You can read Part I and Part II here.

Anyway, here’s an announcement to make!

I have completed my Invisalign, and now i have perfect straight teeth, all in just 8 months.

8 painless months.

It was so quick! And i probably didn’t even pay much attention to my teeth because it’s indeed so invisible until you don’t feel that you are correcting your teeth.

I am SO HAPPY ok!





in merely 8 months!!!

(Sorry for phone quality and unflattering angle)





Here are some of the progress pictures!

This is i think 3 months after.


This is about 6 months after.


This trip down to Singapore was to have a final consultation with my dentist at Orchard Scotts Dental.


QiuQiu went together with me. She has also just started her Invisalign with Orchard Scotts!!!

During dinner Wendy and I kept laughing at her noobness HAHAHHA. We felt like the sophmore pranking a freshman lolol.



At Orchard Scotts Dental with Dr Ronnie Yap.

I have never looked forward to dental visits so much in my life lol.

Every time i meet Dr Ronnie means my teeth is one step closer towards perfection. Plus he’s just so nice and smiley you feel so happy around him la!! (Ok i think i have said that too many times)


So Dr. Ronnie checked my teeth and he’s all “very good, very good!!”

It seems like the result meets his expectation, and aesthetically it is perfect! But being a perfectionist he still recommends me to go for refinement, because he told me that my molars at the back don’t bite down nicely.


So i did the mould again and they will have to sent to it USA to make new sets of refinement aligners for me!


Shape of my teeth 😛


Anyway! Here are the simulation videos of my teeth progress if you are interested!



Lower teeth




I am so happy! Really didn’t expect it to be done in just 8 months! Normally braces takes like at least 1.5 to 2 years right?

Also, i get some Singaporean readers telling me that they are sad that i won’t visit SG anymore now that i have finished my Invisalign. Don’t worry la this refinement will still take a bit extra time !! Plus there are always other reasons to go back OK!!!


You can have perfect teeth too!

Book your appointment now with Orchard Scotts Dental!

Location:  501 Orchard Road, Wheelock Place #05-08, Singapore 238880
Phone:      +65 67329939 ; +65 7326889 (fax)

I am very very very satisfied and happy with their services and i’m very sure you won’t be disappointed <3