I’m Seoul Excited!

October 25, 2010 in Commercial Break

I can’t believe i’m just 3 weeks away from going to Korea!

I have been planning for so long on what to wear there and completely forgot about planning the itinerary -_-

I kinda did a few monster fur and knitted wear mix and match but every single day i checked the weather with Scott (before you get confused, i need to explain again, he is Korean, despite his not very Korean sounding name, we met on AirAsia’s FB page and he’s going to be my local guide in Seoul) he’s like, “oh, it’s still quite warm, you know, about 14°C in the afternoon and 3°C at night”.


And i was bugging him with all the questions, mostly fashion related, like, where can we find the Korea equivalent of Gyaru (I believe the word is Ulzzang) fashion in Seoul? I was hoping there’s a Korean 109 that sells Korean equivalent of Liz Lisa and whatnot.  And he told me apparently the young people are not very big on brands, because they are so sensitive to trends they normally buy affordable and in-trend apparel, so they can keep up with the fast-moving fashion trends!

And as far as my research goes Korean fashion is so different from what i used to wear, am i going to look all like a lost Furry Monster there!!! T_T

But anyway, i am super excited! Scott shared his website with me and he’s like a world traveler! He lived in France, Japan and Philippines for a period of time and i’m sooooooo in love with his photography! And he told me he’s looking forward to take plenty of photos for me <33333!!!

Anyway i was trying to dig a photo of him to share with you all but looks like he’s a very shy person and all i got was like artsy picture of his, erm shadow -_-

So cannot-see-face-one subtle unlike my camwhore style which is so blatantly IN YOUR FACE (with my face) with circle lens and Dolly Winks and the largest pixel possible to fit into the blog template.


So i was planning my itinerary with Scott and he could free himself for 4 days to fit into my schedule and bring me around <3.

Was planning to explore around the city for 3 days, (thanks for all the tips you guys gave in the comment and on Airasia’s FB fan page but i forgot about all the Korean names already they just seem to hard to be registered into my brain T_T) go shopping, shopping and more shopping! Someone told me Dong-daemon is operated 24 hours IS THAT RIGHT!!!!

When i heard it i was like, YOU MEAN I CAN GO SHOPPING AFTER CLUBBING DRINKING AND DRUNK??????? (I hope 109 is like that T_T)

But this is so awesome! Where else but in Korea can you find 24 hours shopping!!!

And then i wanna go to a nice night spot and get a feel of the music and clubbing scene. Erm, what else ah.

Overly excited wtf.

And then when Scott is gone for his work, i think i can do a little adventure to the highly recommended DMZ (Korean Demilitarized Zone).

At first i was like all scared and damsel travel in distress lol and thought omg will i get shot at the border!?! Looks like i really need to do a bit of research. But i’m really lazy i really don’t liek to do any form of research except maybe about Liz Lisa’s collection, cuz it’s so much faster to just ask do a shout out on facebook or twitter than to beg Uncle Google for answer.

For those of you who don’t know about DMZ:



So i think i’m more or less all set!

Now i just need to pack! Scott is being super helpful he said he will put up a blog post for me and ask his readers about things i wanted to know (which he couldn’t answer, like the Gyaru fashion one). Erm then i think he will have to translate for me cuz his blog is in korean -_-

And now there’s just one last thing i’m concern about.


Can’t wait!

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