Hello from Greece!

I don’t have a lot of time with the internet but here are some photos! (as seen on my Instargram! If you want more instant update please follow me @cheeserland ^^)

The first Weddingmoon destination for us is Greece! Despite whatever everybody says about it being a poor country and dangerous etc, what i experienced here so far was pure beauty and nice people!

What’s poor is people’s judgement for things they don’t at all know.


I was in Athens a few days before flying to Santorini!

View from our hotel overlooking the Acropolis.

(When we were to go to the ancients, i almost said “i am going to Apocalypse Now!!” wtfml)

And then on the street, i wanted to buy a koulouri (like a sesame pretzel thingie that’s super cheap!) from this Greek gentleman. Guess what he did?

He insisted to give it to me for free and refused my money.

If Greek is poor then this man has a heart so rich he could buy an ancient alien’s spaceship.

That was the amazing start of my trip in Greece.



Until i come to Santorini. (still here!!)




This place is real!

(most of the photos here are straight out from my iPhone with zero edit/filters)



Santorini is, whatever you see in Google image + whatever you imagined it to be, and maybe better in real life.

It is possibly the most beautiful place i’ve been so far (after many places in Japan of course hahahha sorry Greece).



We also just had our Grecian wedding yesterday, and everything was perfect.


A photo of the dana lololol


A photo of him in.. shoes


I don’t have more pictures right now because i was busy holding the bouquet, not iPhone hahahah

But i will update ALL when i have time!!!

Also, none of this would happen if SunriseGreece didn’t contact me for the Weddingmoon, and none of this would happen if QiuQiu didn’t recommend me to them. I’m forever grateful for this amazing experience.

Go to SunriseGreece for more info if you would like to know about weddings in Santorini, and maybe sneak peak pix of our Weddingmoon! 😀


Update again!