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Which Feline Are You?

April 15, 2013 in Commercial Break 16 Cheesed

I haven’t done any make up tutorial for such a long time, let alone a video one! But recently i have collaborated with Maybelline and came up with a Cheesie Cat Eyes video!     I have created 3 looks according to the feline theme! BOLD LEOPARD BLACK PANTHER WHITE TIGER   Here are some […]

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Losing Weight

April 13, 2013 in Commercial Break 33 Cheesed

Before you freak out, this post is not about me losing weight la i didn’t have much in the beginning to lose with, but since a lot of people always ask me advise on how to maintain a slim figure, i thought i could use a blog post! Anyway, my answer to that is forever […]

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April 12, 2013 in Cheese-offs 118 Cheesed

So you all are gonna comment that i “only reflect the negative sides of my own country” and also “incite hatred towards own country” with this entry, but i’m publicly unpatriotic anyway so this is what happened to me today. I already ranted on Twitter but here’s a detailed version of it. I normally drive […]

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In this post i’m showing you the things i bought in Japan! And introduce some of my fav Japanese fashion brand (besides EMODA) 😀 This could be a mini guide where and what you could shop when you go to Tokyo 😀   I also receive tons of bday gifts this trip it felt  like […]

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Sakura and more things pink

Hello i’m home!! ^^ It’s been such a wonderful two weeks of all things pink so this post is a compilation of them all! You can also read last year’s blog post about sakura and all things pink. Anyway, this is the mission i set every year:   I feel so grateful and blessed every […]

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April 5, 2013 in Cheesellaneous 28 Cheesed

Hello! This post is a little late, since it is April already! But here are some of the EMODA updates recently! Spring is here and EMODA has also included a lot of pop and pastel colors! One of the main color this season is PINK and MINT. Both also my favvvvvvorite <3 Here are some […]

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