Spring edition HERE

My foodie group chat friends on Whatsapp hate me so much right now because i keep sending them (on purpose) food picture i have for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

This is their response.



Since they don’t layan me now, i will just share these pictures with you all la.

Here are the food i had during the first week of my stay in Tokyo here!

(Yes i ate them all. No i haven’t gained weight.)



Nagasaki Chanpon

Just had this for dinner today! It’s a Nagasaki version of ramen and it’s super healthy (25 types of different vegetables in a bowl!)


Today’s lunch at the beach! It’s a little dried fish (Hoshimono) specialty restaurant that has set fish lunch at super, super, super cheap price!!!


This is my fish set (with rice and miso soup) for only 680 yen!!!! (About RM20).



The danna’s Aji Namero fish tartare


Tsubaki chan’s Saba set



Yesterday’s summer berries cake



Fav burger at 76CAFE Omotesando. They have the best crispy fries everrrr



Spinach and bacon pasta at 76CAFE. Super love!



Yellow ladybird dessert at 76CAFE. I admitted i ordered this for popular page lolol. Anyway i never like to eat cute things because i always think cute food taste horrid. But this passion fruit mousse cake is super good!



Kushiage is one of Japan’s summer food! It’s deep fried seafood/meat/vegetable on a stick dipped in Kushiage sauce


I talked about this before, it’s Horumon, which is gross looking beef insides. It’s one of the love at first taste foods i’ve been half forced to eat by the danna. I cannot come to Tokyo without eating it ever since.



Negishi is a chain Gyu Tan store. It comes in a set like this. They have the freshest salad with the yummiest salt dressing


I ordered Tan Toro, just like the salmon toro and tuna toro, it’s super yummy and juicy!!!



Another burger, with Jamon Serrano ham, avocado and beef patty.


Sukiya’s new recipe! Unagi Gyu Don!



lol posted this so many times. Now i think you can predict what i’ll eat next time i come to Japan.


Hiyashi Omelette rice with cheese



Nama Uni Don (fresh sea urchin rice bowl).

THIS IS SO GOOD and it’s only 1000 yen (about RM32)!!!!!



This boring looking hotpot is called “Mizutaki”.

It’s a Kyushu specialty from Hakata, it’s a simmered chicken pot, like our steamboat. It’s really really light in the beginning but it thickens over time and the soup is sooooo good you won’t want to waste the last drop.



Pour a bowl of rice, break an egg into the remaining soup and you will have the best bowl of porridge!



Hakata Yaki Mentaiko!!!!!!!!!!





Last night we had Yakiniku. And this is again, Horumon Yaki.

I cannot really describe how it tastes like. If you like lard, this is like the grilled and chewy version of it, except it’s apparently full of collagen and much healthier!!



Beef steak!!!!



I have stopped tearing at eating beef in Japan but i’d like to see my friends do lolol.


Ok that’s all! Update again when i eat more lol.