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Did you know?

When your baby turns 1 year old, he would have used about 3,000 diapers!

From birth till now, Junya has tried almost all the diaper brands in the market, (complementary from the hospital, gift from friends, etc) and as his mom who hashad the experience of changing something like 500 diapers now, i can say without any hesitation that the best diaper in the market now, is


Merries is Japan’s No.1 selling diaper, trusted locally and around the world. I have been reading a lot of Japanese parenting magazines, and you know how Japanese always have ranking for everything? Merries is almost always ranked no.1 in Japan.

A lot of my friends know that Merries is indeed the best diaper you can ever pamper your baby with, but they always say “but it is so expensive!

It is true, Merries, compared to other diaper brands in the market is priced one of the highest (about RM25 for a 24 piece pack), but here’s why it is all worth it:

1. Of all the Merries diapers i have used, there wasn’t a single leakage up till today. The diaper contour fits the baby’s anatomy perfectly.

2. It is the softest diaper i’ve ever touched! The rest of the diapers from other brand always feel so uncomfortable on my hand, let alone on Junya’s delicate little bum.

3. Merries’ speciality is its “airiness”. Even when super full, there’s no moisture on my hand when i touch it!! Junya has never gotten diaper rash (touch wood) until today.

4. And this is the most important: a Merries diaper last very, VERY long. a could put Junya in a new diaper and put him to sleep. It lasts through the whole night!! (I found this out accidentally because i was just waaay too sleepy for midnight diaper change lol) When i change it the next morning, the diaper is round and full but never a leakage.

For other brands, they almost never fail me: leakage every damn time. It exploded on my bed, on his cot, on sofa, on my clothes, on his clothes, everywhere!!!! i had to spend so much time and effort to clean up the mess. Sure, i can change his diaper more often, but when you think about it now, for a diaper that last much, much longer, minus the extra cost you spend on laundry and replacing soiled clothing, Merries is actually more worth it in every aspect.

Junya is graduating from newborn size, so i had to use up all the diapers from other brands that’s left in the house, and the usual explosion happened. i got so angry i tweeted:


Sorry for the dirty language, literally.

But yea. I LOVE MERRIES! Did i mention that it is also the only Made in Japan diaper in the market? That makes it twice more awesome! ♡


Is your baby’s bottom worth it? If yes, then you don’t have to think but go for Merries ^^

You can check out

Merries brand site at or Facebook page at  

Happy baby, happy mommy.


11 responses to “Merries”

  1. moli says:

    Indeed Merries is the best diaper ever used. It’s expensive but it’s so worth it. Imagine if baby bum with nappy rash, how painful the baby can be. In fact, number of diapers used compare to number of Merries being used in a night, overall they are about the same amount you spend. You some more save hassle cleaning up when using Merries :p

  2. jaime says:

    i LOLed at your jiak sai joke hahahha

  3. wawa says:

    Chiji, thanks for the review! Saw this at the supermarket and was indeed super intrigued by the fact it is made in Japan. XD What are your thoughts on Mamy Poko brand though? They are also in the pricey range compared to the other diapers and how does it compare to the Merries Brand? Both are made in Japan I presume? 🙂

  4. coco says:

    thanks for the review! i didn’t know there’s made in Japan diapers and i always thought anything from japan is too expensive to afford, but sounds like worth it to try!

  5. Josephinelove says:

    Cheesie you are so lucky so have such a smiley baby! Junya seems to be smiling at all your pictures, what’s your trick to get him to pose for photos??

  6. onecupofrainbow says:

    BBjunya is gaining so much weight! Your milk is powderful XD
    Merries sounds really good. next time when i get pregnant i will try it XD

  7. elisabeth says:

    i am also using Merries. i really like the cutting which is bigger so it doesnt leak. i also have ever tried a few brands and oh… some leak at the backside, some leak at the thigh side when my baby is seating. arghhh….

    i think Merries is expensive too but after using it, i keep going back to it. hahaha

  8. yukifumihime says:

    thank you for the diaper post~ was contemplating which brand to use for my unborn baby. Gg to stock on merries b4 the arrival. =)

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