is probably the most asked questions in my mail box, after “where can i buy that pair of shoes?”

If you have done all to write interesting content, put effort into making your blog presentable and all you need is a little push of luck, you may want to consider winning an award? 😀

This blog made the NAPBAS Best Fashion Blog in 2011, and i must say it has opened many doors to new opportunities, fame and $$$!


Maybe indirectly also helped me find a husband wahahaa.

So did you join the DiGi WWWOW Internet For All Awards?

The DiGi WWWOW Awards aims to recognize the best internet talents!  This year’s award has just ended, and it has received a record 1,932 unique entries submitted in 30 days, and over 39,000 votes!

Did you participate in it, and are you one of the lucky winners?

There are a total 15 categories this year, here it is

1. IACT Top Online Over-Achiever Under 16 Award 2013
2. Nuffnang Fave Makan-Makan Expert 2013
3. MSN Fave Entertainment Blog 2013
4. Fave Tech Head 2013
5. Online Shop of the Year 2013
6. Nuffnang Blogger of The Year 2013
7. ChurpChurp Shorty Blogger of the Year 2013 *NEW*
8. Innity Most Inspiring Internet for Good Award 2013
9. Fave Video of The Year 2013
10. Yahoo! Photo(Story) of The Year 2013
11. Google Breakthrough YouTube Sensation/Star of The Year 2013
12. Malaysiakini Social Media Gathering of The Year 2013
13. inMobi App of the Year Award 2013
14. DiGi WWWOW People’s Choice of The Year Award 2013 (by popular vote)
15. DiGi WWWOW Of The Year 2013 (The Best of The Best)

Winners of all awards are chosen based on a combination of public voting and judges’ decisions, except for two categories – The People’s Choice of the Year category is determined by popular vote while The Best of the Best category is decided by the panel of judges from the winners of the remaining 13 categories, all of which are selected based on a combined score of popular votes and judges’ decision.

And the Nuffnang blogger of the year goes to….

Irine Nadia!

Visit to find out more about the rest of the winners.

If you didn’t get chosen or missed the opportunity, maybe it’s time to use a year to build your blog and aim for next year’s award.

Don’t miss out this opportunity to finally have your blogging dream come true! Who knows in a year’s time i will be a fan of YOUR blog!!! 😀