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January 30, 2013 in Commercial Break

Haha *awkward cough*

I actually had other titles to put but i thought better of it lolol.

Anyway, today i am talking about the hygiene of our VJJ! I’m quite sure most of you know that using water to wash your intimate area is not enough, and using shower gel stings right??

Therefore dedicated wash is super important to take care of our most intimate area.

New and improved!

I have been using Lactacyd since i learned about feminine hygiene, simply because it is the no.1 brand in Malaysia and worldwide! Last time the bottles very small hor, and now it has supersized and comes in so many different colors and types!


I got ALL the ranges!!

Now i place all of them in my bathroom (use it in rotation). Man i hope if i ever have guests coming to my house they don’t get the idea that i actually have… you know…

*nervous laugh*

But it’s because each varient has different benefits and i wanna try ALL of them! Here’s a brief introduction!



Comes in yellow bottle, it’s a youth reviving wash. It’s so sad and depressing to think that your VJJ is aging with you wtf. It says that not only age, but environment factors also can cause your dryness and loss of skin elasticity T__T. This one is enriched with Vitamin E and collagen to keep you supple, firm and smooth!



Sweat, friction can darken the skin around the intimate area and maybe makes you feel embarrassed! This blue bottle is made from natural lightening ingredients to lighten your skin within 4 weeks. And see who has the fairest VJJ of them all!



Nourish contains 10% more natural milk extract that helps to moisturize and protect from dryness without causing irritation and stickiness! This one also has a very calming floral scent that i find very soothing!



If you, know, suffer from unpleasant odor, this green bottle that comes with lactic acid will help protect you one whole day from discomfort and odor. It has a “refreshing babydoll scent”, not sure what it is babydoll scent but i probably love this scent the most out of all!


pH 3.5

This is the classic one and has the most familiar smell that has followed me for many years. Lactic Acid and Lactoserum from natural milk extract will preserve the natural pH level of your VJJ. It’s super natural and hypoallergenic, proven safe for your most intimate area.


Lastly, this is super convenient feminine wipes that keeps you fresh anytime, anywhere! Contains 10 wipes for only RM4.90!

You can get Lactacyd at any major pharmacies, and you can also visit their website below for more information!

Also remember to LIKE their Facebook page: for regular tips on beauty/lifestyle and product promotions and contests!

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  1. oh wow.. i dont think aus sells these.. love how you wrote “lets see who has the fairest vjj of them all” XDnnxo; L&

  2. Why do you do that weird thing with your lips like in picture 6 all the time? You’re pretty, you should just smile!



    Totally man…

  5. Hey Cheesie, I totally LOL when u say “And see who has the fairest VJJ of them all!” XD

  6. lolololol i would have tot it’s a fake you lo.

  7. Teacher told us don’t wash vjj so clean, because that will kill all the healthy bacteria and cause PH unbalance, that is what I learn from school. XD

  8. Douching is TERRIBLE for gynecological health! it upsets the pH balance and kills healthy bacteria making room for nasty bacteria to grow, can cause irritations and infections… you should definitely not be recommending it to people

  9. just reminds me I gotta buy more…

  10. LOLOLOLOLOL oh Cheesie.nnBut in all seriousness, you’re not supposed to use ANYTHING scented on your vjj as it irritates it. And I seriously am scared of using anything that lightens my skin on such a sensitive area.

  11. Anonymousmich says:

    I used this for the longest time ever too!

  12. if you suffer from unpleasant odor, perhaps you have a yeast infection? does this treat that? I don’t douche, but this might be reasonable externally. it’s actually not even available in the us, if i am not mistaken…

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