This video cost us 500yen but it・s free for you.

June 16, 2011 in Japan

And i dont know how to type apostrophe because im using a Japanese keyboard at the front desk of Grand Park Hotel Otaru.

And Wendy just paid 500yen to upload this video we took on the train from Chitose to Otaru.

Thats all bai.



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18 people cheesed “This video cost us 500yen but it・s free for you.”

  1. yay free yay
    i used to think your voice was super high 😮 lolololo idk why
    have fun! 🙂 how i envy your jobs sioajsdoajd

    oh and
    i have an exchange to japan next year for 6 months! yay 😀

  2. Post more videos! i want to see more videos with both of you in it~! <3

  3. Both of you look prettttttty :3 It seems so fun to be you.. HAHA. Noticed the girl behind you guys? XD

  4. cheesie~~u’re so cute!!! whr did u get your bunny plushie?

  5. hahaha omg that bunny is reallyyyy adorable 🙂

  6. you girls look so tired! rest well after you are back ya!

  7. I heard that you can speak fluent Japanese? How cool!

  8. I love the end when you guys wave bye with the stuffed animals haha


  10. thank you!!!!!
    have tonz and tonz and tonz of funnnn!!!!!
    can’t wait for moreeeeeeee

  11. i kept looking at your teeth. haha. vry squarish and pretty cute actually

  12. You two are simply adorable!!! :3 SO CUTE!

  13. SHOW MY FLAG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Ringo,

    The two of you are so much fun to watch!


  15. you are prettier than xx she looks like a dude.

  16. thanks for uploading a video for us and lol, i’m glad you guys made it in time XD

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