November 20, 2012 in America

Food and fashion post!

Humble brag here but i really owe like 400 travel posts from Taiwan, Japam (X10) and New York!

Coordinates from a 2-day trip in New York few weeks ago:



A bit more make up than usual!


Charging phone still wanna camho lol


Mermaid wave done!


Dunno why that day woke up with super thick double eyelids, thank you ah jetlag.





Realized i look totally different here just because of the deepness of my double eyelid wtf.

By the way did you just realize that you are a reading a blog which contents are mostly about a blogger studying and commenting how she looks like every single day? I know. Me neither. We all should be ashamed.

Some people who follow me on Instagram also couldn’t take it then ask why do i take so many pictures of myself??!?!? I feel very insulted leh. I was just being polite because i don’t want to trouble other people to take so many pictures for me can?

Moving on.


Make up for Margiela X H&M launch.

I know la i feel damn bitter because i queued for one hour and all the awesome stuff were sold out during the NYC launch. Ya la ya la go show off your candy clutches nao. Pfft.






Dress+ necklace from One Spo. Selling dress!


Matching neko stocking & nails



Maybe i have only been to all the good parts of Manhattan, but i generally love all the food i had!! I sort of get the extremity people told me about, where the high end restaurants serve non-oil steaks possibly made of nutritious sacred grass regurgitated by organic cows,  and the street vendors sell fried burgers made of other fried burgers. Something like that.


Hotel breakfast.

I rarely had seen any buffet that serves free-flow raspberries and strawberries and other exotic berries i greedily had so many servings my intestines probably turned red.



Bagel salmon and capers. And cream cheese.



I have never seen any Black Forest in America. It’s probably banned because it’s racist.



And also i am kind of permanently scarred by this picture. #cannotbeunseen



At an American diner. The rosemary fries and onion thing were SO GOOOOD



Now it’s really in your face instead of sneakily hiding at the background. It’s called 15 Bite.



More room-service burgers back at the hotel.


Ok that’s all!

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25 responses to “NYC!”

  1. FiSh says:

    so much food yet cheesie is merely 40kg. *salute*! 😀

  2. Philo.Sophiaw says:

    Hi Chessie, I really love the lens you’re wearing on photo #9! 🙂 🙂 Is that the lens you’re selling at Sasa store, then can I know what’s the colour? Cuz I was mesmerized by your eyes already! It’s toooo prettyyy <3

  3. Paulien says:

    Lovely pictures 🙂 but that food looks so fatty 😛 Can your stomach handle it? Lovin the salmon bacon and berries though. nAnd your toenails! Had to comment about it! Never seen that pretty decorated ones. Inspires men

  4. ines says:

    How did you do your hair!! tutorial pleasenn<3

  5. THT Christina says:

    I really like how you look in #7!! It’s a good different :DnAnd pffft if you take all the camho pics you want, they’ll have to suck it up haha

  6. hannamarielei says:

    I like the neko stockings!

  7. HitomiNeko says:

    the giant sausage looks funny. hahannxoxo HitomiNeko xoxon

  8. Siow Wei says:

    No worries to post more pics of yourself! That’s the 1st and out of so many reasons that I love your blog,insta and bla bla

  9. Shirlene says:

    how much are u selling the dress for?

  10. Daphnefroggy says:

    Always love your mermaid hair!! nnand the abnormal size sausage on this post too!! ~~~~nLOLnnKeep update please if not I have no ‘breakfast’ in da morning >.<

  11. suquan says:

    You are so pretty, and I love to see ur selca so dun bother wat others say. Love ur fashion sense! Can’t wait for nov30th!

  12. Rachel says:

    Hi!nnHow did you do your nails? I love it! Please do a tutorial or how you got your nails like that 🙂

  13. Natalie says:

    oh but you do put eyelid stickers to get your deep parallel eyelids right? i’m only wondering because i’ve always assumed so and i thought you mentioned that before. actly idek why i need to clarify hahah but yeah. all the food’s making me HUNGRY!

  14. Patricia says:

    Your Black Forest comment… I can’t tell if it was a joke or not but if you were serious then I have no words for you.

  15. Jess says:

    #9-11 is one of your best looks, imo, but i like them all. i wish i could do that with my hair. i am also a fan and salmon and cream cheese. btw black forest ain’t racist; don’t believe the lies. i’ve seen it at the supermarket; maybe it just wasn’t popular in that area. i’m not much of a hot dog fan, but that picture really cemented it. also, #16 almost looks like chicken and waffles, lol.

  16. Name says:

    are you still selling the dress? want!

  17. Queennie says:

    Cheesie,could you teach us how to have high traffic blog like you? Imma so in love with your fashion style lohhhhh.

  18. Angel says:

    I really like your pictures and I think you’re gorgeous! And the food looks delicious 🙂 You’re an inspiration for me!!

  19. かリんとお。 says:




  20. melody says:

    love love love the make up and dress ups!!!!!!!! nice nice nice!!!!! looking gorgeous and flawless!!!!! 🙂

  21. dukadukes says:

    waahhh… nSo sad I didn’t get to meet you that day. :(nI hope you come to New York again and stay longer this time so you can have a meet and greet with your fans!! <

  22. Antoine Begbédé says:

    Ow yeah, nice feet, great stocking, love it, more…yummy cheesy

  23. Candyduchess says:

    Love ur dress in #11 ,, where did you get it?

  24. Jaslin says:

    Cheesie did u do your mermaid wave with the Velcro rollers? If so can u please do a tutorial on it, it’s so pretty!

  25. S.T says:

    So this is essentially ten types of amazing. Great post.nand, BASICALLY YOU ARE THE COOLEST PERSON EVER.

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