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January 13, 2013 in Vain pix u don't wanna see

Hello guys!

I’m about to reveal one of the most disturbing pictures of myself so brace yourself wtf.

A lot of people have been asking me Cheesie Y UR FACE SO SLIM NAO!?

I actually tried to look for many pictures for comparison from my archive but it’s quite hard to see with so many different angles, so in the end i chose to use the most obvious and direct comparison: passport/visa photos.

Full frontal IN YOUR FACE.

Here it is. Feel free to spot the difference.

Now you know.

Your face shape makes a fucking heaven and earth lot of difference.

(Also you can observe the evolution of brow shape trends lolol)

In the first pic you can see that my face shape is also crazy unbalanced i had to forever pose and tilt my face to one side, and frontal picture is my most loathed angle.

The last picture was taken just a few weeks ago in Japan for my new visa. I’m also quite shocked and quite shiok to see the progress over years lolol.



How did my face become so small!?!?

The biggest reason was really that lost crazy a lot of weight in 2008 after MDG and never really gained back since. And then i also tried a lot of things including a thousand cheat-one slimming creams, facial treatments, including botox, etc etc except actually sawing my jawbones off, sorry to disappoint.

Ok I obviously need to clear this up after some comments.

Botox is still the most effective method but bear in mind that it is NOT permanent and it’s still a cosmetic procedure that involves needles. And a lot of people still have doubts about its safety so it is your choice.

And then two months ago my face also becomes even crazy smaller these couple of months, and this is the secret i’m about to reveal!


I have been secretly… you know.


This is the most apparently misleading product i’ve ever gotten myself in my life wtf.

It’s not what you think it is.


This is a platinum-coated electron roller that you can use on your face and body, and it is the King of all Japanese cosmetic devices.

It is so god damn popular that it pretty much got ranked No. 1 on Rakuten Japan in every related category.


Sorry it’s all in Japanese. It basically just shouted NUMBER ONE!!!!!11111 all over.


Also got featured in VIVI December 2012 in the Beauty section about how to get smaller face.

Also ranked No. 1 by ViVi!


Now, how does it work??

(i’m actually not really interested in how it works, but the fact that it does work, but for those of you who are curious, this is what i copied from the net. It’s really hard to find a copy in English.)

The human skin originally has a weak electric current running through it. This current helps your skin stay beautiful and healthy. By using the light absorbed by its solar panels, ReFa Carat has succeeded in creating microcurrent, which it similar to the current in your skin. Therefore, using this product everyday will restore your skin’s beauty.


Ok you can’t really feel the “current”, but if you roll it on your iPhone, the screen actually responds wtf!!! So you know that there’s actually some kind of tiny electric going through the roller. And the magic thing is that it’s not battery operated at all.

Aesthetic Method
A 3D model developed to copy the hand movements of professional aestheticians. Like kneading massages, which involve grabbing the skin and kneading it, the two rollers will gently pressure your skin.

When you roll it on your skin you will feel a pinching effect, and i dunno how but it really does lift your skin after like just 30 seconds of rolling!!!!

Platinum Coat
The rollers are coated with platinum, thus allowing those with delicate skin to enjoy them too. Platinum is heat and acid-resistant and so its shine will last for a long time.

Here’s a promo video if you’d like to see. But in Japanese too haha.


Anyway now the real story. I have been using it for a few months now (got it from Japan) and i freaking love it. It’s really the best non-invasive face slimming method so far.

Aside from the slimming and lifting effect, you know what it also does?

I have this chronic soreness on my right arm (thank you ah, blogging career), and behind my neck. And i use the roller to massage for a few minutes and IT FEELS SO GOOD. It’s like it really soothes every single fucked up muscle in my arm and back of neck. So there are really a lot of ways you can use it! (I’m not trying to give you any idea wtf)

Also the first time i tried it i was really like WTF because you can really see the lifting effect immediately, like one side of your face in different position liddat omg. And then i was immediately sold. *gullible*

And where can you get it???

Number76 Hair Salon (MV branch) imported it all the way from Japan!

Retail price is 24,900 yen in Japan (which was more than RM1000 when i got it that time), and number76 is selling it at RM1,000 ONLY!!


number76 Mid Valley:
ADDRESS:A-G-2, Ground Floor, North Point, Mid Valley City 59200 Kuala Lumpur
TEL: +603 2287 0661/0662

And you don’t have to read this blog post la you just go to the salon and ask any staff to let you try it out and be amazeeeeeed.

Ok bai!

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  1. was so gonna buy it. till.. till.. till the price hit mennDEAR CHEESIE I AM A POOR STUDENT I CRY

  2. Woah, amazing. Is it quite heavy? I’ve been using a plastic face roller, but it is so frigging sore! Need to save up £££ and get this! Funny fact, but you know in the UK stores, many are selling face rollers now?!

  3. rumbleramble says:

    Sephora sells them for RM1200

  4. but you look younger with a chubbier face #honest

  5. You look so much like Eki in the second picture!!nnBadly wanna try out the pervert roller… maybe will snatch it when I’m back in KL.

  6. I would say that your face only looks slimmer / longer in the 4th picture because you have bangs in the other 3. I’m sure if you had your fringe up in the other 3, the difference wouldn’t be as dramatic.

  7. WTF so u basically rubbing the ’round shape thingy’ of that device on your face repeatedly? OMG. i do not know how to rephrase this to make it sounds not wrong but i failed. :X

  8. Cheesie, Y Singapore don’t have?! I should have bought it when I was in Japan! :((

  9. TeinNee Chin says:

    U shud blog it earlier…I just went there 1 week b4…haiz….

  10. I do not believe that you use this to slim down your face. The real fact is you went for botox.

  11. No wonder i thought this is familiar ! i guess i saw some pics in no.76 few days back! hahaha

  12. wahh 1k!! if it is effective then it worths the price 😀

  13. Singaporean readers: you can get refa at Takashimaya I think… and check out

  14. What if people in other countries want to get it?

  15. Wow, i was so gonna buy it. Until I realised it is actually cheaper to buy from Japan. 24,900 yen is around 840 – 850 RM.

  16. Looks amazing! Do u know where can I buy this in Japan!

  17. I know they sold it in rakuten, not sure about physical store ..

  18. Have fun in Japan!

  19. Rakuten sells it!

  20. Think so too! Oh well…


  22. Haha!! Okay!! Get her to try it out first!!

  23. is it work for double chin?nn

  24. I got use on chin also! Haha yea I think it works on all parts of body

  25. I freaking love that thing!! I didn’t have the chance to buy one myself, but whenever I’m at Donki, I just find myself in the beauty corner ‘trying’ it~w

  26. May I know whether you have ever had jaw misalignment in the past? Similar to your 1st picture, my face is pretty unbalanced because of my jaw.. How did you fix it?nnBecause of that, my dentist refused to do braces for me UNLESS I go for a jaw surgery. :O

  27. Get it nao!!! Hehe

  28. Want….except that price…yuck. T_T

  29. cool~, not cheap, but lol at the shape of the device. I guess that’s their marketing strategy, get your attention first then you get to know the device … =P glad that it works for ya. nnxo

  30. I did wear Invisalign for one year plus I guess it helps

  31. in 2009 you didn’t sleep before taking the pic, or was that during the eye injury time?

  32. Holy shit the price! Wasn’t expecting four digits at all!

  33. I’m sorry but I don’t believe this. I still think you went for Botox injection on your jaws else you wouldn’t have reduced jawline. Also the injection dose on the larger portion of your face was more so now your face is balance.

  34. I’ve been following your blog for ages and I hate to say this but I’ve discredited your blog for this deceiving post.

  35. Hello thanks for your accusation, you obviously is also not that long a reader to realize that I’ve never once deny doing Botox. Just to answer your question I have added that part in this post and have also highlighted it in bold. Thanks.

  36. Minus one ringgit is 3 digit already wtf

  37. Sorry to disappoint again but I haven’t had larger portion injected on one side. The jawline got balanced mostly due to My chewing habit after Invisalign fixed it , or just miracle.

  38. Most probably ran out of concealer

  39. cheesieeeenlong time not leaving comment. noticing also that ur face is smaller. the device is nexpensive -__-” ntempting to get one but leaning towards “leave it (small jaw) to miracle” that someday it will get smaller lol

  40. This roller is overpriced, all it does it minimize fluid retention (aka lymphatic drainage) in the face, you can get the effect with cheaper rollers or with Tanaka Massage.

  41. also, I am a longtime reader as well, I do agree you need to be more transparent with your adverts instead of being misleading. Botox is very likely the major reason your face shape changed (from reading your earliest entries, it seems that your jaw was mainly bone/muscle, you’ve always been thin so I doubt facial fat loss would change it as much as the passport pictures show). I see no reason for you to omit this important detail other than to exaggerate the effects of the roller.

  42. *omit this imporant detail –initially— nnglad you fixed the entry (I read the original version before you added anything about the botox)

  43. I was working as a promoter for this brand some time back and honestly it DOES lift! Some of our girls were so in love after one week that they bought one home as well =/

  44. I just saw this comment being made in the fb page of ReFa Singapore ( “The retail price for ReFa Carat is S$540, it will be officially launched in February 2013. You may find us at the event hall in Isetan Scotts level 4 starting from 18th to 31st January 2013. We do carry ReFa Carat at the Isetan Scotts event hall. “n

  45. i shall take 2 mandarin orange and roll on my face. i heard lemons can make lightbulb lightup so maybe got current in the acid too :oooo

  46. Sorry my fault for not clearing up!!

  47. Chewing habit makes a big diff too!

  48. That’s good!! Where are you from and where was the place?

  49. Malaysia cheaper!!!!!

  50. Lolol ok quite funny la

  51. Jocelyn Lum says:

    whoa i got big face with huge jaw.nn

  52. Jocelyn Lum says:

    Yes, the price also hit me. Perhaps it gives me motivation to save save save now:)nn

  53. lol nice post.nnjust wondering has xiaxues blog been deleted O_o i tried going on it before and it said that the blog was deleted!!!

  54. aurevoirdarling says:


  55. Do you roll it like up and down, or u keep rolling upwards for lifting effects?

  56. OMG i’ve been thinking about it whether should i get it or not, is there imitations? i scared if i spend 1k to get the imitation, gone. does it have to use with any cream or serum? and does it works on cheek? i have big cheek bones make me look fierce :((((

  57. Hello Cheesie, may I know what you did to your asymmetrical face to make it look so nice and quite symmetrical now? Thanks! 😀

  58. Hey cheesie how did you get rid of the uneven jawline?

  59. Mollie Ellis says:

    try face thin tool. You can make your face smaller as you wanted to.

  60. Hi cheesie!

    Chanced upon your blog abt botox. :) you mentioned that botox is not permanent. For your case, how many times did you do botox and did your jaw muscles ‘bounce’ back after the botox worn off? From what i know, sometimes, it can depend on individuals. Some never really did go back to their initial, untouched jaw shape although it says that botox would eventually wears off….. would like to know if this applies to you too as im thinking of doing a one-off botox injection… it would be great if there are chances that the jaw muscles wont bounce back to the original size.. hehe…

    Hope to hear from you soon and thank you very much :]

    avid reader

  61. Sorry. Please stop lying to the readers. You have done Botox filler on your face. I don’t feed on your bullshit.

  62. Hi Cheesie
    Do you know if this is safe to take on an airplane to go overseas?
    Just wanna know like going overseas for a long period of time if I can take with me hehe

    Thank you! :3

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