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What have you done to me…

Japan? I’m starting to think that it has become my new religion. It is starting to scare me that i have become so insanely religious that i can’t stop thinking and talking about it all. the. damn. time, to the extend that i am also preaching this new found faith to everyone around me (including […]

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January 5, 2013 in Greece 52 Cheesed

The kareshi (now danna) and i had our church ceremony on 24th December last year in Nagasaki, his hometown. It was a long journey for us and some of his family and relatives who came all the way for us. Thank you so much. Next Saturday i will be having a small family dinner too […]

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January 4, 2013 in Commercial Break 23 Cheesed

A picture i took at the outdoor hotspring of our hotel in Nagasaki. Yeap i just wanted to sneakily snap a picture and make everyone jealous hehehe Wait till you see the view! Night view of Nagasaki. You are not allowed to bring your phone into the onsen, but when i was there nobody is […]

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Ken Rimba

January 2, 2013 in Commercial Break 17 Cheesed

Today i wanna talk about homes! So! The danna (used to be kareshi, but now that we are legally married everyone is urging me to change the title wtf) and i are moving out from our rented apartment in Mont Kiara back to my old and tiny cheesehole to save some rent. Eventually we want […]

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