hassle of selling her/him off.

  6. Hey Cheesie,

    I hope they find Koyuki for you. One of my friends found a husky wandering in front of their house and took her in and somehow managed to contact the owner cos the tag was engraved with the owners details.

    Hopefully, there are Malaysians out there who isnt greedy and will do something good instead by returning Koyuki to you. I know how it feels, Ive got a kitten myself but had to give it away without a choice. All the best babe.


  7. New Yorker says:

    Hey chessie,

    I am wondering whether Koyuki has got a GPS chip inside behind his neck. Ask your vet to track down his whereabouts.

    Or if he doesn’t have the chip, get it for him asap once you have found him. Hope he can remember his way back to your home.

  8. Ishhh. Hope you find her soon!

  9. hope you can find koyuki soon.. i lost my golden retriever. twice. may God bless koyuki.

  10. Oh no! How did she get lost?

    Hope she’s found soon…

  11. Synchroflash says:

    I really hope you find her !
    De tout coeur….

  12. today is 28th and its only 538 am

    so which day’s morning exactly is that?

  13. Alexandra says:

    Oh no Cheesie! I hope you find your baby soon! Keeping my fingers crossed!

  14. I hope Koyuki is found. 😥 Please don’t give up.

  15. Oh no! I hope you find her soon and she’s okay!!

  16. my australian shepherd ran away 3 months ago too, luckily a guard found him frolicking in their condo pool.
    i know how it feels to lose your dog and i loved the video you had of kiki’s tricks!
    You will find her back!! Don’t give up!
    Talk to people and get eye witnesses, give out flyers!
    And ensure she’s microchipped and wearing her collar with your details engraved on it too.
    Good luck!

  17. 🙁 i hope she’s found soon! don’t give up.

  18. I hope she will come to brunei and I found her and will email you soon 🙁

  19. Oh dear, have you found her yet? I’m worried that some retarded people kidnapped her and breed her so that they can sell the puppies. 🙁 Hope that someone found her and give it back to you. Once my Belgium Shepherd went missing for 2 hours, I dropped my exams in college and rushed back to Seremban and look for her. I understand you feelings. It’s a heartache and some people will beat themselves up for losing their dogs. All you really need to do is get more people, get a team to find Koyuki. Leaflet is useful too.

  20. Do up flyers (color + black & white) and go door 2 door for distribution. Get more frens to help you. Post in any website such as puppy.com.my and petfinder.my to alert more public. Good luck.

  21. I am still confusing about his missing time! :dunno:

  22. Offer a reward like somebody else has mentioned! If somebody finds her they would be less likely to sell her off to someone else if you are offering a reward.
    I hope you’ll find her soon.

  23. 😯 sorry to hear what happened but how come koyuki went running off? is he an indoor or outdoor dog? hope you’ll find him ASAP. :@

  24. aawh… so sorry to hear that. hope she’s ok and will be found soon.. 🙁

  25. I just texted my friends who live in Kepong n Segambut to help look out for Koyuki. Hope she can be found asap

  26. hang in there koyuki!

  27. Babe,

    I stayed in Sri Hartamas and had alerted my neighbors. Will let you know if found!

  28. You spay the dog or not ? Die lor…..

    She lari from you coz answering biological needs.

    Sure kena gang rape by other strays.

    You better prepare to be grandmother liao.

    Congratulations to Koyuki and little koyuki mongrels.

  29. 😥 i hope koyuki is alright. cheesie stay strong and dont give up 🙁

  30. OMG! As soon as I saw this post on my blogger reading list I opened it asap! I really hope you find her! If I lived in Malaysia, I’d be looking for you right now, because that has to be such a scary feeling…Don’t give up, hun!


  31. Oh no!! 🙁 I hope you find her, wishing you so much good luck!!

  32. And even if your dog is spayed, no gerenti she won’t catch any parasite/bacteria after mating with the other male strays.

    Most likely will be infected with some sort of disease…

  33. Please google ‘dog disease’

    Have fun loh after getting her back, if at all. 😀

  34. serves u right after ur post about ugly ppl.. maybe an ugly fat uncle with rashes stole ur dog..

  35. come back Koyuki! there’s no place like home :@

  36. 😥 I really hope Koyuki is found soon!!!
    will be praying for her!

  37. All the best in getting back your baby K. GOOD LUCK!

  38. Koyuki, pls come back to your mommy.

  39. i’ve msged all of my friends near that area and near mine, hope we can find koyukitan !

  40. angelrainez says:

    have u found Koyuki? hope that she’ll be ok..

    my little poodle just passed away this morning.. 😥

    *hugs* for u, be strong!

  41. Too bad too bad…

  42. With all your readers in Malaysia looking out for her, hope you’ll find her soon. Take care…

  43. Hope they can find Koyuki soon or maybe Koyuki knows his way back!Cheer up and hope he is found as soon as possible!

  44. Cheesie, you’re such an irresponsible owner. This is what? your second time losing her? Seriously, start taking responsibility now and do your part or the next time you lose her (again), she might be the dog that’s dead on the streets.

    Please be more careful next time, and I hope you do fine her in the end.

    xo, much love

    • Just because her dog gone missing doesn’t make her an irresponsible owner; dogs go missing for very different reasons, just cut her some slack…and FYI the 1st missing dog was not Konyuki, go search the blog archives and read properly.

    • jeanettelu says:

      please, no one wants that to happen and its rude to say that she is an irresponsible owner. you dont even know her and koyuki.

    • Adele, you’re such an irresponsible owner of yourself wtf I bet this is not the first time you being extremely rude and insensitive towards others’ lost. Seriously, start taking responsibility now and do your part to make yourself a better person. Or you might be the one that’s dead on the streets wtf.

      xo, much love

      • isawthedog says:

        Seems you got some freaky readers here who post indirect death threats to other readers… what a freaky fanbase.

        • seems you never heard before “What You Give is What You Get”?

          don’t defy the basic rule of life 🙂

  45. Purpishzzz says:

    Oh nooo 😥

    Hope you can find her soon!!!!

  46. >.< i hope u find her soon!!!

  47. hi cheesie,

    post an ad on http://www.petfinder.my . i helps.

    good luck and i hope you find her!

  48. oh my god , you must be very sad now … I hope that Koyuki is fine and you will find her one day . =)

  49. Ringo,

    This is very sad news, and one can only imagine how your a managing this.

    I can only pray from here that a kind hearted person will find K and will return her to you!

    Praying for you and K on the other side of the Pacific!


  50. i hope there will be gd samaritan to return Baby K for u

  51. koyuki, you’re a smart girl!!!
    you will be found!!!!
    you will go home!!!!

  52. isawthedog says:

    I saw a dog that looked like that yesterday when I was at a friend’s place around the area mentioned.

    It was mingling with many other strays. I didn’t pay much attention afterwards but from a quick look, the male dogs were fighting over this beautiful husky.

    I think it was a winner gets to mate with princess ritual.

  53. navicgator says:


  54. Do try to look at places that might have water or food (rubbish dumping area) around the area she was last seen… she could be scavenging for food and water right now…

  55. OH MY GOSH!!! i believe she can bak home soon n safe!!! amitabha 🙁 dun worry cheesie!

  56. Try looking ard pet shops & vet clinics near d area. I found my dog after almost a mth later (i gave up looking for her already). One day we just pop into the shop without expecting much and then the founder left a leaflet in d shop…thank god the founder was a nice person.

  57. Hope you find her soon. Don’t lose hope!!

  58. my lecturer told me that a few of his neighbours dog went missing..and the saksi says they saw some vietnamese worker taking away the dogs on their bike @_@ dunno true or not but he said vietnamese like to eat dogs..esp. those that hv owner (perhaps cleaner??zzz)

    ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH T_______T so terrifying! jz ignore what i wrote..sorry im making things worst :’-(

    she will be back soon..i can feel it! *fingers crossed*

  59. Sorry to hear that 🙁

    Hope you’re okay and Koyuki too. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  60. oohh no…!! have you found her??? T_T

  61. Sorry to hear that. 🙁 Hope that Koyuki will be found one day.

  62. Have you found her yet?

  63. You’ll find her, she’ll come back. when u look for koyuki, bring your other dog too, sometimes dog instincts are much stronger..

  64. angelface says:

    well i’ve lose my dogs twice before, and seriously, altho i know this sounds bad, but it really is the irresponsibility of the owner. dont like, defend cheesie just because you feel bad for her. if you’ve lost your dog before u’d know it’s because of your own irresponsibility and not anyone elses. even if u left your dog with someone to take care of, it’s your fault.

    especially when u claim to love koyuki so so much that u cried just seeing her sick. how could u let her go missing like that!

    • freakyfan says:

      everyone knows pet owers have to take responsibility for their lost pets lah, you yourself are being morally irresponsible for losing your dogs twice and you come here to condemn her? you must have the skin as thick as butcher block? not that people defend blindly, people don’t rub salt into wound :cheh:

      • i believe angelface admitted that she was irresponsible, because she just stated the fact that it is the owner’s fault. i don’t think you can understand correctly.
        also what kind of owner uses a choke chain on their puppy?? that’s inhumane and for anyone who finds her they will probably think it belongs to an owner who treats their dog badly maybe by tying her up with the choke chain all day long while she goes shopping and having fun. so they would not want to return the dog to such a owner. plus it does not seem koyuki has been trained well enough..still chewing up remote controls/things that arn’t her toys. if she loves koyuki enough she would put in more time to train her into a better dog instead. if she has no time for 2 dogs (i wonder who takes care of them when she’s off to japan and whatnot) then she shouldn’t be allowed to have them.
        not trying to be mean or anything cuz i love cheesie and her blog but just stating what i would say to anyone..even my good friends cuz they need to know the truth. i have 2 dogs and have never lost any of them because i put in a lot of time for training. even if they weren’t on leash they’d only follow me around honest

        • Choke chain on big dogs are actually very normal, even here in the States where dogs are treated nearly equally with human beings. This is to prevent mishaps when the dog suddenly drags the owner. Especially when cheesie is so small!

          And different dog species behave differently. My dog follows me around too off-leash, but because it likes people so much, it tends to run to people who are passing. Husky is a breed that is known to like freedom, it’s in their nature and you should not blame somemore completely on this. It is really horrible to see that you are blaming someone who is already so sad over her missing dog like this.

          • i was not blaming anyone. it is more like advice for her so it will not happen again..possibly for her other dog. and hopefully she will find koyuki. as i said i would tell this to any of my close friends. everyone should be responsible for their lost dog. what if the dog became frigthened and started biting people in public. there are countless things that can happen and it would all come back to the responsibility of the owner.

          • btw as cesar millan the dog whisperer who is by far the best dog trainer i’ve seen says that there is never a bad dog, there is only a bad owner. and you should choose breeds that are only suitable for your lifestyle, if not then both will suffer

          • puppyowner says:

            koyuki is not that big to begin with compared to other husky, so choke chain is unnecessary at all. and not to be mean, cheesie’s twitter doesn’t seem to be that upset bout this matter at all. but then again, that is only my judgment based on her twitter. she might actually be feeling very sad. i dunno and it’s not my place to judge either. 😐

        • angelface says:

          that’s true what you’ve said. it’s also true abt the rubbing salt into the wound thing. i guess what’s done is done, and i do hope koyuki will be found, if not by cheesie, then by someone who would still love her and take care of her well.

  65. husky owner says:

    never unleash a husky :dunno:

    good luck…i hope she don’t falls on a breeder hand…hope she is already spayed

  66. onefourever says:

    hope u found her soon

  67. sorry to hear about koyuki, really hope someone honest finds her soon!!
    good luck!!! 😥

  68. Retweeted it. Wish you all the best & that Koyuki is found soon, healthy & safe.

  69. Koyuki will return to u soon… -> 🙂

  70. RachInMelb says:

    oh dear, so sorry to hear that Koyuki’s gone missing,you must feel terrible!i hope she get’s found soon safe and sound. 😥

  71. I’m so sorry to know that Koyuki has gone missing. Don’t worry, hold your head up. You’ve been so kind in helping us take care of Fei-fei, so I know Koyuki will return to your arms safely. Let me know how I can help. Take care. *hugs*

  72. you don’t seem worried that koyuki went missing. your tweets are like as per normal. -_-

    • hey! come on -.- she cant be mourning around all the time. life still has to go on as usual no matter what. no point mourning around and stuffs when things have already happen. if ure someone who mourn around for a long period of time, u must be a sadist. or a pessimist.

    • What? Are you wannabe-stalking her? Then you must be dumb enough to expect that her tweets MUST be like a CCTV for you to monitor and report to you her true life every minute.
      RT @cheesie : Next time if your dad dies make sure I don’t see you have any life for the next 10 years.
      *Hug-gu Chessie*

  73. I hope you find her soon *hugs*

  74. hope u find koyuki soon. stay put, ull find her back for sure. All the best.

  75. still nothing, cheesie ?

  76. Alexandra says:

    Still missing… come home, Baby K! I hope you find her, Ringo…
    She’s so lovely, someone might have seen her and not wanted to find her owner…
    Praying you find her!

  77. Cheer up, Rin. I hope Koyuki will be found and is safe and sound. Don’t give up hope yet. Gambateh! All the best.

  78. Hey no news from you hope you find him xxx

  79. All the best~

  80. sum ppls ere need to get off dere high horse. i tink is bs if u say u wont sleep til u find ur dog.

  81. Everyone here is worry about Koyuki. I really pray for the best that no mishap will happen upon her.

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