I’m juggling with so many social media at the same time i don’t even know what have i posted and not anymore. Even when i write this i feel like deja vu and i might even have typed the exact same thing before. If i didn’t, i probably will in the future. So i apologize in advance.

Anyway, here are some of the magazine features these couple of months that i might or might not have posted on this blog.


So i started experimenting with Mandarin, again.

Did you know that i use to write entirely in Chinese? No you didn’t, because that was 17 years ago and blogs hadn’t been invented yet. What i wrote in was called a “diary”. It wasn’t meant to be read by anyone so i don’t assume anyone of you have read my mandarin writings before. Unless you have broken into my house before. Or can time-travel. Or are my mom. Come to think of it i don’t even know how something that was created for the access of ONE person (my first diary came with a padlock) turn out to have a completely opposite purpose many years later where 1000 visitors a day is considered sad. It’s kind of like prostitution. Thank you Internet. Now you make me feel like a whore. No, i guess sharing is caring.

So i kept a diary for 10 years until i discovered blog. I might have continued to type in Mandarin but the computers in college didn’t have Chinese input so i was kinda forced to type in alphabets. I briefly considered typing an entire blog post in Pin Yin before but i guess no one will ever bother reading it including myself. Anyway, i started typing that fateful blog post in alphabets, and i continued to do it for the next eight years.

So when i was asked to write a fashion column in Madarin i really wish i could get some help from the younger me 17 years ago. She wrote better than i do now. Honest. Luckily there’s such thing called camho pictures nowadays so that more or less make up the room for all the things you forget how to write, so yea. Everybody wins.

iFeel, September 2012

Here’s my first ever column in Mandarin. I am signed for 6 months but if i don’t hear from the editor next month, i know i should just stick to alphabets. Or try harder on my Japanese blog (which i am just required to post one cute picture of myself and choose 5 or 6 emoji out of the 900 to insert after the picture and call it a blog post. That is actually the true reason why i love Japan so much).

By the way the got my URL wrong. That was the in-progress temporary new template wtf.


In the same magazine there’s another interview with Cheeserland.  At least 50% of the time the get my URL right. So i guess that’s good.


BLENDA, August 2012

(did i post this already?)

This is my first ever time appearing in a REAL Japanese fashion magazine summore i am kind of bigger (and the oldest wtf).


Hello Malaysia, 2013

And then there’s this annual mook thing in Japanese about Malaysian culture.


Actually that’s all la. You can click on featured on the left side bar for more shameless picture of myself.