Botox and fillers!

July 30, 2013 in Commercial Break

When i tweeted that i had Botox, fillers and skin rejuvenation lasers done earlier, most of the responses were “wah you don’t need it you are still young!”

I’m not very young (29) but also not so old until all wrinkly la. But why wait until you have wrinkles to correct when you can prevent it?


Beverly Wilshire Medical Center invited me over for a consultation and see how they can enhance my face hehehe.

Visited the one at Tropicana City Mall.

I went with an open mind because i didn’t have any particular things i wanted to do in mind.

But i did have a few concerns:

1. Sudden spots

Like i said i have mysterious spots appearing overnight. Ծ_Ծ. Not even kidding. And i’m quite sure it’s not sun exposure because i stay indoor as much as i can and slab on SPF like whipped cream on your Starbucks.

2. Brow tattoo

I actually had an amateur brow tattoo done at a salon years ago, and regretted so much T__T because now one side faded and the other side is to high. Always wanted to have it removed. Lesson: NEVER get ANY tattoo.

3. Dark eye circles

This one i think will follow me for life ⇎_⇎

4. Generally just want to look more youthful!


My doctor is Dr Wong.

He studied my face and advised a few things:

1. Botox on forehead and between brows. When i frown or look up i have slight wrinkles, but he is doing it more for preventative purpose.

2. He commented that my cheeks are a little sunken (i actually had fillers done before but they were gone), so fillers to plump them up.

3. Fotona Skin Rejuvenation Laser to remove some spots, and the brow tattoo i didn’t like.


The before picture.


Fotona Skin Rejuvenation Laser

First of all numb cream is applied on my face, and let it take effect so i rested about 45 minutes.

Wrapped to get it absorbed faster.


Then Dr Wong started with Fotona. The whole face is treated, you feel light pricking sensations, doesn’t hurt but on the brow it was stronger because it’s tattoo removal.


And then proceed with Botox


Injection spots will be marked at multiple points


And quick injection.


Next is filler!

(At this time my camera ran out of battery so i didn’t have any process pictures taken).

The fillers are done on both my cheeks to make them look fuller. I actually would like my chin to be shaper too but Dr Wong said i already have a longer lower face, so he injected a little into the front part of the chin (to make it fuller instead of longer).

And done!

This is immediately after treatment.

There was some slight bruise especially on the chin, and redness on the brow part (look how it was totally out of the brow shape lol).

I had an appointment 2 hours later, thought i wanted to cancel it rest at home for the day.

But when i got home, which was 20 minutes later, the bruising were already mostly gone!!

So i applied light make up and look totally fine again. Very very impressed at the almost zero down time.


No edit!

Actually there isn’t a significant difference since it’s very light dose of filler, so nobody can tell anything, BUT people just have the feeling that you somehow look a few years younger lol.


I could feel the cheeks more plumped up, and a his filler stone also killed a few other birds:

1. Look less tired and old because now your face is “fuller”

2. Immediately know where to apply blusher lolol

3. The fillers are made of hyaluronic acid so it’s direct hydration under my cheeks! Normally that was my problematic area when it comes to dry skin.


That’s all! I will be going back for a follow-up, will update again!

Meanwhile if you’d like to find out more, visit Beverly Wilshire Medical Center’s website . They are also running a contest on FB page where you can win a bottle of 100% Pure Hyaluronic Moisturizer!




I thought i couldn’t see any major difference (maybe i’m too used to seing my own face every day), apparently everybody begged to differ!!

I uploaded this picture on Instagram (which is taken a day after the procedures were done):

I thought i looked pretty much like usual, but most of the comments:

Some of the comments said that i look younger *secretly happy*, (only one said i looked more mature with this style) even though i intentionally dressed more demure/adult for the sponsored coordinate of the day. Very happy!!! 😀




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  1. You look amazing!

  2. u look 1million dollar baby, u looked adorable b4 now u look gorgeous, BTW I thought or only 23

  3. Vina Tania says:

    I thought you look different just because from darker and shorter hair effect.. Now the secret revealed..

  4. I haz blind eyes. I can’t really tell the difference but I thought the whole look look really pretty =______________________=

  5. may i know estimate cost of the treatment? I want to save up first before I go for the consultation.

  6. Cassie yuuka says:

    U look really pretty in tat pink dress! But I think I’m bad at seeing any difference. U always been looking pretty to me. =D

  7. How much is that cost? Botox and filler. I have this dark circle aroubd my eyes too and would really like to get rid of it…. nnThanks cheesie… n

  8. I’m genuinely curious did you have a nose job? You nose looks very very different from your early 20’s / late teens..

  9. Fourfeetnine says:

    Yesterday also I thought you look different! But I thought cos I everyday see my own face with no makeup so you look extra pretty to me wtf

  10. hitomineko says:

    oh that’s so cool! I thought u look diff too but I didn’t know what it was! nice! xo nnwww.hitomiblog.comn

  11. Cecilia Ho says:

    Yes,the U in sponsored coordinate is seriously different…not d same over the years ( as seen in blog!) haha…

  12. Kimberly Khoe says:

    But you DO look so much younger! I hardly recognize your picture before at instagram. You look much more prettier and more suitable for lolita makeup nao.. (sorry but I think u looked too old for that before)

  13. Nagareboshi says:

    Your face is beautiful before and after, however there is quite a difference in the after! You look rejuvenated and well rested. ^__^ Very pretty!

  14. Nagareboshi says:

    NagareboshinYour face is beautiful before and after, however there is quite a difference in the after! You look rejuvenated and well rested. ^__^ Very pretty!

  15. you actually look like Hyuna without make up!

  16. says:

    do u know that all these botox and fillers will course foreign body reactions to the skin in long term which will induced fibrosis to the underlying skin structures?? and u r using them at such early age somemore.

  17. When will I be invited for Botox and filler? I need laser!!

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