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This video cost us 500yen but it・s free for you.

And i dont know how to type apostrophe because im using a Japanese keyboard at the front desk of Grand Park Hotel Otaru. And Wendy just paid 500yen to upload this video we took on the train from Chitose to Otaru. Thats all bai. YOU ARE WELCOME.

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Blissful morning continues

June 15, 2011 in Commercial Break 14 Cheesed

So! Lately i very  gung-ho ah first of all i pledge to do 10 things to save the environment everyday, then i vowed to drink two small bottles of Nestle BLISS yogurt drink which is full of live culture everyday to save my intestines, next maybe i want to climb the moon to extract rare […]

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Blog Capsule

Dear future blog readers, you are now reading a blog capsule. I am writing this on the 12th June, 2011, Sunday, 9:23pm and i’m going to bury this post in my wordpress dashboard. The fact that you are reading this means it was uncovered from a dark, dark place, long, long time ago. Congratulations for […]

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Wanna to go to Perth?

June 13, 2011 in Commercial Break 12 Cheesed

I love Australia! The first place i went to in Australia was Perth, second time was Tasmania and NSW, also spent a night in Melbourne. Then just a few weeks ago i was in Northen Rivers, and also stood between the border of NSW and Queensland. And Australia just never fails to amaze me. The […]

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Going to HK and Hokkaido!

June 11, 2011 in Useless fashion 55 Cheesed

On Tuesday!!! With Xiaxue!!! It’s a damn short trip though, we only have less than 3 days in each places 🙁 In case you assholes forget about me again imma post useless pictures of myself. #CamwhoreExcuse #1 Took some pictures for clothes i wanna get rid of again! But don’t have time to update on […]

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Xperia PLAY

June 9, 2011 in Commercial Break 12 Cheesed

I love my android phone!!! There are endless of games to download and i got so addicted to playing games until i got myself an Angry Bird T shirt wtf. A series of Angry Bird T shirts from T-Shirt Doodle, a funky cyber store which dedicated to deliver all time favorite character T shirts to your doorstep at […]

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