Franc-ly Switzerland is nothing but expensive

May 5, 2011 in Switzerland

And i’m just putting these leftover pix from Zurich together to construct this piece of crap.

So please don’t expect this post to be anything more than half-assed. In fact, it may not even contain real ass. Not even half.

So if you want to bugger off and read or watch some Redtube i totally don’t blame you. You jerks.



What? Of course i’m looking at your non existent fashion sense. Not.



If you wonder how people live in Zurich



You just have to find a window.







Believe it or not this is a weather proof bicycle. Fully manual with peddle and mechanical shit like that.



Don’t even know what to call these







This is when i discovered that i want to be cool like people who have those collectible shit. Mine is now snow globes. Now you know what to get me when you walk into a souvenir shop. You’re welcome.



Half-ass frozen fountain.



Dunno what we’re trying to do.



Definitely not something very clever.



I discovered that roasted chestnuts are like the only thing i could afford in Switzerland.



Full-ass frozen fountain.



Swiss people read English, right?



This is the last semi pseudo good looking photo of me of the trip. Then i didn’t bother looking into the mirror anymore.



Some Swiss lottery thing.



I mean, Swiss people do understand English, right? No, seriously.



When i discovered this i was like =)=)=) but then i was like -_--_--_-

Because i found out that it’s fake. Some asshole gave this plant a hair dye.



Sausage shop.



Some gay and obese version of Cinderella left this on the road nobody bothered to pick it up wtf.





Yea i know. I somehow have this naive idea that an upside down picture will make you look prettier.






Good news! The Celcom iPhone 4 plan is out!


And it is available in white!!

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Seriously. People should have that more often in Malaysia. Nao you can go Zouk clubbing with your iPhone.

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Stored in Switzerland | 24 Cheesed

24 responses to “Franc-ly Switzerland is nothing but expensive”

  1. melody says:

    half ass blog also very funnyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
    and pic #12 hahahahahaha and the upside down oneeeeeeeeee hehehe

  2. huils says:

    snowglobes!! 😀 i like them too! 😀 i know how to make with empty bottles. =X only the ones with glitter, i dont dare stick anything inside yet. >< love the frozen fountain! 😀

  3. Lisa Cheah says:

    After reading your recent blog post, I have decided to probably not head to Switzerland during my Interrail trip! So annoyingly expensive! :dunno:

    So, Ringo! When are you heading to Scandinavia? 😀

  4. the beast says:

    You are too funny not to blog
    My biggest laugh today (plenty of weirdos in London)
    My mother has lost a tooth and is getting ready for an implant so she has this denture thingy, the tooth bit came away from the palate, dentist said it would take two days
    I volunteered to take it to a lab as she couldnt face going out with a tooth missing
    She wrapped it in cling film, I pocketed it and went to the lab
    Handed it to the technician he then quoted me 210 rg to fix it it just as I was about to start arguing about the price (beast would fight to the death for a thick penny over a thin one)I noticed that he only had one arm and inwardly started laughing as he was trying to unpick the clingfilm (yes I am a callous bastard)
    It was so hard not to call him a thieving one armed bandit (as in the machines)
    So he got his cash and the dentist is getting 10,000rm of my inhertence for one tooth

    Dont quit blogging, just do as I have told you and you wil make money
    Have faith
    Beast 🙂

  5. Glo-w says:

    fake ass lols…

  6. starmist says:

    oooh snowglobes! i do that too! have about 15 snowglobes collected from all over the world nao!

  7. Tey Cindy says:

    HAHAHA!!! i laughed so many times reading the captions for this post. Y U so funny one! LOL

  8. KY says:

    that bicycle is awesome!

  9. MilkySorbet says:

    aw, cheesie! You always look good, don’t fret 😀

  10. K says:

    I love Switzerland… expensive or not. Its so beautiful and clean!

  11. xian says:

    half-assed or quarter-assed or fake-assed or whatever assed beat no ass! hahahaha!

  12. 33 says:

    I would love to go to Switzerland someday! The frozen fountain is so funny and gorgeous!!

  13. Belly B says:

    I believe that upside down photos are prettier too!!! hahaha or rotated to the left or right. Sometimes haha.

  14. 星宇 says:

    looking forward to you entries everyday! update moarrrrrr

  15. u says:

    Gross >> a common german name ? and it means “large” 🙂

  16. David says:


    Very cool skirt and legging!

    A must for the cold weather you experienced.

    For a moment I thougth your upside-down pic was leading to a travel adventure in Australia.

    I have heard Switzerland is an expensive place to visit.

    Fun photos!


  17. Katha says:

    well, i think you should not visit switzerland if you are not skiing or doing any other winter sports…i was in switzerland a year ago but in the italian area and in my summer holidays. The town is named Lugano and the best thing about this town is that it is just a few minutes away from the Italy/Switzerland borderline. So you can buy all important stuff in Italy where you can pay in euro.
    The countryside is fantastic and you always have a good view on the lake.
    There is also a very big fashion outlet there with all popular european brands like prada, gucci, d&g, fornarina (one of my favorite brands), armani, miss sixty and so on.

    By the way i really like your outfit with the skunk 🙂 and you are right the most germans have no fashion sense^^ realize that every day 🙁

    • the beast says:

      The Germans are a nation of men who wear leather shorts and keep children in dungeons under their houses when not invading neighbouring countries and commiting other atrocities whilst masturbating over pissing videos
      Sort of like Japs only with less fish and even worse puddings and dress sense
      They wear white socks, grow moustaches and are all called Ralph
      Thats just the women

  18. aya says:

    hi from japan! which application did you use for taking these photos? i love them!

  19. Sarah says:

    FYI, the “lose” in “Lotto Lose” is a German word and it means lottery ticket you should do some researches before blaming them for not knowing English

  20. Faye says:

    Lol, it’s true, Zurich is definitely waaay too expensive..
    Plus, all people care about here is money! In my school, it’s normal to use a 1500.- LV bag as a school bag, a lot of the guys only wear branded clothes on a day to day basis (ralph lauren, Tommy Hilfiger, Armani).
    And let’s not forget the best part: brand-sex! Young women who become prostitues, next to their normal jobs, just so they can afford branded bagsand other expensive shit..

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