Have you had your breakfast yet?

I haven’t.

This is what i do after i wake up every day.

Grab my phone. Check my blog comments, check twitter, check FB, check Instagram, check if anyone send me fan mails (normally no). Go to the toilet. Charge my phone and play Candy Crush.


*deletes application*

Anyway, we all know how important breakfast is. Actually i am one who must eat breakfast or else i will feel grumpy the whole time until i have some food lol. But sometimes i just get stuck in this bad cycle, and I blame it all on stupid smartphone games.

But whenever i can, i make an effort to eat good breakfast. Even if it’s not good at least eat breakfast. Even if it is not breakfast, i at least have a pack of instant meal replacement or cereal drink or whatever. Because no matter what you should not skip the most important meal of the day!

When the danna and i had our holiday in Australia for a week, we homestayed at two different family’s places. It felt like we are living a life in an entire different world.

Both the family cooks every single meal. (Fine, the wives are Japanese.) Everybody goes to bed around 8pm latest (!??!?!). Then they wake up 6am to go to weekend markets.

So we pretty much lived like that too. Go to bed around 8-9pm (also because there’s absolutely nothing to do at Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast after 5pm lol), then wake up like 6am naturally. Almost felt like i am living an alternate life in another planet.

That also means that we have a bout 4 hours to make/hunt for real breakfast, which i guess is a really good thing!


Hot cross bun (easter!), milk and cereal with fruits.

Sometimes the typical breakfast (my fav!)


Most of the time we have Fish&Chips! The danna will have battered one and i prefer grilled fish!

Sometimes we make pizza for dinner and the next day’s breakfast

Sprinkle whatever topping you like!



1. Tomato and Cheese

2. Japanese style negi mayo

3. Potato and Mushroom


Point is! Eating breakfast makes a good start for the rest of the day!

Let’s make this a habit as much as we can.


So if really really lazy and no time just had milk and cereal lo!


If have a little bit of time my fav breakfast/supper is Ochatsuke πŸ˜€


Anyway the reason for this whole post is i am inviting 5 of you (who can each bring one guest) to a breakfast session in conjunction of National Breakfast Day!

Details here:

Date: 10 March 2013 (Sunday)

Time: 9.30am – 11am

Venue: McDonald’s Sri Damansara


If you wanna come have breakfast with me and many other bloggers, just leave a comment to tell me your favorite breakfast style! First 5 comments gets picked! πŸ™‚

*Remember to fill in your email address so we can contact you!



Β Update

Hello! I have decided to pick the first five who left your email address! You will be contacted soon for the breakfast session!! Thanks so much for commenting ^^