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insert funny adidas pun title

May 20, 2011 in Commercial Break 11 Cheesed

As i cannot think cuz i just exhausted the last molecule of my brain cells on physical activities. That’s how anatomically retarded i am when it comes to sports. #1 But i always love adidas’s events because they are so generous no matter how lousy you are at games you always go home with something. […]

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(means clothes in Japanese it sounds like f**ku but it also means “blessing” at the same time so it’s quite cool.) That’s all my files’ name for all the pictures i took for my pasar malam sales for people who like cheapskate clothes wtf. Most of them sold out but i’m re-posting some picture here […]

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Love World

May 13, 2011 in Commercial Break 34 Cheesed

Like i blogged a little earlier about my irrational fear for the impending zombie apocalypse due to mankind’s ruthless acts to mother nature, i have also increased effort in doing my part to delay having the undead chewing my brains off for as long as i can. Last week’s mission is to help save the […]

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Blissful Morning

May 11, 2011 in Commercial Break 28 Cheesed

Believe it or not, i used to make myself breakfast. I will buy bread and milk and i’ll throw two eggs inside my electrical kettle and make half boil egg. But i always end up not finishing my food because i stay alone, or completely forget about them to the point where i had a […]

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Spring cleaning 2011

Spent my weekend clearing my wardrobe and here’s two whole full luggages of stuff (i think) i don’t want anymore. The last time i did that was around the same time last year! I think i could just sell them off pasar malam price and get some extra money to buy more stuff. Wa if […]

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Mochi Mochi~~

Since i didn’t get to go to Japan (sob),  i find myself seeking solace in flipping through Japanese magazines in Kinokuniya pretending i’m in a bookstore in Osaka, or playing pachinko on my android pretending i’m in an arcade center in Shibuya, or go to Sasa with Aud to buy Japanese make up products pretending […]

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