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How to be a famous blogger

July 13, 2013 in Commercial Break 7 Cheesed

is probably the most asked questions in my mail box, after “where can i buy that pair of shoes?” If you have done all to write interesting content, put effort into making your blog presentable and all you need is a little push of luck, you may want to consider winning an award? 😀 This […]

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When life gives you bitter gourd

Today is the danna’s birthday, we decided to go for something simple, so we went to his favorite Okinawan restaurant. It’s an old, narrow little izakaya in Shibuya. And here’s what we had: 1 Okinawa Shikuwasa juice. No, the owner isn’t that stingy lol. I almost finished drinking it before i realized i haven’t had […]

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Eat Tokyo (Summer edition)

Spring edition HERE My foodie group chat friends on Whatsapp hate me so much right now because i keep sending them (on purpose) food picture i have for breakfast, lunch and dinner. This is their response.   LOLOLOL Since they don’t layan me now, i will just share these pictures with you all la. Here […]

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Hi world, you may end now.

Hi. This is not really a real blog post. About 1-2 years ago i had a tweet that says,   “i will give one year of my life just to see Nakata Yasutaka spin live.”   It was sort of a wrong thing to ask for. Because i think i have just used up my […]

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July 3, 2013 in Just Punny 15 Cheesed

I am in Japan now!! You can follow me on Instargram (@cheeserland) if you want live updates, but here’s a conversation i had with a friend earlier, along with a shocking confession:   Friend: Hi i am coming by to clean your house tonight. Me: Oh that’s so nice of you, i’ll do the same […]

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